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Venus Emerging as the Evening Star!

Mark your calendar!

On March 26 Venus moves ahead of the Sun, then Venus completely disappears from the sky for eight days.

This is a called a superior conjunction, when two planets meet at the farthest point away from the earth. In this case, the Sun and Venus.

Why is this significant?

In four words, "As above, so below".

Before I answer this question in depth, let's rewind and take a closer look at the indications of Venus. Venus represents love, beauty, romance, procreation, hair, art and diplomacy! Some really important experiences to us humans.

Venus is responsible for two zodiac signs, Taurus and Libra. For each rising sign, Taurus and Libra also connects to the meanings of two houses of the horoscope. For Venus ruled Libra and Taurus, Venus coming out of the rays of the Sun is especially important since Venus is your chart ruler. This happens just before the full Super Moon on March 28! Read your full Moon forecast here.

In Vedic astrology, Venus is also called Shukracharya. Jupiter was chosen to be the teacher to the Gods, and Venus was the teacher to the asuras. You can learn more about Venus as Shukracharya in my book, Vedic Astrology for Beginner's.

Venus in the Sun's Blind Spot

For the past few weeks Venus has been lock-step with the Sun as it prepared to speed up and finally move ahead of the Sun on March 26. But until late April the brilliance of the Sun's rays essentially placed the normally dazzling Venus in it's blind spot. For about seven weeks before and after Venus moves ahead of the Sun, Venus is washed out in the bright rays of the Sun and is not visible in the sky.

Venus stays below the horizon for little over a week before finally emerging in the evening sky after sunset, at the end of April. You will also be able to see Mercury and Venus fairly close together when Venus reappears in the northern hemisphere.

Bright and beautiful Venus finally emerges into the night sky as the evening star April 30 - look to the western sky 20 minutes after sunset. This is an amazing night for a Venus ritual!

Until Venus becomes visible as the evening night star, the indications of Venus remain more internal. The outer expression of Venus will be limited until Venus becomes visible April 30 in the sidereal sign of Aries.

Additionally, serious and responsible Saturn will be influencing the Sun and Venus at the time of the conjunction. And at a very close range.

Saturn's influence to Venus and Sun will insure sloooowww but steady progress in Venus related matters and for the things that the houses Leo, Taurus and Libra represent in your birth chart. See below for Taurus and Libra meanings for each rising sign.

Venus's entire cycle is 584 days.

Venus spends 263 days as the morning star, then 50 days "invisible" in the rays of the Sun, then 263 days as the evening star and finally 8 days absent from the sky before re-emerging as the morning star.

This entire cycle of Venus takes 584 days, which is the full synodic cycle.

This above image on the altar cloth I created for Venus, is the beautiful transit pattern Venus creates during its synodic cycle. A synodic cycle is the time period it takes from the conjunction of 2 planets to its next conjunction.


KEY AREAS OF LIFE EXPERIENCE THAT VENUS RULES FOR EACH RISING SIGN (calculate your rising sign here if you do not know it)

ARIES: Relationships, procreation, business partnerships, family, assets, speech, mouth.

TAURUS: Chart ruler, health, perspective, appearance, the head, daily routine, habits (good and bad!), work and service, colon.

GEMINI: Love, romance, speculation, creativity, children, foreign lands, loss, isolation, stomach, feet, sleep.

CANCER: Home, mother happiness, peace of mind, lungs, income from career, social and business networks ankles..

LEO: Written communications, younger siblings, best friends, neighbors, shoulders, hands and arms, career, public reputation, honors in career, knees.

VIRGO: Assets, savings, family, speech, teeth and mouth, spirituality, father, teachers and teaching, dharma, foreign travel, luck and fortune, hips.

LIBRA: Chart ruler, health, perspective, appearance, transformation, partners assets, insurance, esoteric arts, taxes, struggle.

SCORPIO: Relationships, procreation, business partnerships, sleep, foreign lands, loss and isolation, feet, sleep.

SAGITTARIUS: Work, service, daily routine, habits, colon, income from career, older siblings, ankles, social and business networks.

CAPRICORN: Love, romance, speculation, stomach, creativity, children, spirituality, father, career, public reputation, karma, knees.

AQUARIUS: Home, mother happiness, peace of mind, lungs, teachers and teaching, dharma, foreign travel, hips, luck and fortune.

PISCES: Written communications, younger siblings, best friends, neighbors, shoulders hands and arms, transformation, partners assets, insurance, esoteric arts, taxes, struggle.

Happy transits!

And if you would like to learn more about Vedic Astrology - check out my book, Vedic Astrology for Beginner's.

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