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New Moon July 31: Everything You Need to Know

Eclipse season is finally OVER!

Mercury also goes direct on the new Moon day on Wednesday July 31, just shortly after the Moon is in its deepest wane. Thank goodness. I certainly experienced my share of issues around the eclipse and the Mercury retrograde period. So glad Mercury is preparing now to go direct!

Now we have a new Moon and new beginnings ahead of us! This is the only new Moon in Cancer this year...the sign that is h-aum to the Moon!

Watery and sensitive Cancers, this is your only personal New Moon in Cancer to begin anew in 2019!

Regardless of your rising sign, there will be an underlying energy for all associated with this new Moon in the watery sign of Cancer:

▪ Home

▪ Emotion

▪ Mother

▪ Intuition

▪ Land

▪ Peace of mind

There is an joyful and expansive influence from retrograde Jupiter to the new Moon, too. Dream big!

The darkest phase of the Moon occurs at 14:29 degrees Cancer. This new Moon will have additional meaning for you If you have planets or your rising degree between 12-16 degrees of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces!

Schedule a reading with Pamela to find out how this new Moon and other planetary movements will influence you through the end of the year!

For all other rising signs, the house that Cancer represents in your birth chart does connect to a very specific area of your life. Don't miss your horoscope with all the details here.

New Moon Horoscopes by Rising Sign

Newsletter subscribers are the first to have access to new and full Moon forecasts and horoscopes.

I plan to have the new Moon horoscopes by sign ready for you no later than the end of the day Monday, July 29. If you do not know your Vedic rising sign you can order a report here.

New Moon in Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya : The Star of Nourishment Star: Zeta Cancri Symbol: Lotus flower or Cow udder Deity: Brihaspati/Jupiter Energy: The shakti/power to manifest creative spiritual energy

The lunar mansion of Pushya imparts a light and swift energy to this new Moon phase. So anything you want to accomplish will move easily and quickly! Be sure to check times below though - you want to start new projects once the Moon has gone into the first tithi (phase) of the waxing Moon cycle!

Pushya nakshatra energy supports:

▪ New beginnings of any kind! Especially things associated with metaphysical work or studies ▪ Planting seeds ▪ Connecting to the water element ▪ Healing remedies for yourself and others ▪ Laying foundations; literally and figuratively ▪ Obtaining legal counsel ▪ Adopting a rescue animal

Be aware of an undercurrent of energy that is somewhat de-stabilizing and unpredictable. A strong push-pull influence is coming from rebellious Uranus to the new Moon and Sun in Pushya. Uranus is in a very close square aspect to the Sun and Moon from Aries. Be aware of impulsive decisions and/or unexpected events to occur in the area of life associated with the sign Cancer in your birth chart. Be sure to read the new Moon forecast for your sign when it comes out on Monday!

New Moon Intention

“Today I choose to begin anew. To lay a strong foundation for my intentions now and in the future.

I will feed and nourish my body, mind and spirit and wish the same for all other sentient beings.

New Moon Ritual Timing

New Moon Phase (Amavasya) begins: July 30 @ 11:28pm PDT. New Moon Phase (Amavasya) ends: July 31 @ 8:11pm PDT.

BEST TIMING FOR NEW BEGINNINGS RITUAL: 7/31 @ after 8:12pm PDT through 11:41pm PDT. The Moon shifts into Ashlesha nakshatra after 11:41pm PDT and is not favorable for new beginnings.


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