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Holi Cosmos Batman!

First day of Holi. Full Moon day. First day of Spring! The trifecta of fabulous on March 20!

In India, Holi announces the arrival of spring and the passing of winter. This important and joy filled festival is a celebration of the colors of nature that spring will bring and the end of the darkness! Holi embraces spiritual and social harmony through the symbolic relationship of Radhe and Krishna.

Full Moons are usually talked about with regard to endings. I like to think of them more broadly, as completion. The end of the brightest silvery lunar phase, just before the Moon begins to darken once again.

During the fullest time of this lunar phase, the Moon is in the abode of Uttara Phalguni. This lunar mansion is not indicated for endings, but for laying foundations.

And considering it is also the first day of spring, the end of winter and the beginning of spring, this full Moon can be our cue to do both! Endings for the full Moon and new beginnings due to the nakshatra influence of Uttara Phalguni.

MARCH FULL MOON AFFIRMATION: I awaken to the energy of this luminous full Moon. To the promise of Spring, in perfect harmony with nature and new beginnings. ~ Pamela

Works of a more permanent nature are best during this full Moon phase due to the fixed nature of the nakshatra.


▪ Laying foundations of any kind; New beginnings; new business, marriage, home building, new job

▪ House warming parties

▪ Planting and gardening

▪ Forming partnerships, and building wealth through partnerships

Be sure to keep it real though as Saturn is casting his gaze toward this full Moon!

My new beginnings for Moondance Astrology include many new offerings, such as personalized written reports (introductory special $49 now through 4/1 only!), a new horoscope section and a lot more coming! Check it out if have not already done so.

This is what a client had to say recently about her personalized Moon and Rising sign reports:

"Oh my goodness - I love this! So much of this rings very true for me. Amazing! I found myself getting a little emotional reading parts of it because it validated so much of what I constantly doubt (thanks to Saturn it sounds like - lol). Pamela - your report is so well written and even though I’m clueless in this area of Vedic astrology you made me understand. They [the Moon and Rising Sign reports] both rang very true for me and explained so many things that I find I question about myself. After reading these reports, it’s like I know and accept myself more, so thank you for that gift! So well done Pamela! " Lena H.

Many of the planets with the exception of the Sun and Moon are also at the very end of the signs they are transiting through.

  • Mars will be moving into Taurus in the next day or so.

  • Jupiter is headed for Sagittarius within the week.

  • Venus shifts to Aquarius tomorrow.

  • Rahu and Ketu change signs in a few days (look for my forecast on this in a few days!) .

So many important planetary changes. Combined with the energy of the full Moon endings, and vernal equinox this very same day at 2:58 pm PDT. Just wow!

Mercury is also retrograde now and headed to a meeting with dreamy Neptune, and Jupiter is just about to cross the treacherous zone between watery Scorpio and fiery Sagittarius.

Note these important dates and times!
  • 3/19/19 10:15pm PDT: Full Moon phase begins

  • 3/20/19 2:58 pm PDT: Spring Equinox

  • 3/20/19 6:42 pm PDT: Full Moon at its peak

  • 3/20/19 6:43 pm PDT: First day of Waxing Moon begins

Be sure to read the full Moon forecast for your rising sign here

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