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Through astrology, my goal is to support and encourage your emotional wellness, personal and professional growth.

“Your path is illuminated by the stars.

I am here to guide you!”

Finding a Deeper Meaning to Life Through Astrology

Life can be extremely challenging at times. Most often, people seek the guidance of of an astrologer during these difficult periods. But astrology should not be the last resort. In fact, Vedic astrology can be a great point of reference and guidance for any important life change; career, relationship, money, or health changes.

My over twenty years of practical business experience combined with my experience in the science of astrology empowers my clients and helps them to understand past  planetary influences and navigate current  influences

Rock Maze

For over a decade, I have loved helping my clients understand their birth chart, transits and karmic patterns. Supporting clients in bridging the gap from where they are in their life and where they want to be.

The road to becoming a practicing astrologer has been a very long and winding journey for me!

After years of trying to deny it, in 2011 I finally realized that my true calling was to support others through the practice of astrology. With much resistance, and the universe supporting me by creating some incredibly difficult circumstances in my job, I left behind my corporate role where I was highly compensated, had great health and retirement benefits, a company car...AND... I also left behind all of the stress and anxiety that went along with doing work that was not aligned to my highest good and the benefit of the planet and others!


My journey in Western astrology began in the late 90’s. However, in 2000, the system of Vedic astrology attracted me deeply. This led to many years of personal studies with Jyotish (Vedic astrology) teachers, mostly from India, who generously shared their knowledge and wisdom of this ancient science of India. At the request of my most recent Jyotish teacher, Souvik Dutta, in 2014, I began teaching courses for his school (Ancient Indian Astrology Classes) in 2014 and 2015.  My studies in Jyotish is ongoing and I teach as my time permits. 


I have enjoyed guiding my clients to capitalize on their gifts. It is also my goal to educate my clients about the archetypal nature of the planets to help them become aware of the planetary energies so they are not “driven” by them.

Ayurveda (the natural medicine of India) is also a big part of Vedic astrology, and while I am not a practitioner, I have studied this subject very seriously so that I can connect the dots regarding medical astrology and the natural medicine of India.

Along with my expertise in chart interpretation and ever expanding study of Jyotish, I infuse compassion, joy and care to you with each reading.


I look forward to working with you! 



Jyotish Acharaya

My goal through astrological consulting is to help you understand your birth chart and make sense out of your life experiences.


To SUPPORT freedom from paradigms that inhibit natural POTENTIAL and to realize the most AUTHENTIC version of ourselves.