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The Venus Homecoming Party

Venus has arrived, in Libra that is!

The planet of love, romance, sensuality, artistry and harmony is in its happy place, or its mulatrikona sign for the next month and will be strongest in the first 15 degrees of Libra.

We have had so many difficult astrological influences over the past few months, I want to highlight one of the best transits happening now through December 10, and likely the best for the remainder of the year since we will be headed in to eclipse season end of November. To celebrate I created this Venus altar cloth/crystal grid on soft suede like fabric (see above), which is the appropriately beautiful pattern that Venus makes as it transits through the celestial sky.

Here is a brief forecast for each rising sign (if you do not know your Vedic rising sign you can calculate it for free here).


Venus is in full support of your romantic relationship right now. Although your partner may be working a lot these days, things will lighten up for them in about a week. If you are not in a committed partnership the next month will be a great time to put yourself into the dating pool.


Diplomacy will be your middle name over the next month. Additionally if you have any daily routines you want to get into, now is the time! Work will be a breeze with Venus in airy Libra, although it may feel like you are working more than usual through November 20. After that things will lighten up considerably!


Your good friend Venus emphasizes romantic encounters, your creative capacity and children. Take the next month to flex your creative writing muscle or any other form of creative arts. You will crave artistic beauty and love and want to communicate this beauty of Venus to others.


Sensitive Cancer, this Venus transit will support your deepest personal happiness. And if you are thinking about buying something new for your home or home office, now is the time! Through December 10 you will have this once a year support from Venus in the all important fourth house. Enjoy!


Get out your journal or your paints. Or maybe both. This is fabulous time to write, market or create! Since Venus is also responsible for your career this is generally (remember the individual chart is super important!) a great time for marketing communications if you own your own business or want to promote something special.


Even though the holidays are approaching the next few weeks will be a great time to earn through teaching or if you want to put a new savings plan into place this is the time! Family relationships will be harmonious and balanced through December 10. Venus in the second house is also connected to the face - so a good time to beautify anything associated with the face. Maybe some new makeup or skin care is in the cards for you?


Lucky Libra! Your ruler Venus has finally arrived for the first time since October 2019. Bask in the familiar vibes if Venus and enjoy this time and be sure to enjoy the beauty of all things, and treat yourself to something luxurious, OK!? Especially on Fridays because this is your day of the week to share all things Venus.


Sultry Scorpio, Venus is now in one of your favorite houses…the twelfth house of hidden things, pleasures of the bed (as the ancients say), feet and foreign lands. Definitely take a soothing foot soak with some rose petals or purchase some luxurious new sheets for your bed between now and December 10. I promise you won’t regret it!


The money from work should be rolling in this month! Of course your individual chart will influence this one way or the other, but this is still the time to make hay while the sun is shining, as they say! You may also want to extend your social or career network at this time as well. You will be feeling much more social than usual, and hopefully you can do so safely through online networks etc.


Venus just entered its powerhouse! Woohoo! Lucky Capricorns get to have the support of Venus through the most powerful zone of the horoscope until December 10 - the house of public reputation and career. This will be a particularly good time for those in the arts and creative fields.


Enjoy Venus in support of higher learning, your spiritual path and philosophy as well as good fortune. This transit supports your dharmic path and love of foreign travel. Through December 10, be sure to enroll in a new course of study or create a course of your own to teach.


Transformation through beauty and creativity is up for you now Pisces! Be sure to explore the creative side of this transit as Venus wants to dive deep into the occult sciences and the creative arts. maybe it is time for a beautiful new tarot deck or crystal grid?

Happy Transits!

Be sure to check out the Venus Crystal Grid/Altar cloth and other tools for insight and inspiration in my Moondance Alchemy shop here.


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