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Don't Miss Out: Final 🌚 New Moon 🌚 Before Eclipse Season Begins!

The upcoming new moon signifies the end of a favorable new Moon phase for new beginnings before the onset of the eclipse season in April. Before the first eclipse on April 20, there will be a full moon on April 5. The eclipse season will begin with a total solar eclipse. Stay tuned for further updates on this in April!

If you're looking to start something new, this is the most supportive new Moon until May. Check out this blog info on the nakshatra and other influences to this month's new Moon, so you can gain a deeper understanding of what kind of new beginnings are most supported this month.

And if you're curious about what 2023 has in store for you, consider scheduling a reading to gain insight and clarity on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.


Jupiter, Mercury and the New Moon

Exploring the Impact of Jupiter and Mercury on the New Moon in Pisces and Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra

The New Moon on March 21 at 9:22am PT in Pisces is significant as it is aligned with the lord of the sign Jupiter and Mercury.

The new Moon occurs in the first pada of Uttara Bhadrapada. This pada (part) of Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra is very focused on accomplishments. The new Moon in this pada will infuse energy and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

Jupiter's influence on the first pada of Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra is highly beneficial for achieving growth and expansion.

Mercury is also involved with the new Moon and Jupiter, but Mercury in Pisces is a dreamer!

Although Jupiter does offer some support to Mercury, it's not enough to fully restore its rational and analytical properties while it's transiting through Pisces until the end of March. Take extra care and review any plans or decisions you make during this new Moon period.

Is Your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Pisces?

If so, this will be an extra potent new Moon for you. especially if you are in the planetary period or sub periods of Moon or Saturn.

Explore the following section of this newsletter to identify the house in your birth chart that is primed for new beginnings, powered by the fire of this new moon.


Rising Sign Forecast for the New Moon

Understanding your rising sign can provide insights into the life experiences that the new Moon energy supports.

Refer to the table below to learn about the areas of life that function best with the new Moon energies and new beginnings for each rising sign.

If you do not know your Vedic astrology rising sign you can get it for free on my site here.

Aries: 12th house - Subconscious, dreams, foreign lands, meditation, sleep, feet and places of confinement.

Taurus: 11th house - Earnings from work, social and career networking and older siblings. Gemini: 10th house - Career and public reputation. Cancer: 9th house - Spirituality, philosophy, higher learning, dharma, foreign travels. Leo: 8th house - Transformation, partners assets, inheritance, longevity. Virgo: 7th house - Committed partnerships (personal and business). Libra: 6th house - Work, service, daily routine, health and personal habits. Scorpio: 5th house - Children, creativity, fun and games, speculation. Sagittarius: 4th house - Home, happiness, mother, land and vehicles. Capricorn: 3rd house - .Short distance travels, courage, communication and younger siblings. Aquarius: 2nd house - Family, savings and speech. Pisces: 1st house - Self, perspective and health.

NEXT: Learn about the mystical abilities of Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra in the next section.


New Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra: What does it support?

The New Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra supports new beginnings with its movable energy.

Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra is supportive of: * Introspection, self-reflection and meditation * Spiritual advancement and purification * Getting married * Physical intimacy * Collaborative activities * Creative endeavors * Therapeutic healing interventions * Cultivation of plants * Building projects * Investigative undertakings

The bird associated with Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra is the owl, which represents wisdom, intuition, and secrecy. Owl's are nocturnal and can see clearly in the dark, which is symbolic of the nakshatra's association with hidden knowledge, mysticism and spiritual insight.

The neem tree is the tree that is associated with Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra because of it's connection to the divine and its healing properties and Neem is often linked to spiritual purification and growth.

The new Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra is a time for introspection, self-reflection, spiritual purification, and the neem tree can be seen as a symbol of this process.

If you're a beginner or new to Vedic astrology, my book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners, has a lot information on Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra and other basics that you may find useful to read up on. Get Vedic Astrology for Beginners


Best Times for New Beginnings

Wait until the Moon waxes before starting new ventures!

BEST TIME FOR NEW BEGINNINGS: March 21, 9:22am PT until March 22, 7:45am PT. BEST TIMING FOR ENDINGS: March 20, 1:30pm PT until March 21, 9:20am PT.


Before You Go!

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Check out the forecast for your rising sign and the focus of Saturn in Aquarius through early 2025.

Sidereal Forecasts Please note that my new and full Moon forecasts and other articles are based on calculations using the sidereal system. This means that your rising sign and other planets in your birth chart may differ by about 24 degrees from what you see in a tropical zodiac calculation.

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