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Part ⓷: Venus 💫 Direct Astrology Forecast 🔮

Star Wars - Coming Soon! Venus stationed direct today, January 28. 2022 at 2:49am PST - yay!!

Thank you for hanging in there with me for this very special, three part Venus retrograde series! This is such an important astrological event, it warrants serious attention.

Let's dive into the Venus as it turns direct and the unique movement of Venus very closely conjunct with Mars (oh yay!) following two months.

If you have not already read parts one and two of this series, I would encourage you to read them on my blog - part one here and part two here.

Mercury also finally stations direct on February 3. Mark your calendar! Now on to the final part of my Venus retrograde astrology forecast!


Planet Wars! What?!

Planetary war is a very important concept in Vedic astrology.

When two planets (or more) are within one degree of another either by transit or in the birth chart, they are considered to be at war. Like any war, those engaged in the fight are weakened, regardless of who is stronger of the two. This concept does not apply to the luminaries, Sun or Moon.

While this influence has the capacity to impact all rising signs, those ruled by Mars and Venus can experience very personally: *Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio rising signs, this means you!*

Venus and Mars will be engaged in a planetary war (graha yuddha) on these dates: February 11 - March 11. This is an EXTREMELY long time for two planets to be engaged in war. Planetary war typically occurs for a few days at the most about a week.

This unique situation is due to the perfect synchronicity of Venus turning direct, while Mars current planetary speed is in sync with Venus.

For context, Venus usually moves through the twelve zodiac signs about twice as fast as Mars!

Venus and Mars Together - what does it mean?

The image below shows how Venus, the planet of fashion and beauty, harmony, art and love might combine energies with sharp, fiery and passionate Mars!

Although Venus is technically the brighter of the two planets at the time, Venus will be more influenced by Mars for most of their time together, since Mars will be exalted while in Capricorn and Venus will be hemmed in by malefics for most of the time in Capricorn.

My Venus ruled friends (Taurus and Libra) - this could a very intense time for you! If you are prone excess heat or pitta in your body, you will definitely want to mitigate this influence of Mars by staying away from spicy foods and managing your emotions. Weather permitting, walks in nature among green trees.

All other signs - consider which houses Venus rules in your horoscope and understand that the Mars influence may bring some conflict to these areas of your life during the times I am sharing below.

Any planets or rising degree in the 1-5 degree range of sidereal Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra will be dramatically influenced by this transit for the next eight year cycle of Venus.

Key Dates for Venus and Mars Through March

Be sure to check out Venus early in the morning before sunrise in the east around 5:00am pst on February 9! Venus won’t appear this bright and shining in the sky again until July 2023.

January 28: Venus Stations Direct February 11 - 27: Venus - Mars planetary war in Sagittarius February 27 - March 11: Venus - Mars planetary war in Capricorn February 27 - April 7: Mars exalted in Capricorn March 1-5 (exact March 3): Venus and Mars conjunct Pluto March 3 - March 28: Venus hemmed in by malefics March 26-28: Venus Conjunct Saturn March 31: Venus moves into sidereal Aquarius - yay!!!

If you would like a personalized and accurate understanding of this very unique Venus/Mars/Pluto/Saturn situation, you might want to consider scheduling a reading with me.

The individual birth chart and the planetary periods has a significant influence on your life experience.

Happy Venus direct!


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