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Birth Time Rectification

Unsure of your birth time?

You can utilize this service to either correct your birth time if unsure of the accuracy or if you have a date on your birth certificate but no recorded time.


Once you purchase your birth time correction service  you will be sent a link to an online form that must be completed and submitted. You would also be required to submit a full or 3/4th length photo with the online form.


A consultant for Moondance Astrology who is an expert in birth time rectification will analyze the submitted information. Then using the Indian system of Krishnamurthi (KP) Astrology, the time of birth will be calculated or adjusted if a correction to an existing time is necessary.


In the online form that you submit, you will be asked to share the month and the year of some significant life events. These events are required to verify if the time of birth, as calculated or adjusted, is accurate and explains these life events. The consultant may contact you to share past life events from your birth chart which are not mentioned by you. You would have to give feedback on the accuracy of these past life events. This is required as an additional level of verification of the corrected time of birth. 


Sharing accurate details on life events is intrinsic to correcting or arriving at the correct time of birth. ​


The accurate birth time and birth chart are normally emailed to you within 15 days of the receipt of the completed form. However, depending on the complexity of individual cases, this may also take longer than 15 days, in some cases.


The fee is $150. This fee is for the birth time rectification only and does not include a reading.

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Please Note: If you lack any specific details about your birth time (such as morning, daytime or night) and we have to start from scratch, examining all 24 hours of the day, the birth time correction process will require a significantly extensive analysis.


As a result, the timeline will extend to approximately 8 weeks, compared to the standard 2-week time frame.

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