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March 28 Full Super Moon! Your Astrology Forecast

This is an extra powerful Full Moon!

Not only is this full Moon a Super Moon, but it is the first Super Moon of 2021.

On the eve of the full Moon, Sunset on the west coast of the USA will be at 7:10 p.m. PST and Moon rise will be at 7:26 p.m. PST and the Moon will appear to be at its closest point to the earth at that time. Be sure to go outside and drink in this beautiful Moon light, if you have clear skies!

The Moon will be at its fullest Sunday, 11:47am Pacific Time on March 28. The full Moon tithi (or phase) begins Saturday March 27 at 2:57pm Pacific Time. At the same time lovely Venus will have just moved past the Sun, and will be directly opposite this brilliant fill Moon in its once a year movement into the night sky, as the evening star! When you are finished with this forecast read my article about this critical transit of Venus and the indications of Venus for your rising sign.

Responsible Saturn will be influencing Venus and Sun and is also in a trine (all planets in signs of the same element) to the full Moon, too. This is a lot of Saturn energy and emphasis placed on this lunation combined with the emergence of Venus as the evening star! Because of this very strong and present Saturn influence to the full Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars and Rahu, plan on a working hard toward any goals you have associated with Venus such as art, creativity, romance and relationships. Also Sun matters such as leadership, visibility and confidence. I will go into the influence of Saturn to the Moon in my full Moon forecast by rising sign here.

Rahu is also in the mix creating the final leg of the grand trine -- Moon, Saturn and Rahu are all in signs of the same earth element. Rahu is very expansive, Saturn is somewhat restrictive, Mars just wants to get things done asap, so there is a push-pull energy passed through to the Moon at the time of the Full phase. It could be an emotional time!

The full Moon occurs within Hasta nakshatra which is the Moon's nakshatra.

If you are currently running the planetary period or sub-period of Moon, this full Moon, Saturn, Mars and Rahu energy will be very intense since they are each placed in one of the Moon's nakshatras: Hasta, Shravana and Rohini. The houses that these planets rule and are transiting through will be very activated!

HASTA, “THE HAND” Deity: Savitri Symbol: The Hand Shakti: To Put the Object of One’s Desire in One’s Own Hand Quality: Light and Swift

Hasta means “hand,” and the shakti of this nakshatra literally means “to place what one desires within one’s reach or into their hand.” Any activity associated with the hands could be symbolized within Hasta, and often times someone with planets in this nakshatra can be a great reiki master, surgeon, or artist. Read more about Hasta nakshatra and the other nakshatras in my book,Vedic Astrology for Beginners.

ARIES: March 28 Full Moon in Hasta

The full Super Moon in Hasta lights up the part of your birth chart connected to your daily routine, work and service and the habits you form, both good and bad!

This is the perfect full Moon to end anything in your daily routine that is no longer serving you. The good news is that structured and disciplined Saturn will be supporting your efforts! Plan slow and steady progress.

Relationships may be undergoing a transformation between now and the end of April when Venus emerges in the the night sky as the evening star. Read about this ultra important event on my blog. And get your Venus forecast.


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