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June 17 🌑 New Moon Journey in Mrigashira Nakshatra 💫

On June 17 at 9:37pm PT, the New Moon takes center stage, creating a harmonious alignment with down-to-earth Saturn and a challenging square with nebulous Neptune.

At the same time, the new Moon graces the nurturing realm of Mrigashira Nakshatra within the sidereal sign of Gemini. As these planets align in the vastness of the Milky Way, they create distinctive energy patterns that shape and influence our experiences in unique ways.

In this blog post, I hope to guide you and help you navigate the new Moon in June with a sense of awareness, making the most of opportunities and challenges.

So, let's get ready to bask in the glow of the New Moon and dance our way through June's journey through Mrigashira Nakshatra!


Gemini's New Moon: A Dance of Intuition and Reality

This month, we eagerly anticipate the New Moon on June 17 at 9:37pm PT.

Nestled in sidereal Gemini, this lunar phase promises an influx of mental agility and communicative potential. However, with a very close square to Neptune, we might find ourselves in a haze of heightened intuition or clouded understanding. Thankfully, Saturn's supportive trine to the Sun and New Moon brings us down to earth, urging us towards realistic goals and steady progress.

Although, mystical Neptune is exerting pressure, potentially leading us into its nebulous clouds of confusion in certain areas of our lives. Neptune's dreamy influence can also spark unbounded creativity. On the other hand, Saturn offers a counterbalance, maintaining a grounding beat. This encourages discipline, helps us structure our lives, and keeps us anchored.


Personal Pathways: Your June New Moon Forecast by Rising Sign

As we probe more deeply into the distinct energy patterns of the upcoming New Moon, let's explore how its alignment with Neptune and Saturn, set against the backdrop of the nurturing Mrigashira Nakshatra, might influence each of the twelve rising signs in unique ways.

Unsure of your Vedic sidereal rising sign? Note that it may vary from your Western tropical rising sign. Explore your unique celestial blueprint with my ,free Vedic chart calculator

Aries Rising: The New Moon activates your third house, emphasizing communication and learning. With the influence of Mrigashira nakshatra, it's an excellent time to explore new subjects, initiate creative projects, and enhance your communication skills. The square to Neptune and trine from Saturn encourages you to balance your idealism with practicality for successful new beginnings.

Taurus Rising: The New Moon energizes your second house, focusing on values and self-worth, finances, and material resources. Mrigashira nakshatra enhances your resourcefulness and encourages you to manifest abundance. Be cautious of illusions or unrealistic expectations regarding finances and ensure you have set plans in place for a practical approach to new beginnings.

Gemini Rising: The New Moon illuminates your first house, enhancing your self-expression and personal identity. With Mrigashira nakshatra, you're encouraged to embrace self-discovery and present yourself authentically to the world. The square to Neptune urges you to maintain clarity and avoid getting lost in fantasies as you embark on new endeavors. Saturn will ensure that you stay grounded.

Cancer Rising: The New Moon activates your twelfth house, emphasizing spiritual growth, introspection, and release. Mrigashira nakshatra supports your inner exploration and encourages you to seek solitude for new beginnings. Be mindful of self-deception or escapism tendencies under the square to Neptune and utilize the practical influence of Saturn to focus on slow and steady growth for spiritual objectives.

Leo Rising: The New Moon energizes your eleventh house, emphasizing social connections, aspirations, and friendships. With Mrigashira nakshatra, you're encouraged to expand your social and business networks and pursue your financial objectives. The square to Neptune reminds you to be discerning in choosing friends and align your aspirations with the sensible and realistic energies of Saturn for successful new beginnings.

Virgo Rising: The New Moon illuminates your tenth house, highlighting career, reputation, and public image. Mrigashira nakshatra enhances your ambition and professional endeavors. The square to Neptune cautions against disillusionment or unrealistic expectations in your career path. Saturn’s gaze supports setting achievable goals for new beginnings in your profession and public reputation.

Libra Rising: The New Moon activates your ninth house, emphasizing higher knowledge, spirituality, and exploration. With Mrigashira nakshatra, you're encouraged to expand your horizons and seek wisdom. The square to Neptune calls for discernment in matters of belief systems and travel plans. Stay grounded by honoring the practical influence of Saturn to the new Moon yet remain open-minded for successful new beginnings in these areas of life.

Scorpio Rising: The New Moon energizes your eighth house, highlighting transformation, shared resources, and intimacy. Mrigashira nakshatra supports deep introspection and inner growth. The square to Neptune cautions against deception or unrealistic expectations in joint financial or emotional matters. Prioritize honesty and slow but steady and realistic goals for new beginnings.

Sagittarius Rising: The New Moon illuminates your seventh house, emphasizing partnerships, relationships, and collaborations. With Mrigashira nakshatra, you're encouraged to seek harmony and understanding in your interactions. The square to Neptune reminds you to be realistic and Saturn’s harmonious trine suggests setting realistic expectations in relationships for successful new beginnings.

Capricorn Rising: The New Moon activates your sixth house, emphasizing work, health, and daily routines. Mrigashira nakshatra supports disciplined efforts and self-improvement. The square to Neptune cautions against overworking or neglecting your well-being. Prioritize balance and practicality in your routines for successful new beginnings to honor the harmonious influence of Saturn to the new Moon energies.

Aquarius Rising: The New Moon energizes your fifth house, highlighting creativity, romance, and self-expression. Neptune could stir up unrealistic expectations in love or creativity, but Mrigashira Nakshatra encourages an exploratory approach. Saturn's grounding trine brings balance between the whimsical and the practical.

Pisces: The New Moon illuminates your fourth house, highlighting matters of home and inner personal life. Under Neptune's influence, boundaries may seem to blur, potentially causing a sense of uncertainty. Yet, with Mrigashira Nakshatra's nurturing energy, there's potential for healing and growth. Guided by Saturn's practical and grounding trine, you are encouraged to bring structure and stability to these sensitive areas, fostering a secure and stable domestic space.


The Guiding Deer: Embracing Mrigashira’ s Journey

The New Moon graces the Mrigashira Nakshatra, a Lunar Mansion that can guide our endeavors for the month ahead.

Symbolized by a deer's head, Mrigashira embodies the gentle curiosity and tenacity of a deer. Guided by Chandra, the Moon God, it illuminates our path towards fulfillment and contentment. This New Moon occurs in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Mrigashira, which is associated with curiosity, exploration, and knowledge-seeking. It's a supportive period for intellectual pursuits, research, and learning. Let the energy of Mrigashira nakshatra inspire you to seek new paths and expand your horizons.

Unveiling Mrigashira's Essence: The Star of Searching

  • Deity: Chandra (or Soma) the Moon God

  • Symbol: Head of a Deer

  • Shakti: The Power to Give Fulfillment

  • Quality: Soft, Gentle

Harness the power of Mrigashira Nakshatra to fuel your June endeavors.

Supportive Energies of Mrigashira Nakshatra:

  • Intellectual pursuits, knowledge-seeking, and furthering education.

  • Exploration, initiation of new paths, and embracing unknown territories.

  • Considering or executing a move to a new location.

  • Artistic expressions and creative endeavors.

  • Nurturing, healing practices, and activities related to health and revitalization.

  • Gardening or tending to your natural surroundings.

  • Advertising, promoting, or communicating new ideas or products.

  • Spiritual initiations and deepening spiritual practices.

Under the New Moon's gentle light, tap into these potent energies to invigorate your month and manifest your desires.


Navigating the Cosmos: Tools for Your Journey

Best time for new beginnings:

June 17, after 9:37pm PT until June 18, 5:30am

Best time for endings:

June 17, before 9:37pm PT

Remember, in the dance of the cosmos, adaptability and understanding are your best guides.

Stay tuned for my next newsletter (Newsletter subscribe), where we'll continue our celestial exploration, as we dive into the cosmic choreography of July!

Until then, keep dancing with the stars!


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