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♀️Venus Retrograde:💫 Engaging with the Powerful Dynamics of Magha and Ashlesha Nakshatras

Venus Retrograde (7/22 – 9/3): Venus retrograde is an introspective time for re-evaluating our romantic relationships, creative projects, values, and experiences that bring us pleasure and joy.

The retrograde movement of Venus can bring unresolved issues into consciousness, offering an opportunity for closure or deeper understanding, especially as it relates to the area of the birth chart that Venus is retrograde. Be sure to read your Venus retrograde forecast for your rising sign in this article.


Venus Retrograde in Magha Nakshatra: A Royal Review of Relationships and Values

July 22 - August 7: Venus retrograde in Magha nakshatra adds another layer of complexity.

Leo, ruled by the King of the planets, Sun, and signifies self-expression, leadership, and pride. Magha, on the other hand, is symbolized by a royal throne and carries associations with nobility, authority, and respect.

Venus retrograde in Magha encourages us to review how we express love and value in our relationships – are we engaged with a sense of dignity and pride? This is a time to ponder on our personal "royalty", our unique gifts, and how we utilize them in our relationships. It also invites us to reflect on how we gain respect and authority in our personal and social lives.

The retrograde may expose areas where our pride or ego may have interfered with our ability to connect authentically with others. Past relationships or issues tied to power dynamics might resurface for resolution. However, Magha also offers the potential for significant growth. By bravely facing these revelations, we can emerge with a stronger, more mature understanding of our personal worth and how we share that value with others.

Venus retrograde in Magha Nakshatra is a cosmic invitation to review and reassess our relationships and personal values from a place of self-respect, dignity, and personal authority. It asks us to balance our own needs for recognition and respect with our desire for connection and shared joy.

Pay close attention to when Venus is direct n Magha nakshatra from October 1, 2023 to October 15, 2023. Implement important changes related to the houses Venus rules in your chart once Venus is direct in Magha nakshatra.


Embrace the Serpent's Wisdom: Venus Retrograde in Ashlesha Nakshatra

August 7 - September 4: Venus retrograde in Ashlesha Nakshatra offers a particularly deep and transformative energy.

Ashlesha, often referred to as the "clinging star," is known for its intense and penetrating nature. It's associated with the coiled serpentine energy, suggesting themes of healing, transformation, and awakening. Its deity is a Sarpa or Naga, which are the deities of wisdom associated with Naga Loka or the Underworld. Venus, or Shukra, is revered as the guru or teacher of the Asuras and the Nagas (serpents). As the preceptor of the Nagas, Venus is associated with the ability to guide us through the darkness, bringing wisdom and light to hidden or obscured areas of life.

In the context of a Venus retrograde period in Ashlesha, a Nakshatra symbolized by the serpent, this could highlight a period of deep spiritual and emotional learning. With Venus's guidance, this is a time for unearthing hidden wisdom, exploring our depths, and potentially undergoing significant transformations, especially in areas related to love, relationships, and personal values. It's a time to heed the teachings of the cosmic guru and embrace the changes and lessons that come our way.

Venus, as the planet of love, beauty, and values, when in retrograde in Ashlesha, tends to bring these themes into focus but in an introspective way. This can be a period of reassessing our relationships, values, and what we find beautiful and comforting. It can also stir deep-seated issues needing healing or transformation.

With Ashlesha's serpentine energy, this period could provide opportunities to shed old skin in these areas, much like a snake shedding its skin for renewal. This may be an intense process but has the potential to bring profound healing and transformation in relationships and value systems.

In addition, Ashlesha is also known for its wisdom and cunning and is a rajasic planet. Venus retrograde in this Nakshatra might trigger a process of seeing through illusions in relationships or realigning with a deeper sense of truth in relation to personal values and desires.

Mark your calendar for Venus moving in direct motion in Ashlesha nakshatra from September 4 to September 31 Implement any changes during this time.


Venus Retrograde Forecast by Rising Sign

Remember, these are general interpretations. The specific implications of Venus retrograde can vary widely based on your individual chart and personal planetary periods.

Need to calculate your sidereal Vedic birth chart (it is calculated differently than your tropical Western astrology chart)? Free Vedic chart calculator

Aries: Venus retrograde in your 5th house of romance and creativity may cause you to reassess your personal relationships, particularly romantic ones, or any creative projects. Additionally, as Venus rules your 2nd and 7th houses, issues related to finances and partnerships could surface, asking for your attention and revision.

Taurus: As Venus, your ruling planet, goes retrograde in your 4th house of home and family, you might find yourself reevaluating your living space or dealing with real estate matters. As Venus also governs your rising sign, self-image and personal values could be highlighted during this period. As your sixth house ruler, work, service and daily routines may be up for a review. This is a great time to clean and clear your living space.

Gemini: The retrograde in your 3rd house brings focus to your communication, learning, and relationships with siblings. Venus, ruling your 5th and 12th houses, can encourage a review of your creative pursuits, romantic relationships, or issues from the past that need healing and closure. Long hidden issues from deep within the unconscious mind may arise at this time.

Cancer: Venus retrograde in your 2nd house prompts a reevaluation of your values and finances. As Venus rules your 4th and 11th houses, issues concerning your home, family, and friendships or long-term goals might be brought to the forefront. How does your income from your work or career impact your values and savings? Set new goals and put them into action once Venus is direct.

Leo: The retrograde occurring in your 1st house asks for self-reflection, especially regarding your personal identity and outward presentation. Venus, ruling your 3rd and 10th houses, can prompt a rethinking of your communication, learning, career, or public image. How important is your image as it relates to your career?

Virgo: Venus retrograde in your 12th house may bring unresolved issues or past relationships to the surface for healing. As Venus governs your 2nd and 9th houses, there could be a reassessment of your values, resources, personal philosophy, or plans for higher learning or travel.

Libra: With Venus, your ruling planet, going retrograde in your 11th house, it's a time to reconsider your friendships and social connections. Venus also oversees your rising sign, so issues around personal values and self-image might emerge during this retrograde. Especially as they relate to how and how much you earn through your career. Are you being undervalued or under compensated?

Scorpio: As Venus goes retrograde in your 10th house, it's time to reevaluate your career and public image. Venus, ruling your 7th and 12th houses, suggests that issues related to partnerships and past matters that need resolution could also be highlighted. If you are involved in business or personal committed partnerships, consider how they may impact your career or public reputation.

Sagittarius: With Venus retrograde in your 9th house, you may be called to reassess your personal beliefs or long-term visions. As Venus rules your 6th and 11th houses, matters related to daily work routines, health, friendships, and societal goals could come up for review. Especially regarding how these matters align with your personal philosophy and spiritual beliefs.

Capricorn: The retrograde in your 8th house prompts a reassessment of shared resources, deep emotional bonds, and transformation. Venus, ruling your 5th and 10th houses, could also bring up themes related to your creative projects, romantic relationships, career, or public image. If you are in a committed relationship, how does your creative expression or your career impact your joint finances?

Aquarius: Venus retrograde in your 7th house highlights issues related to close partnerships (committed business or romantic partners). As Venus rules your 4th and 9th houses, there may be a need to review matters related to your home or your relationship with your mother, your personal philosophy, or long-term travel plans, especially as they relate to your partnerships.

Pisces: Venus retrograde in your 6th house invites you to reassess your daily routines, your work, and your health habits. Given that Venus governs your 3rd and 8th houses, issues related to communication, learning and shared resources. It's a time where health routines can interweave with emotional well-being, and where improving daily communication or revising shared resource arrangements can lead to deeper, more meaningful connections and personal transformation.

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