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Jupiter in Scorpio


Keep in mind this is a general forecast to tap into the energy of Jupiter in Scorpio. The individual chart, planetary cycles and other transiting planets will also factor into your experience and specific timing of events!


For the next year, Jupiter is influencing your life experience that is most connected to transformation. Your spiritual path may change or you may decide to dive deeply into the tarot, astrology, tarot or another esoteric art. It is also a very supportive period to delve into the subconscious mind. Working with a counselor or hypnotherapist will be particularly productive for the next year. Foreign travel for significant personal transformation during this time will also be very powerful. An excellent transit for learning or teaching astrology, tarot, or any of the esoteric arts in a foreign land.


Freedom in relationships will be key for you over the next year. There may be also significant transformation in your relationship. Income from a business or personal partnership can increase this year. If you are not currently in a partnership, then this transit can be utilized to understand how you want your future romantic relationship/partnership to support your personal transformation. if you work in the healing field this transit will be supportive of earnings and working with others on their process of transformation.


The daily routine, and/or work life of your business partner or partner in relationship (if in a committed relationship) may undergo significant changes during this year long transit. They may be busier than ever, but they may also be somewhat secretive about their actions, or they just may be learning secret knowledge of the esoteric arts. It will also be an excellent time for you to study or practice any of the occult sciences and give counsel to others since this influence of Jupiter will connect with the zone of your birth chart via aspect, that is associated with career, karma and what you are/want to be known for in this lifetime.


If you are a parent with children or teens living at home this period may signal time to restructure their daily activities and responsibilities. Have you been contemplating studying the occult sciences or mysticism? Now is the time! Also an outstanding time to connect your creativity to learning or teaching the esoteric arts. Maybe create your own tarot deck, or take a workshop to learn how to string your own mala. Chanting mantras will be extra powerful during this year-long transit of Jupiter through Scorpio!


Thinking about remodeling, expanding your home or buying a larger home? This year could be the year to take the plunge! Your creativity will definitely be flowing while you are in your own space at home. Take time to color a yantra or paint your meditation room. Or paint a yantra on your meditation room wall! This time will also be excellent for studying any of the esoteric arts while at home. Your intuition will also be heightened through your connection to creativity. Be sure to carve out a space just for this...clear the space, set up an altar or post a vision board or affirmations and dedicate the space only to your studies of this specialized esoteric knowledge.


This transit of Jupiter may give you or your partner the opportunity to move or possibly even work in another country. Whether you are employed or self-employed, consider your options to work in another country. Your partner or spouse may undergo some significant transformation and also take an interest in learning the occult sciences, if they are not already into them. If you currently are not in a relationship, you may meet someone who is very secretive, and they may be involved in astrology, tarot, crystals or another occult science. This time can also signal some changes in the dynamic between you and your mother. If you want to transform your relationship with your mother, now is the time to envision what it could look like and set a plan into action.


The next year will be focused and supported on saving earnings that come through your own efforts. This transit of Jupiter will support building your net worth through all forms of communication; writing, speaking and/or counseling are all excellent during this time. Mediation for others is also a great option for earning during this time, particularly as it relates to settlements or disagreements with others in relationship, or those who are ending a relationship. Any of your day to day activities that you want to re-imagine, make a list, because this Jupiter transit will give you the courage and will-power to make the changes that you desire!


Jupiter comes to the first house (house of the self) only once every 11 years! This is a tremendously auspicious influence. It is an excellent time for concentration on building wealth, creativity and for connecting with children if you have them. Thinking about having children? This time may be supportive for an addition to your family. Learning, teaching, counseling, foreign travel are all supported by Jupiter at this time. Food may also come into focus during this time as well - a great time to learn some new and exotic foreign cooking skills or take a cooking class. The watch-out here is expansive Jupiter very strong in the first house can also create physical expansion if one is not mindful of their food intake!


Jupiter is your all important ruler; anytime Jupiter changes signs, it is big news for you!! This transit is fantastic for a spiritual retreat in a foreign land. Or maybe you are dreaming of volunteering in another country or working for a non-profit organization. Volunteer work will be indicated with Jupiter in Scorpio for this type of work over the next twelve months. Jupiter in Scorpio is also supportive for inner transformation work as well. Any practice associated with the subconscious mind or even developing your psychic abilities are indicated.


Earning from your own efforts for the next year will definitely pay off! Especially anything related to communication; writing, speaking, counseling or teaching. This could include working in the service industry, writing a book, managing a social media account for a business; anything related to using your words in written or spoken form. And if it the communication is related to an esoteric art that has its roots in a foreign country - even better! One example would be learning or teaching Jyotish, the astrological system of India. :) Or teaching yoga or Sanskrit. It could be working in a shop that carries imported goods, or possibly importing goods yourself.


Building wealth through your career, or maybe better said, what you are known for in this lifetime, is at the center of this year long transit! Take the rare opportunity of this once in 11 year transit to capitalize on wealth building. Particularly through interacting with groups of people. If you are self employed and usually work one-on-one, consider teaching groups either in person or online courses. Speech is also very much connected to earnings and Jupiter is very adept at wise counsel. So whether you are in a traditional corporate role or in the healing field, this transit will support growing your material resources from coaching and counseling others.


Jupiter, your chart ruler moving through the highest house of dharma! The area of life associated with luck, fortune, abundance, spirituality, teachers and teaching. Spirituality in foreign lands, occult teachers, travel for any kind of learning but travel for spiritual purposes learning occult sciences will be amazing during this time. An opportunity may arise over the next year to travel for career, whether you are self employed or working for someone else. A great time for astrologers or anyone who counsels others utilizing secret knowledge of the occult. An excellent period to learn or teach occult knowledge. This is truly one of the best transit positions of Jupiter for Pisces rising, through the highest house of dharma and only happens once every 11 years! Be sure to seize this rare opportunity over the next year!

One additional but very important note about my new forecasts

This is a general forecast. Your individual chart, planetary cycles and other transiting planets will also factor into your experience and specific timing of events! Nevertheless one can attune oneself to the energy of Jupiter in Scorpio through awareness of the area of life (as outlined in the forecast) this transit influences.


Nuts and Bolts of Jupiter in Scorpio

  • Jupiter enters sidereal Scorpio: 10/11/18 5:49am PDT

  • Jupiter in Vishakha nakshatra now through 10/27/18

  • Jupiter in Anuradha nakshatra through 10/27/18 - 12/27/18

  • Jupiter in Jyestha nakshatra 12/27/18 through 3/29/19

  • Jupiter enters Sagittarius 3/29/19

  • Jupiter goes retrograde

  • Jupiter re-enters Scorpio 4/22/2019

  • Jupiter R re-enters Jyeshtha 4/22/19

  • Jupiter goes direct 8/11/19

  • Jupiter enters Sagittarius 11/4/2019


Schedule a reading with Pamela to find out how you can capitalize on this once every eleven year transit of Jupiter!


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