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Saturn Changes Signs: Saturn in Aquarius January 17, 2023

Saturn Changed Signs Today!

The last time Saturn changed sidereal zodiac signs was January 23, 2020.

The zodiacal shift of Saturn into Aquarius occured today at 4:34am. This is a big deal since Saturn is the slowest moving of the nine planets generally considered by traditional Vedic astrologers. Saturn enters a new zodiac sign approximately every 30 months. Saturn’s shift into a new zodiac sign occurs much less frequently compared to the other planets and is therefore a major event!

Please keep in mind this forecast is based upon the sidereal zodiac and will differ from tropical Western astrology transit dates into the zodiac signs.

Saturn’s Key Indications

Saturn supports the qualities of patience, perseverance, working hard, responsible behaviors, attention to detail, slow and steady progress while ultimately providing protection through limitation. Saturn is the servant of the planets and represents tradition, aging, and most importantly, karmic lessons.

The Focus of Saturn in Aquarius

Whichever house Saturn transits in the birth chart represents where we potentially have work to do. Or karma, as seen through the lens of Vedic astrology, with a capital “K”! Read your rising sign forecast at the end of this article for more specific details on this transit.

For about the past thirty months, Saturn has been in his own zodiac sign, Capricorn. This current shift places Saturn into his other zodiac sign, Aquarius. Planets in their own signs function well and can express their energies more clearly and effectively.

What about the influence of Saturn transiting through the zodiac sign Aquarius?

Saturn transiting through Capricorn it is more interested in climbing the ladder and achieving personal goals. Saturn in Aquarius is very concerned with humanitarian interests and loves to focus on social change, innovation, and progress. Saturn in Aquarius likes to work hard to achieve these societal goals and may approach issues in an innovative and sometimes unconventional way. There can be significant advancements in technology, new inventions, and science over the next two years while Saturn is in Aquarius.

Also, when planets are moving through their own or exaltation signs, they tend to behave more predictably. Saturn prefers Aquarius over his other sign, Capricorn and achieves the status of mulatrikona (mula means root and trikona means trine) from 0 to 20 degrees Aquarius.

What does this mean?

Saturn becomes very energized in the mulatrikona zone of Aquarius. Saturn innately carries the element of vata (air), and Aquarius is also an air sign. The two qualities of air blend beautifully! And while Saturn transits the first 20 degrees of Aquarius he will be very strong and able to confer significant results.

The Once-in-Three-Decades Saturn Return

If you are born between March 5, 1993 and October 14, 1993, November 9, 1993 and June 1, 1995, or August 9, 1995 and February 15, 1996, this transit marks your extremely significant Saturn return.

If you are born between January 27,1964 and April 8, 1966, or Nov 3,1966 Saturn and Dec 19,1966, this is a critical time to decide what the next steps are in career and public reputation. Is it time to retire and pursue personal passions, or continue on the same path for a while longer, or maybe change directions completely?

The individual birth chart and planetary cycles in effect over the next two years will have a significant influence in the decision making process. And your rising sign will also influence other areas of life to be addressed during your Saturn return, besides career.

Saturn in Aquarius retrograde dates

· Saturn enters Aquarius on January 17, 2023.

· Saturn retrograde from June 4 to October 23, 2023.

· Saturn retrograde from June 29, 2024 to November 15, 2024.

· Saturn leaves Aquarius in April 2025.

Saturn through the nakshatras

· Saturn in Dhanistha nakshatra (Mars) through March 14, 2023 and Saturn(r) in Dhanishta (Mars) from October 14 to November 23, 2023.

· Saturn in Shatabishak nakshatra (Rahu) from March 14 to October 14, 2023, and November 23, 2023 through April 6, 2024.

· Saturn in Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra (Jupiter).

Saturn Aspects from Aquarius

From Aquarius, Saturn aspects to Aries (debilitation sign), Leo and Scorpio. The aspects to the two fire signs and to Scorpio may be experienced as opportunities for growth. Be aware of the lessons that Saturn also brings to these houses in the birth chart.

Saturn in Aquarius: Forecast by Rising Sign

Keep in mind while reading your rising sign forecast that this transit will convey different effects on each individual, depending on the specific chart and other factors such as planets being placed in Aquarius, planetary periods and sub-periods to name a few. If you do not know your rising sign you can get it free on my website here.

Aries: Career will continue to take center stage through 2025 while Saturn is in Aquarius. During this two-plus year transit of Saturn, the pace will be set for financial success in career for the next 28 years cycle of Saturn. Remember, Saturn rewards those who have goals that are slow and steady, although fiery Aries rising typically likes to see fast results. Set your goals accordingly. This transit also lends a social influence that can be great for you personally and professionally. You may accept more responsibilities at this time and at the same time feel limited by these new responsibilities that require a lot of discipline.Be mindful of health, relationships with children and joint finances if in a committed partnership during this transit.

Taurus: This once in 30 year transit of Saturn in Aquarius is fantastic for achieving recognition in your chosen career field. Taurus rising is so fortunate because Saturn is the best planet! Saturn combines the energies and meanings of ninth house of dharma and the tenth house of karma, creating what is called a powerful yoga while in the most energized house of the entire horoscope! This is a yoga for success and becoming an influential leader. If you are in the planetary period or sub period of Mars, Rahu, Jupiter or Saturn during through early 2025, Saturn will confer great opportunities if you are working hard toward goals and doing the right thing. This transit will be one of the most important for your career until 2052.

Gemini: Saturn transiting through your 9th house is an auspicious transit for Gemini rising! As lord of the 9th house of luck, fortune, abundance, foreign travel, teachers and teaching, higher education, and dharma, this is a key influence for all who are Gemini rising. This transit of Saturn in Aquarius is a great time to support these life experiences. Although slowly. Finances from career will improve gradually, and this will mark a time to work hard on written communications. This transit may indicate the need to focus on one thing at a time and be more consistent with communication for the typical Gemini multitasker! Since one of Saturn’s lessons involves the details be sure to dot every I and cross every T. Saturn will also support discipline to get daily health routines in place to achieve your health-related goals.

Cancer: This is a supportive transit to get joint assets in order if you are in a committed relationship or are in a business partnership. Now is a great time to get wills, life insurance and anything else in place or modified that is connected to assets held within a business or romantic relationship. Saturn will also be influencing the career and public reputation sector of the birth chart from Aquarius for Cancer rising. You may find some of the work mundane and a lot of details to manage over the next two years. But in the end it will all be worthwhile since your efforts will be rewarded with stability and security.

Leo: Saturn will emphasize your relationships over the next two years. Whether they are committed partnerships in business or romantic relationships, this area of life is in focus.It can also indicate a time for responsibility and commitment in a relationship that was previously less defined. Hard work and compromise in relationships are indicated for the next few years. If you are not currently in a relationship, you may find yourself drawn to or attracting more mature or older partners. Practicality and realism is the mantra for business and personal relationships until early 2025! Spirituality may undergo transformation and philosophies may evolve and change during this transit.

Virgo: The sixth house transit of Saturn through Aquarius is a time to become more responsible regarding daily routines, and especially those habits associated with improving health. It could bring some challenges or obstacles in these areas if you are on auto-pilot, but working hard and making some sacrifices will help to overcome any issues. Saturn rewards hard work and perseverance as time goes by. Saturn is also very strong in the 6th house and is very good at defending oneself against any perceived enemies – both internal and external! And it’s time to get seriously organized! Efficiency and productivity are in focus now through early 2025. But keep it real! Saturn is nothing if not practical and a realist. Take things one step at a time and remember that big changes take time, require hard work and a lot of effort. Since transit coincides with the start of a new calendar year and can support your resolutions for the year ahead and beyond.

Libra: Saturn combines the energies and meanings of and the fourth house of home, happiness and mother and the fifth house of creativity, self-expression and children, creating a Dharma-Karma adhipati yoga. This is a yoga (planetary/house combination) for success and leadership, and if you are in the planetary period or sub period of Mars, Rahu, Jupiter or Saturn at some point between now and early 2025, Saturn can confer great opportunities and success for those who are working hard toward their goals. It’s important to understand the individual birth chart and planetary periods in relationship to this transit to fully understand the opportunities that may be bestowed by Saturn during this transit.

Scorpio: Family will be very important while Saturn is in Aquarius. This is an excellent time to ground yourself in your home space and find peace within. If you are thinking about moving, remodeling, building, or buying a house or vehicle, this may be a supportive transit. Work will also come into focus due to Saturn’s influence on the tenth house of career. You may find yourself working hard, and then returning to your home space to rest, nest, and recover in peace. This also an important time to reflect upon and consider deep emotional issues that may be holding you back.

Sagittarius: Utilize this transit to sharpen communication skills! Saturn through the third house is perfect for fine tuning written communications and for extending oneself beyond what is normal in social situations. Saturn will require more effort to communicate effectively. Since Saturn is in its own sign of Aquarius this a fantastic time to start a new blog or write a book. The third house of the horoscope also represents relationships with siblings and neighbors, and these relationships can improve through hard work during this transit. Lastly, you may be busy running about town the next few years since short distance travels is activated by this transit. Thinking about writing that book? Now is an excellent time to do so!

Capricorn: Saturn through the second house of the horoscope connects to assets and savings, the birth family and responsibilities related to these matters. There can be tests related to financial goals and working hard. Expecting slow but steady growth in these matters is important. Saturn is testing discipline in these areas of life and by the time this transit is over in 2025 it will have supported a more solid foundation bringing stability and more savings for future financial objectives. This transit will also emphasize responsibilities toward family and home, and possibly some additional responsibility with the mother, especially if she is a senior or has experienced chronic health issues recently. Saturn can also bring responsibility and discipline towards one’s emotional foundations during this time.

Aquarius: This is a major transit for you Aquarius! Your first house lord, entering its own sign for the first time since 1993 is a big deal! This is the time for self-development, achieving health goals, and reorienting your perspective on life. It is a time to individuate and establish how you want people to see you, both metaphorically and physically! This transit usually only comes around twice or maybe three times in a lifetime, and it sets the stage for the next thirty-year transit of Saturn to come. This is a time find balance between being responsible for oneself and determining what your role of responsibility is for yourself and within society. And it’s time to explore the equilibrium between individual freedoms and responsibility in romantic relationships and business partnerships. Significant, although slow and steady progress will be made in these areas of life during this transit.

Pisces: Saturn is making its move through the final house of the horoscope, the twelfth house. The next two years will be the final two years of the entire cycle of Saturn before the new 30 year cycle of Saturn begins in spring 2025. This house is associated with the unconscious. Both yours and the collective unconscious. It is an outstanding time to begin therapy or recommit yourself to going deep within to uncover hidden fears and desires in the unconscious mind. If you are in the planetary periods or sub periods of Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Jupiter, you may also experience periods of desire for isolation. The insights from this time can resolve in a more mature and deeper understanding of oneself and the potential to be free from past traumas, negative patterns and limiting beliefs that may have held you back in the past. There may be some opportunities arise for foreign travel during this time that can lead to significant spiritual growth.


Don't forget to schedule a reading or check out my book for a deeper dive into Vedic astrology. Thank you for reading!


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