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Mercury Retrograde February 16 to March 9: Top 3 Things to Know

Mercury went retrograde yesterday evening. Here is your energy forecast plus the top things you need to know along with a link to your Mercury retrograde horoscope, by zodiac sign. But before you go! Read the rest of this article because it holds the three keys to this retrograde period!

This particular Mercury retrograde forecast is a lot more complex than the usual due to that rascal Rahu being in the mix!Regardless of your rising sign, please keep in mind the fundamental meanings of Mercury:

Mercury represents: * communication * writing * speaking * analytical thinking * learning * business

Top 3 Things to Know About This Mercury Retrograde

#1 Mercury is the MOST easily influenced planet of them all! And there is a tremendously strong influence to Mercury from the Grand Master of Illusion, Rahu during Mercury retrograde, now through April 6.

Rahu is the proverbial hungry ghost. The planet with a mouth and no stomach, who can never be fulfilled! If you want to learn more about Rahu and the other planets check out my new book here.2 This Mercury/Rahu exchange of energy will bring a tremendous amount of Rahuvian energy to Mercury and the signs Gemini and Aquarius.

#2 This Mercury/Rahu exchange of energy will bring a huge amount of Rahuvian energy to Mercury and the signs Gemini and Aquarius.

Rahu is also co-ruler of Aquarius and aspects Aquarius from Gemini as well as exchanging signs (parivartana yoga) with Mercury who is retrograde now in Aquarius. Double trouble! This will connect the Mercury ruled houses with Rahu in Gemini. Be careful to see through the veil of illusion Rahu can create!

#3 The Mercury Rahu exchange will amplify all things Mercury/Rahu! At times this can be a good thing, other times, not so much. Retrograde planets follow Rahu (reverse movement) and direct planets follow the king of the planets, the Sun.

Mercury is VERY much under the influence of Rahu throughout this Mercury retrograde period and until April 6. So....

Be extra mindful of all communications to avoid misunderstandings or reading things between the lines that is not actually there.

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NOTE: Please keep in mind this is a sidereal forecast and the calculations are different from tropical Western astrology calculations of planets through signs.


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