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Jupiter in Pisces Vedic Astrology Forecast by Rising Sign

This Vedic Astrology forecast is based upon sidereal zodiac calculations.

Jupiter in Pisces: April 13, 2022 -April 21, 2023

Have you read part one fo this forecast? If not, you may want to begin here.

If you are in a main or sub period of Saturn (planet that activates Uttara Bhadrapada) this Jupiter influence will be important and will influence your life experience. How depends upon each individual birth chart.

Forecast by rising sign - jump to your zodiac rising sign:

Aries: For the next twelve months, Jupiter inspires a tremendous desire for travel to foreign lands, possibly for spiritual or philanthropic purposes. This expansive Jupiterian influence will help calm the subconscious mind and leads one to experience a meditation or mindfulness practice. This will be especially true if you are in the main or sub periods of Jupiter or Saturn. Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra influences can open the subconscious mind to dive deeply into the mystical! Be aware that planets in the birth chart which are placed in water signs (Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio) will also be feeling the expansive gaze of Jupiter.

Taurus: This once in twelve year experience of Jupiter through the zodiac sign Pisces will support growing your business and social networks. It can also give opportunities to increase your earnings. This will be especially true if you are in the main or sub periods of Jupiter or Saturn. If you are a counselor, astrologer, teacher or coach, this year could be outstanding for you. Of course your individual chart will factor in just how much influence Jupiter will have. Anyone who works in areas related to giving wise counsel or law will benefit from this transit of Jupiter. Earnings from mystical or esoteric healing arts is also indicated due to the influence of Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra. Especially if you are in the main or sub-periods of Jupiter or Saturn.

Gemini: Jupiter finally reaches the pinnacle of your chart! This is the year to set your goals high and make things happen in your career. It is time to increase your overall visibility and expand your horizons in your work and your public reputation. If you happen to be working in the esoteric arts, such as astrology, tarot or other metaphysical related paths, you will have access to much secret and sacred wisdom from Jupiter this year! This is due to the influence of Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra. Especially if you are in the planetary period or sub period of Jupiter or Saturn. The watch out here is not to over expand. Jupiter is boundless with his expansiveness. Be sure to maintain flawless ethics and dharma in your career.

Cancer: Dreaming of traveling abroad? If so, the next twelve months might bring an incredible opportunities! Especially if you are traveling for the purposes of spirituality, religion or to learn about ancient history. Now through April 2023 will also be an outstanding time to consider higher learning, like going to college, taking a workshop or course to attain new heights in your wisdom. If you were thinking of starting a new course of study in the esoteric or metaphysical this time is extra supportive of these subjects. Especially if you are in the planetary period or sub period of Jupiter or Saturn since Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra will be very influential, if so. If you are in a teaching role of any kind, the next twelve months will be an incredibly expansive time for you, and will bring positive changes that can last through the next twelve year cycle of Jupiter!

Leo: Jupiter will have you wanting to take a deep dive into the mystical and magical for the next twelve months! Jupiter in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra will bring these subjects to the forefront of consciousness for all rising signs in the next year, but Leo rising may experience the strongest of this influence since Jupiter is the owner of and transiting through your eighth house. It will also be a time to contemplate and engage in personal transformation, especially if your chart ruler Sun is in a water sign (Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio). Transformation during this transit may be more challenging if your Sun is in Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius. You may inherit or receive funds from an insurance or divorce settlement at this time. Of course this is all dependent upon the individual birth chart, but if you are in the main or sub periods of Jupiter or Saturn between now and early April, it is a possibility.

Virgo: Freedom in relationships will be the theme while Jupiter is transiting through your seventh house of personal and professional committed partnerships. Since Jupiter is in it’s own sign and in an angular house (houses 1,4,7 and 10 are angular) you will be feeling the full force of the positive Jupiterian energies! If you are not in a committed romantic relationship it is possible to find your soul mate during the next twelve months, especially if you are in the main or sub period of Jupiter and/or Saturn. They may be mystical and spiritual or both! If you are in a committed relationship this can expand the nature of your relationship. Depending upon the individual birth chart it can also create desire to expand beyond your current relationship. So, be mindful of long term relationship objectives since this transit is just that - transient!

Libra: Jupiter through your sixth house and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra for the next year can bring a strong mystical quality to your health and healing process. And if you counsel others or are working in the wellness space, you may be more drawn to mystical methodologies than previously. This will be an excellent time for those in any of the health and healing professions. Since Jupiter is also responsible for your third house of writing, you may be more drawn to writing about the mystical and magikal for the next year. This influence will be stronger if you are in the main or sub period of Jupiter or Saturn between now and early April 2023. From Pisces, Jupiter also influences the pinnacle of the chart - the tenth house of career and public reputation. There may be opportunities for career expansion over the next twelve months and the ability to build awareness in the community for your work.

Scorpio: Since Pisces is a water sign and your rising sign Scorpio is also a water sign, this influence from Jupiter over the next twelve months will be strong, flowing and harmonious! This is a very period, particularly so if you enjoy gardening or other creative arts. If you are considering adding to your family, this position will be supportive for having children. Please keep in mind your individual chart and current planetary periods and sub-periods will be an important factor! This transit will also be about learning how to have fun and expanding consciousness in the process. If you do not already have a tarot deck or a set of runes or other mystical personal development tools, now is the time! And if you do have these tools on hand you may want to look for something new that calls to you right now. This experience can be especially magikal and mystical because of the influence to Jupiter in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra. And if you are in the main or sub periods of Jupiter and/or Saturn this influence will be double so.

Sagittarius: Lucky you! Your chart ruler Jupiter is in it’s own domain for the next twelve months and in the angular fourth house. This could be an outstanding time to remodel and expand the home or purchase something larger? Maybe you have had your eye on a new car or land parcel for a new home? Any of these options are supported with this transit of Jupiter through Pisces. That said, your individual chart will be an important factor in the equation, so be sure to consult with a professional astrologer if you are unsure. The influence of Jupiter will be felt even stronger if you are in the main or sub periods of Jupiter or Saturn, now through April 2023. Your happiness quotient will also increase this year, since Jupiter in the fourth house also supports a more joyful, spiritual and expansive experience.

Capricorn: During the year ahead, Jupiter will be encouraging communication of all kinds. If you are a writer, or working in a field like public relations where written communication is key, this influence will be tremendous for you! You may want to get a pair of roller skates too, since this part of the birth chart is associated with short distance travels. Think local neighborhood and city. This is also a time to connect or re-connect with your best friends, neighbors and younger sisters or brothers. If you are in the main or sub periods of Jupiter or Saturn, these matters will be more influential.

Aquarius: Jupiter is your money planet. It rules your second house of accumulated wealth, assets and savings. While Jupiter is in Pisces over the next year, it would be a great time to consider your savings plans and tap into the expansive nature of Jupiter to increase your savings balance. The second house is also connected to the face, which includes the teeth and gums, so if you are considering any cosmetic treatments or procedures, this could be a good period to get them done. Please always consider your individual chart though, since there can be other important influences to consider.

Pisces: For the first time in 12 years, Jupiter has finally come home to Pisces! The next twelve months is an important time for Pisces rising and such a special time to not squander it. Especially since this influence of Jupiter in Pisces won’t come around again until April 2034. This is an outstanding time time to work on YOU! Jupiter is your all important chart ruler and the next twelve months will be all about you and will set the stage for your personal development for the next twelve year cycle of Jupiter. Creativity, higher learning, spirituality, foreign travel may all be on the table for you over the next twelve months.

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