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Take One: Jupiter in Sagittarius!

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Take One!

The current shift of Jupiter through the stars is like having a VIP pass to a movie trailer for the feature film that Jupiter is starring in from November 2019 through November 2020 when Jupiter finally moves in Sagittarius for the long haul.

Jupiter is on the verge of moving into its own sidereal sign, Sagittarius, on March 29, 2019. But only for a short time before going retrograde back into Scorpio!

Please keep in mind my forecasts are based upon sidereal calculations which differ from western tropical calculations.

Jupiter enters Sagittarius for the first time since since 2007 (yep, you read that right!).

At the same time Rahu and Ketu will be changing signs (more on this huge shift in my next newsletter!)
Mark your calendars! The brief stay of Jupiter into Sagittarius from March 29,2019 to April 22, 2019 can give you deep insights into the upcoming year-long transit of Jupiter starting this fall.

The areas of life that Jupiter influences in the birth chart; the houses Jupiter owns, (Sagittarius and Pisces), the other fire signs, (Aries and Leo) will be energized by this brief Jupiter transit.

There is one important caveat with this brief Jupiter transit.

Saturn is in Sagittarius now, and Ketu is headed into Sagittarius, too! A real mash-up of contrasting planetary energies!

Saturn definitely has the capacity to balance out the super expansive energy of Jupiter in Sagittarius. It is important to observe where you are feeling/experiencing obstacles or delays so that you can work through them prior to Jupiter entering Sagittarius for the year ahead in November. Saturn will give clues regarding where we need to slow our roll and limit expansion for the fall Jupiter transit.

Saturn leaves Sagittarius early 2020, so the disciplinary lessons of tradition bound Saturn and limited philosophical expansion in Sagittarius will continue through the end of the year.

Anyone running any level or combination of the planetary periods of Mercury or Ketu will feel this shift of Jupiter most intensely. Those in the planetary period or sub-periods of Venus may experience the Saturn energy more strongly than Jupiter.

I will however give you all a hint regarding the area of life to be on the lookout for expansion and energy during this brief dip of Jupiter into Sagittarius in April. See below for more details by rising sign.

Key qualities for Jupiter in Sagittarius: expansion, optimism, wisdom seeking, dharma, and focus on philosophy and spirituality.

How you personally experience Jupiter in Sagittarius will be directly related to the areas of life Jupiter and Sagittarius represents in the birth chart.

Observe closely what comes up for you March 29 - April 22 in the areas of life listed below (for each rising sign.)

Because of the retrograde phase I am sharing a teaser of this transit below. Jupiter in Scorpio and how its transition to Jupiter in Sagittarius might be experienced.

The retrograde phase that begins April 10 will send Jupiter back to Scorpio to finish up the last bits of his (our!) work to be done in that sign and house.

Aries: From transformation to dharma, spirituality, higher learning and foreign lands.

Taurus: Relationships fade into the background as transformation and interest in occult studies heighten.

Gemini: Daily routine, health and wellness moves into expansion through partnerships.

Cancer: Learning, speculation and romance turns toward work and service.

Leo: Attention on home and happiness, mother or motherhood, transitioning into intellect, and creativity.

Virgo: From courage, writing and communication into expansion of personal happiness and home life.

Libra: Family and wealth focus turns toward writing, social interactions and courage.

Scorpio: Personal well-being, study of esoteric arts and spiritual expansion shifts to financial well-being, family, and nourishment.

Sagittarius: Spiritual path transforms into self centered - health and vitality, self-individuation.

Capricorn: Focus on earning and networking shifts to the subconscious mind, meditation, dreaming and foreign lands.

Aquarius: Karma and career fades as our attention turns to income form our work, older siblings, networking, and personal goals.

Pisces: From dharma to Karma, expansion in career, what one is recognized for in the public eye.


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Nuts and bolts of Jupiter transit: Mark these key dates into your calendars!

March 15 - Jupiter is hovering on the boundary of fire and water between Sagittarius and Scorpio until May 5! This is an enormous amount of time for a planet to be in the boundaries of a sign. We will see issues arise in the media around higher education, law, and religious matters during this gandanta phase.

March 29, 2018 Jupiter in Sagittarius (gandanta)

April 10, 2019 Jupiter turns retrograde in Sagittarius

April 22, 2019 Jupiter heads back to Scorpio gandanta until May 5.

August 11, 2019 Jupiter is direct in sidereal Scorpio,

November 4, 2019 Jupiter moves into Sagittarius for a year

Check out the Jupiter in Scorpio forecast by rising sign. This forecast is still very relevant through November (except for 3/29-4/22),

Thank you so much for taking time to read my words! If you have made it this far into the email, especially!

I know everyone is super busy and that my articles are long, but it is my sincere wish that they provide you will valuable insights and guidance to attain your goals, experience less suffering and more joy in your life!

Namaste, Pamela

I will send a detailed forecast for Jupiter in Sagittarius by rising sign as we get closer to the final shift of Jupiter in November '19.


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