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🌺 Embracing the Mother Goddess: July 5 🌙 New Moon in Punarvasu

The New Moon on Friday, July 5, takes place within Punarvasu nakshatra presided over by the mother goddess, Aditi.

The new Moon is positioned directly between the shining twin stars, Castor and Pollux, in sidereal Gemini.

The new Moon phase is a window in time when our minds are open to new possibilities. We are more receptive to ideas and perspectives other than our own. This new Moon is in Punarvasu nakshatra is particularly supportive for new beginnings. Especially related to all things Mercurial: communication, learning, and higher intellectual and spiritual pursuits.

Read on for all of the important details.

Keep looking up!



Lunar Lowdown: A Breath of Fresh Air, Grounded by Saturn's Wisdom

New Moon in Sidereal Gemini: A Deeper Look

This airy New Moon in Punarvasu Nakshatra is a powerful divine feminine new Moon!

Date & Time: July 5, 2024 ( 3:57PM PT)

Degree: 20°11' Sidereal Gemini

Major Aspects: Saturn (Trine)

Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is the most flexible of the nine traditional planets, embraces change and adaptability while encouraging us to get creative!

Saturn's harmonious aspect from sidereal Aquarius to this New Moon brings in stable and disciplined planetary energy. Saturn requires us to approach new opportunities with responsibility and a long-term plan. Be sure to plan for slow but steady growth! Build strong foundations for new projects that are both sustainable, and with details that are well thought out and executed with care.

Welcome the winds of change the new Moon brings in the airy sign of Gemini, and let yourself be carried away by exploration while remaining grounded with Saturn's guidance.

As we navigate this powerful New Moon energy, let's take a closer look at the significance of Punarvasu Nakshatra and its influence on our new Moon journey of nurturing.


Renewal and Rebirth with the New Moon in Punarvasu

The New Moon in Punarvasu Nakshatra, connects to regeneration and renewal. Punarvasu is presided over by Aditi, the Cosmic Mother.

Punarvasu, the Star of Renewal is a movable, light and swift nakshatra.

Symbols of Transformation: Embracing Renewal with the New Moon in Punarvasu

Solar Influence: Aditi is known as the mother of the the Sun god, Surya. The Sun, being the King of the Planets, represents our soul, confidence, leadership and our life force. It serves as a touchstone during this new Moon. While in Punarvasu nakshatra, the Sun's energy is in sync with the fiery energy of the first phase of the new Moon (pratipada tithi) supporting renewal and regeneration. Welcome the support of mother goddess Aditi and the new Moon to renew your spirit, align with your purpose, and step into a brighter future!

The Lotus: The symbol of the lotus signifies the element of renewal and resilience within Punarvasu nakshatra. Just like the lotus emerges and blossoms from muddy waters, the energy within Punarvasu motivates us to gather our inner strength and spiritual wisdom and reach toward the Sun to our highest potential.

The lotus is not trying to escape the mud, rather the beauty of its penultimate expression as the flower is directly dependent on its gestation in the nutrient-rich firmament of the mud.  For once it blooms, it goes to seed and those seeds drop into the mud in order to fertilize for another cycle of maturation.  Where does the lotus experience comfort and where does the lotus experience growth? - Yoli Maya Yeh, Sacred Cosmology ~ Substack

The Swan: Swans are often associated with grace and purity. In Vedic symbolism, they represent the soul's ability to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of life with elegance and poise. The new Moon under the guidance of Aditi and the symbolism of the swan, we are reminded to move through life with grace, embracing transformation with an open heart.

The Bow and Arrow: The bow and arrow represent a tool for attaining higher truth or spiritual knowledge. Drawing the bow and releasing the arrow can mimic the focused effort and the drive that is required to achieve enlightenment. Think of the arrow as the seeker, and the bow as the force that propels us toward enlightenment. The arc of the arrow's flight - rising and then returning to earth, is a metaphor for the rise towards spiritual heights and the eventual integration of insights in practical life. This symbolism aligns with the meaning of Punarvasu, whose name can be interpreted as 'return of the light' or renewal.

Ways to Connect with the Fresh Energy of the New Moon in Punarvasu Nakshatra

Ways to Connect with the Fresh Energy of the New Moon in Punarvasu Nakshatra

  • Embrace Renewal and Growth: Set intentions, let go of the past, and welcome new beginnings. This nakshatra supports fresh starts and the rebirth of ideas.

  • Nurture Connections: Connect with loved ones and cultivate meaningful relationships.

  • Express Your Creativity and Give Back: Engage in activities that inspire you and give back to others.

  • Expand Your Knowledge: Find a new area of study or pick up a book on an unfamiliar topic. Punarvasu supports learning and intellectual pursuits, helping you grow.

  • Ground Yourself in Nature and Take Action: Spend time outdoors and take practical steps towards your goals.

By focusing on these key areas during the new Moon, you can harness the transformative energy of Punarvasu to create positive change in your life.


Ascendant Advisory: Navigating the Lunar Impact

Make note of the house that Moon rules in your birth chart and the house in which the new Moon occurs. This will provide clues as to which areas of life the new Moon may most significantly influence.


Remember, these forecasts are based on your Vedic rising sign, not your Sun sign or tropical/western Sun sign! Make sure to calculate your Vedic Birth Chart for the most accurate insights.


Here's where the new Moon will occur for each rising sign along with some common house significations for Vedic astrology:


Gemini - 1st house (Lagna): self, physical body, appearance - this is your only new Moon during 2024! Pay close attention!

Cancer - 12th house: expenses, losses, foreign lands

Leo - 11th house: income, gains, social networks and casual friendships

Virgo - 10th house: career, status, reputation

Libra - 9th house: father, spirituality, luck

Scorpio - 8th house: joint finances, longevity, occult, transformation

Sagittarius - 7th house: spouse, partnerships, business and personal

Capricorn - 6th house: health, enemies, debts

Aquarius - 5th house: children, creativity, intellect

Pisces - 4th house: mother, home, education

Aries - 3rd house: younger siblings, courage, communication

Taurus - 2nd house: family, wealth, speech


This curated selection of rising sign forecasts offers focused guidance based on the current moon phase. Understand how the celestial energies might influence you, even if your sign isn't covered every time. (Remember, individual charts can always shift the influence!)


  • Cancer Rising: Dive deep into spiritual practices and self-reflection. Embrace your intuition and pay close attention to your dreams the day before and the day of the new Moon. Saturn's aspect to the new Moon casts a sense of practicality to your inner journey, helping you explore hidden aspects of yourself with patience and care. Focus on nurturing your emotional well-being and creating a sanctuary for your soul.

  • Gemini Rising:  This is a time of personal renewal and self-discovery. Focus on your goals and aspirations, and take practical steps towards manifesting your objectives. Saturn's supportive trine helps you focus on new opportunities for growth and transformation with commitment and perseverance. Use this powerful and rejuvenative new Moon energy to build a solid foundation for your financial and spiritual future. This is a fabulous new Moon for new beginnings and your only new Moon in 2024, Gemini!

  • Libra Rising: Expand your horizons through higher learning, travel, and spiritual exploration. Embrace your creative side, although be sure to express yourself authentically. Saturn's influence encourages you to cultivate meaningful connections and nurture your relationships with a sense of maturity and stability. Focus on long-term growth and deepening your understanding of the world around you. Your opportunities for career growth will also be influenced by your spiritual development under the influence of this new Moon energy.

  • Aquarius Rising: Channel your creative energy into practical projects and pursuits. Saturn's aspect helps you focus on self-care and nurturing your inner child with a disciplined approach. Use this time to lay the groundwork for lasting happiness and personal fulfillment. Examining committed personal and romantic relationships in respect to everyday life experiences is also encouraged by this new Moon.

Set your intentions with the lunar cycle: 

For the New Moon, plant the seeds of your desires and goals once the Moon begins to wax.


Embrace the ebb and flow of the Moon's energy, trusting in the process of letting go and welcoming new beginnings. Allow the transformative power of the lunar cycle to guide your journey of personal growth and self-discovery.!   


Vedic Wisdom Spotlight: Mark Your Calendars - Guru Poornima July 20-21

Guru Poornima ( गुरु पूर्णिमा) July 20-21, 2024: Honoring the Guru Within

This is a heads up for a very important day in July!

Celebrate Guru Poornima during the upcoming July full Moon. This is a sacred time to honor our teachers and mentors.


Key Details:  Begins July 20th at 5:29am PT and ends July 21st at 3:16am PT


This auspicious occasion invites us to:

  • Express gratitude for wisdom and guidance received

  • Reflect on teachings that have illuminated our paths

  • Recognize the guru within ourselves   Show gratitude to mentors in our lives (human, plant, or animal)  

  • Nurture our inner wisdom


Don't miss the chance to create a personalized and significant ritual. Remember to save the date for mid-July. Either subscribe now or set a reminder to check my blog for guidance on rituals and mantras for Guru Poornima.

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