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Mercury Retrograde and Direct in Shravana Nakshatra

Now that Mercury is stationing and preparing to turn direct, it is an important time to reflect upon what you want to move forward with in your life as it relates to the houses Mercury owns and the house where Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in. Along with the significant emphasis on Shravana nakshatra, since all three of these planets are in Shravana.

It is important to understand Shravana nakshatra first. Here's an excerpt from my book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners, which was released this time last year!

"The symbol of Shravana is the ear, and this nakshatra is all about listening, hearing, learning, and teaching. In ancient times teaching was done through the spoken word (shruti), and listening was an extremely important faculty with regard to learning. This nakshatra can also connect with someone who has great capacity for internal hearing—that is, understanding and connecting to intuition which might include clairaudient, clairvoyant, or clairsentient capabilities. People who work in industries associated with speech, such as a translator or teacher, psychologist, counselor, or vocalist, may have planets in Shravana."

Since Mercury is also the planet of communication, this is a very significant emphasis with three planets (two of them being the slow moving outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn!) within Shravana nakshatra through March 11.

Find out what all of this means for you in the special edition of Mercury retrograde forecast for February 20 here. If you know your rising sign it is best to read for that sign! If you do not know your Vedic rising sign (it is likely different from your western astrology rising sign!) you can calculate your Vedic birth chart for free on my site here.


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