Handwritten by Pamela and based upon your date, time and place of birth




This personalized written analysis is all about your Sun!


After a detailed analysis of your birth chart using your date, time and place of birth, I will create a written report specific to your Sun in your horoscope.

You will receive:

  • Your Vedic Sun sign

  • The lunar mansion, or nakshatra that your Sun is placed at the time of your birth. How the sign and lunar mansion influences  your life and your ability to shine!

  • The area of life (house the Sun rules in your horoscope) represented by the Sun in your chart.

  • Planetary influences to your Sun from other planets and what these effects mean.




The rising sign represents the unique individual perspective in the horoscope and the values that the particular sign embodies.


I will personally conduct a detailed analysis of your rising sign.

You will receive:

  • Your Vedic rising sign

  • Your Chart ruler (the planet that rules the rising sign) and the meaning of the chart ruler placement in the horoscope.

  • The lunar mansion, or nakshatra of your rising sign and how the sign and lunar mansion influences  your life and your ability to express your individuality.

  • Planetary aspects to the rising sign from other planets and how these aspects can influence your life.




The Moon is one of the most significant planets in your horoscope.


This personalized written analysis is all about your Moon! Your intuition, emotional well-being, whether you are an introvert or extrovert are all connected to the Moon in the horoscope.


You will receive:

  • The lunar phase at birth; and the day within the Moon's cycle you were born and what this means in your life experience.

  • Which zodiac sign and lunar mansion, or nakshatra your Moon is placed and what this signifies in your life and your emotional quotient.

  • Other influences to the Moon from planets and what these influences signify.

This is what a client recently had to say about her personalized Moon and Rising sign reports:

"Oh my goodness - I love this! So much of this rings very true for me. Amazing! I found myself getting a little emotional reading parts of it because it validated so much of what I constantly doubt (thanks to Saturn it sounds like - lol).


Pamela - your report is so well written and even though I’m clueless in this area of Vedic astrology you made me understand. They both rang very true for me and explained so many things that I find I question about myself. After reading these reports, it’s like I know and accept myself more, so thank you for that gift! So well done Pamela!"~ Lena H.




Vedic astrology uses planetary periods (or Dashas) to determine the overarching theme that can occur in an individuals life.


After a detailed analysis of your main planetary cycle relative to your birth chart (using your date, time and place of birth), I will create a personalized written report specific to your horoscope and the Vimshottari dasha system that you are currently experiencing.

You will receive:

  • A PDF file with the main planetary period and sub period from birth, up to 100 years.

  • The meanings of the planetary period; both the natural meaning of the planet and the areas of your life it is connected.

  • The influences that the lunar mansions have during the main planetary period.

  • Any planetary influences to your main planetary period  and what these effects represent.




Mercury is the planet of writing, communication and business.


How Mercury is placed within the individual horoscope has significant implications regarding how a person communicates with others.

By understanding your Mercury, you can learn how to maximize and/or modulate your unique communication style for optimal business and personal communication success.

You will receive:

  • The placement of Mercury in your Vedic chart and how the zodiac sign it is placed within impacts your method of  communication.

  • Any planets that influence Mercury and how that influences your communication style.

  • The lunar mansion, or nakshatra that Mercury is in and how this lunar mansion influences  your life and your ability to express yourself through writing and speaking.

  • The report will be delivered via email in PDF format.




The Saturn return is one of the most meaningful astrological events to occur. If one lives to be 90 then you would only experience three Saturn returns.

The first occurs at age 28-30, the second 58-60 and the third at 88-90. Whether you are currently approaching any of these ages or not, this personalized report holds the key to understanding your Saturn return and Saturn, the karmic taskmaster, in your birth chart.

This personalized report details your all important Saturn return.


You will receive:

  • The meaning of Saturn.

  • Key theme of your Saturn return - the areas of life where Saturn is asking you to connect with and what work is to be done.

  • The house, sign and lunar mansion where Saturn is placed and how this influences your life experience.

  • Other planetary influences to your Saturn and the aspects from Saturn to other planets and areas of your horoscope.

Please keep in mind these personalized reports are calculated using the sidereal system of Vedic astrology and the planetary placements, rising sign, etc... which are different from Western Sun sign astrological calculations.


All reports are delivered in PDF format via email five days after order is placed and your date, time and place of birth info has been received.