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Be Prepared: July 16 Lunar Eclipse

During the actual eclipse and one to two days before and after, avoid if possible:

▪ Beginning important new projects

▪ Making a large purchase like a house or a car, or moving into a home, etc...

▪ Starting a new business

▪ Entering into a partnership agreement

If you already have something important planned, such as a surgery, do not worry! One of my teachers often said "It is never the wrong time to do the right thing!" Just be very careful about details, especially when dealing with legally binding contracts or agreements. Ask questions about anything that is unclear before signing! See exact times for the eclipse at the end of this article.

And keep in mind Mercury is retrograde through the end of July, too! You can read your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope here: and check out my series on retrograde planets and how they are viewed through the lens of Vedic astrology.

Lunar Eclipse Forecasts by Rising Sign

Your Lunar eclipse forecast by rising sign is here:

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: What to Expect

The intense energy surrounding an eclipse may be felt as early as a week prior to the event. I am sending this article sooner than I usually would, so that you will have all the details about this important astrological event well in advance.

The Lunar eclipse occurs at 29:56 sidereal Sagittarius, the Moon will change signs (and nakshatra padas) less than 10 minutes after the eclipse! There could be some dramatic world events occurring shortly after the eclipse.

Keep in mind the key words below for the zodiac sign, Sagittarius, as you read the rest of this article. Regardless of your rising sign, Sun or Moon signs, the central meanings of Sagittarius can come into play during this eclipse.

Keywords associated with the sign Sagittarius:

* Philosophy/Religion

* Dharma * Father * Teachers * Foreign Lands * Law * Luck and fortune * Higher Education

As with the previous eclipse, there is still a mash-up of planetary energy in the sign where the eclipse is occurring and in Gemini, the sign opposite. Venus Sun, and Rahu are in Gemini and Moon, Saturn, Pluto and Ketu are opposing in Sagittarius.

Moon with almost all of the malefic planets involved in the eclipse can create a very emotionally turbulent time for all.

Love-loving Venus will oppose Saturn and conjunct Rahu almost immediately after the eclipse. Taurus and Libra rising friends make note! There are some strong forces at work regarding desires and relationships just after the eclipse.

Anyone with key planets (Sun, Moon or chart ruler) in 25-30 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or any of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) OR those who are in the planetary period or any sub-period of Sun or Moon can feel this eclipse more intensely! Particularly those with Moon in Uttara Ashadha nakshatras!

Lunar Eclipse in Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: What's it Good For?

Ardra : The Universal Star Symbol: Elephants Tusk Quality: Fixed Deity: Vishvedevas Energy: The shakti/power of unstoppable victory VD Planetary Ruler: Sun

Uttara Ashadha nakshatra energy usually supports the following activities, HOWEVER, since the Moon is being eclipsed in this nakshatra, I would go so far as to say this eclipse is particularly un-supportive for the following activities:

▪ Launching new products

▪ Marriage

▪ Digging Foundations for Buildings

▪ Legal Matters

▪ Signing Contracts

▪ Important Business Matters

▪ Moving into a new house

▪ Dealing with government or authority

▪ Planning new objectives

Additionally it would be extremely unwise to behave in an unethical manner since this nakshatra and the sign of Sagittarius is connected ethics!

Lunar Eclipse Intention Setting
I have integrity, and with each situation I will ask myself if my actions are aligned with my ethics.
I will lead by example, and will do the right thing regardless of whether anyone else is present or not.

Lunar Eclipse Ritual Timing

The Lunar Eclipse occurs on July 16 at 1:01:43 pm PDT, until July 16 at 3:59:39 pm PDT. The eclipse is partly visible from Australia, Southern Asia, Africa (they will are in the eclipse path at its peak) and South America.

Anytime during the eclipse, chant a mantra, meditate, write or say affirmations. Whatever is aligned to your highest good. Once the eclipse is over, clear your space, cleanse or remove whatever no longer serves you, others and the highest good of the planet.

PS - I chose this photo because I really liked it, but realized after I put it into this article that the clock time was 1pm -- and the eclipse begins at 1:01pm.



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