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March Vedic Astrology Forecast: Embrace the Renewal of Spring!

As March begins and spring finally arrives on March 20, there are noteworthy astrological events that kick off the month. A highly significant planetary event occurs annually when Venus and Jupiter enter into a celestial battle known as the "planetary war."

To learn more about this phenomenon and its astrological implications, be sure to read the next section.

And, make sure to take a look at the newly enhanced section on planetary aspects. I've included detailed descriptions for each planetary combination. Check them out to get a better grasp of these planetary influences.

Until next time, keep looking up! Pamela

MARCH KEY ASTROLOGICAL INSIGHTS Battle of the Benefics: Venus and Jupiter Engage in Planetary War on March 1st!

There are many key astrological happenings in March, but the first is the battle of the benefics! Starting from February 28 until March 2, an astrological phenomenon known as graha yuddha (planetary war) will occur between Venus and Jupiter.

During this planetary war, both planets are weakened because they compete for the the same piece of celestial sky, creating a state of celestial conflict called a planetary war. This conflict could intensify their astrological influences or alter the way their energies manifest in our lives.

Revati Nakshatra and the Dharmic Conflict of the Graha Yuddha

1. The graha yuddha (planetary war) occurs between 17° - 19° Pisces in the first pada (part) of Revati nakshatra.

2. Intensifying the conflict, Venus and Jupiter have contrasting aims and are not considered close allies.

3. This planetary conflict is intensified by the fact that the graha yuddha occurs in the first pada of Revati, a pada that places great emphasis on dharma. As the indicator of dharma, Jupiter is perfectly aligned with the principles of this pada and finds it very comfortable.

4. Venus is exalted in the fourth pada of Revati nakshatra, which represents moksha and spiritual liberation. Therefore, Venus is more attuned to the concept of transcendent love and may experience notable difficulties during this encounter with Jupiter in the dharmic first pada of Revati nakshatra.

5. As a result, the houses in your horoscope ruled by Venus (Taurus and Libra) and Jupiter (Sagittarius and Pisces) may experience a conflict between the dharmic influence of Jupiter and the first pada influence of Revati nakshatra, and Venus's natural inclination towards moksha. The emphasis will be on whichever house Pisces represents in the birth chart.

It is worth delving into the implications of this conflict and other planetary combinations. Continue reading for deeper insights into the planetary influences of March.


Here are the highlights of this month's astrological happenings.

MOON PHASES Full Moon: March 7 Last Quarter: March 15 New Moon: March 21 First Quarter: March 29

Expect to receive new and full moon newsletters one to two days before the event directly in your inbox.

Gain a deeper understanding of the lunar phases with my latest blog post on the importance of new and full Moon phases. Discover how these powerful energies can impact your life and provide valuable insights into personal growth and your emotional quotient.

SIGN AND NAKSHATRA INGRESS DATES (learn the nakshatra basics here)

To the far right of each planet's ingress into a nakshatra, I have noted the planetary ruler of that nakshatra for the Vimshottari Dasha. It is important to verify whether you are in the main or sub-period of that planet, as the shifts of planets within planetary nakshatras can hold significant relevance for your life.

SIGN INGRESS (SIDEREAL ZODIAC CALCULATIONS) Mar 11, 2023 Venus enters Aries Mar 12, 2023 Mars enters Gemini Mar 14, 2023 Sun enters Pisces Mar 15, 2023 Mercury enters Pisces (debilitated) Mar 31, 2023 Mercury enters Aries

NAKSHATRA INGRESS Mar 3, 2023 Mercury enters nakshatra Shatabhishak (Rahu) Mar 4, 2023 Sun enters nakshatra Poorvabhadrapada (Jupiter) Mar 10, 2023 Mercury enters nakshatra Poorvabhadrapada (Jupiter) Mar 10 - 12 Venus Gandanta (Mercury/Ketu) Mar 11, 2023 Venus enters nakshatra Ashwini (Ketu) Mar 14, 2023 Saturn enters nakshatra Shatabhishak (Rahu) Mar 17, 2023 Mercury enters nakshatra Uttarabhadrapada (Saturn) Mar 18, 2023 Sun enters nakshatra Uttarabhadrapada (Saturn) Mar 22, 2023 Venus enters nakshatra Bharani (Venus) Mar 24, 2023 Mercury enters nakshatra Revati (Mercury) Mar 26, 2023 Mars enters nakshatra Ardra (Rahu) Mar 30 - April 1 Mercury Gandanta (Mercury/Ketu) Mar 31, 2023 Mercury enters nakshatra Ashwini (Ketu) Mar 31, 2023 Sun enters nakshatra Revati (Mercury)

If you do not know your rising sign or current dasha/bhukti you can get it on my site for free here.


These planetary combinations have the ability to impact all rising signs, but if the chart ruler is involved, it can hold added significance.

Have your birth chart nearby. If planets in your birth chart are involved in an aspect from the following list, this transit may have a more pronounced effect on you.

March 1: Venus Conjunct (planetary war) Jupiter – This pairing can give a strong desire for emotional fulfillment and openness to love and romance but with an emphasis on spirituality and the higher vibration of love. Balance is required since the focus on pleasure and indulgence can lean toward excess and a tendency to overindulge.

March 2: Mercury Conjunct (planetary war) Saturn: This planetary war can create limitations in communication and written communication can be particularly difficult. Pay close attention to Saturn's tendencies toward structure and discipline, which can create obstacles in business and education. Mercury-ruled Ascendant signs (Gemini and Virgo) are particularly aware of the communication slowdown during this time.

March 14: Mars Square Neptune – The square between Mars and Neptune can create tensions between the drive for action and the power of imagination. Achieve your goals by combining practicality and creativity. Take bold steps in pursuing your passions while being guided by a strong intuition and higher purpose.

March 15: Sun Combust Neptune - Blurred lines and some confusion between the ideals of leadership reality. However, this combination can also bring a boost of creativity, imagination, and spirituality.

March 16: Mercury Conjunct Neptune (planetary war) - This pairing of rational Mercury and the ethereal Neptune is a blending of communication and imagination. Time to refine intuition and imagination, especially in the areas of writing, communication and marketing. Beware of magical thinking.

March 16: Sun Square Mars - Possible conflicts or challenges in balancing strength and assertiveness. There can be some inner tension between showing leadership and taking action.

March 16: Venus Square Pluto - This combination can bring an intense and perhaps even dark energy to relationships and creative endeavors as Pluto's mysterious and unfathomable influence has the ability to disrupt the harmony represented by Venus.

March 16: Mercury Square Mars - With a mixture of patience and awareness, strike a balance between the rational thinking of Mercury and the bold energy of Mars. However, when communicating, be careful not to be too direct and offend others.

March 17: Sun Combust Mercury - Communication with others now focuses inwards rather than outwards. It can also induce a strong sense of self-reflection and introspection, leading to a deeper understanding of one's mind and thought process.

March 21: Venus Conjunction Rahu - When Rahu, the planet of unfulfilled desires from past lives, and Venus unite, it can create an ravenous hunger for love and beauty. Watch for impulsiveness in relationships, as well as an insatiable thirst for new experiences, luxury, and excitement.

March 27: Mercury Conjunct (planetary war) Jupiter - This combination can offer a harmonious balance between logic and intuition, spirituality and practicality. Be aware of a possible tendency to exaggerate or go overboard in thought or language.

March 30: Mars Trine Saturn - This aspect brings exceptional problem-solving skills and a determination to stick with tasks to completion. Use this time to build stability and move toward goals as Mars provides energy and initiative while Saturn brings discipline and perseverance into the equation.

March 30: Venus Conjunct (planetary war) Uranus - This combination can bring unexpected or unconventional twists in relationships. It can have a positive impact on your creative and artistic endeavors as Uranus represents unconventional thinking and frees your expression.


Venus and Jupiter: March's Brilliant Twosome!

March 1: Spot Venus and Jupiter in the sky! Look low in the southwest sky just after sunset to see the brilliant pair of Venus and Jupiter shining brightly. Their brightness makes them easily visible, dazzling in the early evening twilight. As seen from North America, the best viewing time is just after sunset March 1, 2023.

March 20, 2023: Spring Equinox is Almost Here!

Spring equinox occurs at 21:25 UT, 2:25pm PT. This is the moment when the Sun will be directly overhead the Earth's equator, and it will mark the start of the astronomical spring season in the northern hemisphere.

Moon and Venus: Together Again

On March 23rd and 24th, look up to see the reunion of the Moon and Venus in the night sky, as they converge shortly after the Spring equinox. These two luminous bodies will offer a mesmerizing sight for stargazers to behold - look for them after sunset.

Mars and Moon: Back in Action!

On the evenings of March 27 and 28, 2023, the Moon and Mars will be conjunct and they will appear very close to each other in the night sky.

During this conjunction, Mars will appear as a bright, reddish star-like star, and the Moon will about half full. The exact position and proximity of the Moon and Mars will depend on your location on Earth, so be sure to check your local astronomy resources for more information.

Thank you for spending some time with me today. Wishing you smooth transits for March and the upcoming year.

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Saturn's move into a new zodiac sign, which occurs approximately every 30 months, affects all rising signs and brings fresh energy and opportunities.

Happy transits! Pamela


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