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📣 Pump Up The Volume 📣 Communicative Mercury Meets Powerful Pluto! Special Edition 🌟

There are many powerful and unique astrological influences ahead! In addition to my New and Full Moon forecasts for February and March, be on the lookout for special edition essays on my blog to keep you well informed, astrologically speaking!

In these special editions I am addressing key transits. Today's focus is on the transits of Mercury conjunct Pluto, who are both strongly influenced by Rahu at the time of their exact conjunction.

Transits are based upon the perpetual movement of the planets. The zodiac signs and degrees where the planets are currently, where the planets are headed, or where they were in the past. As compared to the planets in the birth chart, which represent a static snapshot of the planets in zodiac signs at the time and place of a person's birth.

And don't forget about the new eight year cycle of Venus and upcoming Venus-Mars conjunction that lasts through the end of March! If you need a refresher you can find the three part Venus series on my website here.

Blessings! Pamela

Mercury Conjunct Pluto + Rahu: What the WHAT?!!

Communication minded Mercury will be meeting up with powerful (and sometimes) profane Pluto this Friday, February 11, at 3:07 Capricorn (sidereal).

Now Through February 14

The combination of Mercury and Pluto can influence any rising sign, however my friends whose chart ruler is Mercury, Gemini and Virgo rising, may want to be particularly mindful of this time.

Additionally, Rahu is in trines (same element) to Mercury and Pluto at the time of their exact conjunction!

If your rising sign or planets are between 1-5 degrees of sidereal Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Aries, Cancer or Libra, and/or you are currently in the planetary period of Sun or Mercury you may feel this transit more intensely than others.

Not sure? Calculate your sidereal Vedic Chart and planetary periods here. When Pluto connects with Mercury it can strengthen communication abilities, both speaking and writing. Since Mercury also represents the analytical mind, the ability to focus can be heightened as well.

Rahu in the mix has the potential to create and amplify shadows within the rational mind (Mercury). If you have important meetings at this time be very prepared. You will be able to speak powerfully, but be sure to stick to the facts. Pluto and Rahu combined with Mercury give the potential to exaggerate or be very misleading in their communications. Keep in mind the meanings of Mercury, Rahu and Pluto.

Mercury's Key Indications: ▪ Communication; writing and speaking ▪ Mind - Analytical thinking ▪ Logic and Reasoning ▪ Education and learning ▪ Business and commerce

Pluto's Key Indications: ▪ Destruction and decay ▪ Life force/shakti and evolution ▪ Regeneration and amplification ▪ Mysteries and the underworld ▪ Negative qualities of the psyche - such as hatred/jealousy, greed and lust

Rahu's Key Indications: ▪ Unfulfilled desire from previous lifetime ▪ Materially oriented ▪ Amplifier, like Pluto ▪ Creates shadows and confusion within the mind and deep in the psyche ▪ Super Vata (wind element)

Mercury, Pluto, Rahu combinations can intensify the speaking voice and communication as well as the "voice in our heads"! Rahu however, can shadow the mind and create a lot of confusion.

Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: What's the Influence?

Uttara Ashadha has fixed energy and the shakti of this nakshatra is, "The Power to Give Unstoppable or Permanent Victory".

Pluto and Rahu are both powerful amplifiers of transformative energy, especially when they are in contact with another planet or planets. Uttara Ashadha nakshatra further intensifies the energies of Mercury, Rahu and Pluto."

The fixed energy of Uttara Ashadha nakshatra is also somewhat incompatible with the combination of the Mercurial energy and transformative Pluto! There could be some frustration in Mercury related themes as all of these planets are very materially oriented in Capricorn.

This combination of planets in Uttara Ashadha is supportive of: Creative Writing, especially psychological thrillers Beginning intensive psychotherapy or analysis Giving powerful speeches Artistic talents Supporting the underdog Spiritual Development Austerity and control of desires Creative thinking and problem solving

This combination of planets in Uttara Ashadha is NOT supportive of: Power Struggles Attempts to dominate others Behaviors that amp up the nervous system Engaging in social media wars

The Big Picture of Mercury, Rahu and Pluto: Mundane Astrology Contemplation's

Mundane astrology is the astrology of countries, cities, governments, organizations and corporations as well as weather and geographical events.

While I do not consider myself an expert in mundane astrology, I have made some significant astrological observations over the past two decades that can clue us into the bigger picture beyond the natal chart for current planetary influences.

In the next few weeks be on the lookout for the following trends:

▪ Social media confrontations may escalate now and through the next few weeks.

▪ Situations associated with media and communications (Mercury), such as the Spotify/Rogan controversy may continue escalate.

▪ There may be significant news arising about secret communications or mismanagement of important or secret documents. Think Snowden and Wikileaks. ▪ Potential breaches of personal information in databases

▪ Expect outrageous news media from both sides of any fence (more than usual, you say?!! Yep). and new conspiracy theories to surface. Rahu/Pluto combined with Mercury is outstanding for creating conspiracies!

▪ Check all of your passwords and update if needed! Identity theft/hacking is a possibility.

Once Mercury moves past Pluto mid-February, it will connect with Saturn next. The pendulum swings to the opposite side now!

Saturn will have a slowing effect on Mercury related matters. Saturn is disciplined and displays tight boundaries demanding accuracy and precision. This reality check is needed after the recent influence of Rahu and Pluto! Although this could be frustrating since the Pluto, Rahu influences had Mercury pumping up the volume! Be patient and count to ten before writing, posting or speaking February 26 - March 5.

Schedule My 2022 Reading! Share Your Mercury Experience! If you would like to share your Mercury-Pluto-Rahu story with me, you can just reply to this email or click this link. I would love to write anonymously about some of your experiences!

Happy Birthday "Vedic Astrology for Beginners"! My book is having its second birthday on February 11! It continues to stay at the top of the search list for Vedic Astrology books on Amazon and occasionally will drift into the top 100 astrology book category on Amazon.

This is more than I could have ever hoped for or anticipated since Vedic astrology is still a very tiny niche in the US compared to Western astrology. Huge thanks again to my clients, Jyotish teachers, and the outstanding editors, marketing and art departments for my publisher, Callisto Media.

If you have not yet picked up a copy, you can order it online at Amazon or at an online or local bookstore near you!


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