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🌟✨ May 2023 Vedic Astrology Forecast: What the Stars Have in Store for You 🔮

Prepare yourself for a transformative May, as the cosmos presents us with an array of celestial events that you'll want to be aware of in advance!

This month is brimming with planetary action, from the continuation of the powerful eclipse season to Mars entering Cancer, and an uplifting New Moon in Taurus. This month's forecast has the astrological insights you need to navigate the key celestial happenings of May.

Pour yourself a refreshing beverage, find a comfortable spot, and get ready to immerse yourself in all the captivating astro-details!

Until next time, keep gazing up at the stars!




Lunar Eclipse on May 5, 2023

The final eclipse of eclipse season is a Lunar Eclipse (full Moon), which will be visible only in parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. You can find all the details about the eclipse in my newsletter that will be sent out to newsletter subscribers May 3.

Mars Enters Sidereal Cancer: May 10 - June 30, 2023

Each planet has its own strengths and weaknesses in specific zodiac signs. Mars, known for its energy, courage, action, and passion, finds itself in a challenging position when it enters Cancer. This is because Cancer, a water sign, is associated with emotions, intuition, and nurturing. The emotional and nurturing nature of Cancer tends to dampen the fiery and assertive qualities of Mars, resulting in potential challenges and imbalances.

When Mars is transiting Cancer, people might experience reduced motivation, emotional outbursts, or difficulty asserting themselves. They may also struggle with expressing anger or frustration in a healthy way.

However, this transit can also bring increased sensitivity and emotional awareness, which can be beneficial for understanding and addressing one's emotions. Every planet has a potential positive, even planets in signs of debilitation! Depending on your individual birth chart, the Mars influence may be felt more strongly in areas governed by the house Cancer represents.

Mercury Continues to Create Some Cosmic Turbulence in May!

Mercury Retrograde: What You Need to Know to Navigate This Celestial Event

Mercury went retrograde April 21 at 1:35am PT, stationing at 21:26 Aries (using sidereal calculations), almost exactly conjunct the new Moon. If your rising sign is Mercury-ruled (Gemini or Virgo) or if your chart ruler is in Aries, you may feel the effects of this retrograde more intensely.

Now through May 9: Key Points to Note About Mercury's Retrograde and Combined Mars Energy in May

During the time Mercury is in Aries while direct or retrograde, Mercury is combining with the energy of fiery Mars via an exchange of signs, or parivartana yoga. This links the planetary meanings and energies of communicative Mercury and action oriented Mars. The shadow side of this combination can manifest as frustration, anger and sharp communications when dealing with others.

Practical Tips for Dealing with Mercury Retrograde

Be extra careful with written communications and contracts during this time. It's important to review all communications carefully before sending, double-check contracts, and avoid making important decisions until you are confident in your ability to assess the situation with a clear head.

Looking Ahead: When to Make Important Decisions

  • Once Mercury turns direct on May 14, the energy will start to shift and Mercury will also be pulling away from Rahu. It will be a better time for making decisions, signing contracts, and moving forward with plans.

  • Additionally, once the lunar eclipse on May 5 has passed, there may be insights uncovered that can help clarify decisions and actions.

Mercury will station direct on May 14 but won't entirely leave the influence of Rahu until June 7.



Here are the highlights of this month's astrological happenings.

Moon Phases

Full Moon: May 5, 2023 *Lunar Eclipse

Third Quarter: May 13, 2023

New Moon: May 19, 2023

First Quarter: May 27, 2023

Gain a deeper understanding of the lunar phases with my latest blog post on the importance of new and full Moon phases. Discover how these powerful energies can impact your life and provide valuable insights into personal growth and your emotional quotient.


Maximize Your Potential This May: Understanding Nakshatra and Sign Ingress


These are the planetary sign and nakshatra ingress dates for May 2023, organized by date. Use this information to better understand how the planets' movements may influence your life throughout May.

To the far right of each planet's ingress into a nakshatra, I have noted the planetary ruler of that nakshatra for the Vimshottari Dasha. It is important to know whether you are in the main or sub-period of a planet activating a specific nakshatra, as the shifts of planets from one nakshatra to the next can hold significant relevance for your life.

May 2: Venus enters Gemini

May 8: Venus enters nakshatra Ardra (Rahu)

May 8: Mercury retrograde enters nakshatra Ashwini (Ketu)

May 10: Mars enters Cancer

May 11: Sun enters nakshatra Krittika (Sun)

May 15: Sun enters Taurus

May 16: Mars enters nakshatra Pushya (Saturn)

May 16: Moon enters nakshatra Vishakha (Jupiter) *Lunar Eclipse

May 20: Venus enters nakshatra Punarvasu (Jupiter)

May 21: Mercury enters nakshatra Bharani (Venus)

May 25: Sun enters nakshatra Rohini (Moon)

May 30: Venus enters Cancer

Gain a deeper understanding of the lunar phases with my latest blog post on the importance of new and full Moon phases. Discover how these powerful energies can impact your life and provide valuable insights into personal growth and your emotional quotient.


While I won't be listing every planetary aspect for the month of May, I am sharing specific planetary influences that are particularly important this month.

Although planetary aspects/combinations have exact aspects by degree on specific dates, Vedic astrology uses the whole sign house system to determine the influences of planets in relation to each other. As a result, the impact of the planetary combinations extends beyond the exact date of the alignment and continues for as long as the planets remain in aspect from their respective houses.

Keep your birth chart nearby. If planets in your birth chart are involved in an aspect from the following list, the transit may have a more pronounced effect on you.

May 1 - Sun Combust Mercury (17° Aries): This aspect may bring increased mental activity, the combustion with the Sun turning the usual outward communication indications of Mercury inward. Mercury is still retrograde, so it's important to double-check details and avoid making hasty decisions.

May 20 - Mars Opposition Pluto (6° Cancer/Capricorn): Pluto opposing uncomfortable and sometimes emotional Mars in Cancer can bring forward very intense emotions with a potential for power struggles or conflicts. It's essential to remain mindful of your actions and avoid engaging in aggressive or manipulative behaviors.

May 27 - Jupiter Conjunction Rahu (8° Aries/Libra): This aspect can bring spiritual insights and personal growth but may also create confusion or deception. Be mindful of your actions and decisions during this time, as things may not be as they seem.

Extended Planetary Transit Impacts

April 14 - May 14: Saturn Aquarius/Sun Aries

This influence signals a time to communicate clearly and concisely, particularly in matters related to leadership, government, and authority figures.

Saturn's melancholic influence can bring a sense of seriousness and responsibility while emphasizing the need for communication that is grounded in practicality and realism. This could manifest in a variety of ways, such as leaders making more deliberate and calculated decisions, or governments enacting policies that prioritize long-term stability over short-term gains.

Patience in negotiations is also emphasized under this aspect since Saturn's slow and steady approach is encouraged. Which is not an easy ask for an exalted Sun in fiery Aries! This could mean taking extra time to carefully consider all options and potential outcomes before deciding or being willing to engage in longer-term negotiations to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

March 31 - June 7: Saturn Aquarius/Mercury Aries

This two-month influence of Saturn to Mercury is significantly longer than usual since Mercury is retrograde in Aries during this period. This third influence of Saturn will further emphasize the need to slow down and be clear in communications. Mercury ruled rising signs, Gemini and Virgo - this is extra pressure from Saturn to work hard, be responsible and pay attention to the details!

April 21, 2023 - April 30, 2024: Saturn Aquarius/Jupiter Aries 

Saturn will encourage Jupiter to contract its expansive and freedom loving ways somewhat as it moves through Aries under the gaze of disciplined Saturn. Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries and Leo rising may feel the tug of war between Saturn and Jupiter more than other signs this year.

Thank you for spending some time with me today. Wishing you smooth transits for May and the upcoming year.

This month, make sure to check out your Saturn in Aquarius horoscope to gain insights on this major astrological transit.

Saturn's move into a new zodiac sign, which occurs approximately every 30 months, affects all rising signs and brings fresh energy and opportunities now through early 2025!

Happy transits!



Don't forget to schedule a reading or check out my book for a deeper dive into Vedic astrology. Thank you for reading!

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