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2021 Venus Retrograde: Vedic Astrology Forecast - Part 1

My Venus retrograde forecast is coming to you in two parts since I have so much important astrological news to share about this transit with you! Look for a second blog post about the 2021 Venus retrograde soon after the holidays. Have a wonderful and joyous return of the light and holiday season! Pamela

Venus in the Birth Chart

What does Venus mean to you? Depending upon the condition of Venus in your birth chart, the values Venus represents can mean something different to you than it will your partner, family members or co-workers. Venus also rules two specific areas of life in the birth chart, based upon your rising sign.

These are the key indications of the planet Venus: Love and Romance Self indulgence and Luxury Goods Diplomacy and Harmony Beauty and Art

Venus Retrograde: December 18 - January 29, 2022

Venus turned retrograde late in the evening after the full Moon on December 18, and will remain retrograde until January 29, 2022.

Venus normally moves through a zodiac sign in about three and one half weeks. During this Venus retrograde phase, Venus will remain in one zodiac sign for almost two months. This will place an enormous emphasis on the sign Sagittarius and the house that Sagittarius represents in your birth chart. (Venus retrograde forecast by rising sign below!).

Venus has a very interesting transit pattern.

Every eight years Venus turns retrograde in the same sign as it did eight years ago. Think back to December 22, 2013 to January 31, 2014. Contemplate what was happening in your life and relationships around that time.

If nothing comes up for you from that time period, this is still a fantastic opportunity to consider what is happening regarding Venus related matters in your life and for the houses that Venus rules in your birth chart.

The photo below is of the Venus altar cloth I created especially to honor the planet Venus. This image is the actual pattern that Venus creates in the sky during its full eight year transit cycle.

Grab your Venus Altar cloth at a special price for this retrograde transit. The sale price is 20% off through January 1 with free shipping! Use this cloth as a crystal grid or altar cloth to support your contemplation of Venus in your birth chart and this very important retrograde phase. You can place crystals or anything that connects you to Venus on the cloth.

Venus Retrograde Astrology Forecast by Rising Sign

Some to contemplate during this Venus retrograde period for each rising sign below.

If you do not know your rising sign you can calculate it for free on my site *here*.

Aries: What do you personally value in relationships? If you are in a committed partnership, do you and your partner share long term values? Especially the values related to your spiritual path and objectives? Does your work influence your spiritual or religious path and does it allow time to deepen your spiritual practice? Think back to the end of 2013 and early 2014 - did you or your partner have any major shifts in your spiritual path, either individually or together? Take time the next two months and consider these very important questions and where you want to be moving forward in these very key areas of your life. Taurus: Since Venus is your all important chart ruler, or captain of your astrological ship, the next two months is a very important time for you! How does your spiritual path connect with your ongoing personal evolution and transformation? Was there something deeply personal in your life that shifted dramatically eight years ago during the previous Venus retrograde? Is it possible that you might want to reassess or reevaluate the previous change? Or is it time to reinforce your former changes? Put your new objectives in place early February after Venus is direct. Gemini: Your partners assets and your committed romantic and business partnerships are coming into focus through the end of February. What significant event occurred in 2013 in these areas of life? This is also an excellent time to reevaluate current roles in relationships and determine how you want to maintain balance and harmony over the next eight year cycle of Venus. If you are not in a committed partnership at this time, please consider what you value in relationships along with your expectations around shared financial resources. Cancer: Venus will be focusing its attention in your 6th house of health, your daily routines and habits. Time to explore your values related to your personal happiness and your social networks and how they intertwine in your daily life. Are you spending enough time developing friendships? Or is it the the opposite - possibly too much time on social networks that is distracting from daily responsibilities that can lead to a happier more productive lived experience? Think back to the end of 2013 and see if a common theme is recurring now through the end of February 2022. Leo: How is your daily routine or mundane responsibilities impacting your ability to explore your creativity? Or is your to-do list taking significant time away from maintaining a relationship with your children or date night with your partner? Venus retrograde is the perfect time to re-tool your daily routine to make more room for fun, time with your kids (or grand children!), to explore romance and develop the creative pursuits in your life! Observe the day-to-day now through the end of January and put new plans in place early February. Virgo: Venus is placing a spotlight on your inner peace and happiness and how it relates to your personal net worth and your spiritual or religious path. This almost two month period is a wonderful time to reflect upon your assets and savings and where you want to be going forward. Also, how does your spiritual path nourish you? Consider these important areas of life through the end of January. If you want to make changes, implement them in February when Venus is direct. Libra: This is a major transit for you dear Libra! Your chart ruler Venus is emphasizing courage and creativity within the written word. Do you feel connected to the courage that you require to accomplish your goals regarding writing and communication? This is also an outstanding period to revisit an essay or book in the works and asses whether or not it is where you want to make revisions. There is also an element of personal transformation associated with this process. Did you have a major transformation in this area of life in December 2013 or January 2014? If so, reflect upon this time and how you want to move forward for the next eight year cycle o Venus. Take time during this retrograde phase and put your plans in place after Venus starts moving forward in February 2022. Scorpio: Venus is spending most of the time focused on family, your assets and savings and interestingly, the food you eat! Contemplate how the subconscious might be driving behaviors related to meeting your goals toward your net worth, eating habits and family dynamics - especially committed partnerships. Bringing your attention and mindfulness to all of these areas of life during this Venus retrograde cycle can help you be more aligned to meeting your goals. Especially once Venus turns direct at the end of January. Put new objectives into place at this time. Sagittarius: This is a very personal transit for you Sagittarius! Venus starts out in Capricorn but ends up retrograding back into Sagittarius and spending most of the retrograde phase in your rising sign, almost two months! This is an excellent time to consider any important changes regarding your appearance and general outlook on life. What is the inherent value that you bring to your daily life and personal habits as well as to society at large? Are you being compensated appropriately for your contributions, either financially or emotionally? Think back to December 2013 and January 2014. What was happening for you at that time? Any major personal changes or new habits you would like to implement are best done once Venus is direct in February, 2022. Capricorn: Venus is a very important planet for you since it is responsible for your career and public reputation, as well as your passions in life and creative abilities. Venus will be spending almost two months emphasizing these parts of your life as they relate to your subconscious mind. Contemplate December 2013 and January 2014 - was there a significant event related to career that occurred at that time? What might be buried deep in the subconscious that is driving attitudes and behaviors that do not serve you in your career goals or creative pursuits? Consider these questions and put plans into place for the next eight year cycle of Venus once Venus turns direct in February. Aquarius: Venus is spending almost two months in Sagittarius and is highlighting your social and career networks and earned income from your work. Do you feel fairly compensated for your efforts? Is the compensation from your work contributing to your overall personal happiness and well being? Take this time to consider these experiences. Did any major event occur at the end of 2013 and early 2014 regarding money you earn from work or your social network? Put new plans in place once Venus turns direct at the end of January, or early February. Pisces: Venus turns retrograde and moves back through the most powerful zone of your horoscope for nearly two months! What needs to be transformed in your career or your public reputation? Especially through written communications since Venus also rules the communication zone of your birth chart. Did anything specific in your career occur at the end of 2013, beginning of 2014? Is there further transformation required in your career goals for the next eight year cycle of Venus? Contemplate this through the end of January and implement changes in early February once Venus turns direct.

Stay tuned for part two of the Venus forecast coming in the next week or so!

Check out my new learning pages on my website in the learning section with some very easy basics that can help you understand the forecasts and your own birth chart even better.

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