Do you know the pattern that Venus makes as it transits through the sky? Well - this is it! It is only fitting that the planet that represents beauty, art, and love would create such a distinctly beautiful pattern!

As as practicing professional astrologer and artist I create tools that everyone can use to connect better with the energy of the planets. Venus is such a key planet for the human experience as it is associated with our relationships and love in  all birth charts.

The symbol for the planet Venus is placed in all four corners and the transit pattern is in the center. The five points of the transit actually form the five pointed star which represents the five elements:  fire, water, air earth and ether. and I have placed this in the center connecting the five points of the design.

Finally! A cloth just for the planet Venus. This beautiful suedette (poly) fabric is so soft to the touch.

Approximately 10" x 10"
Approximately 13" x 13"

Please be aware their is a significant difference between the two sizes. The small size fits a spread three wide and the larger size will fit four average tarot cards in a row. 

Please note the colors on your screen will vary from the actual item.

Hand wash, hang dry.

Made in the USA in a smoke free, synthetic fragrance free home!

Venus Crystal Grid Altar Cloth


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