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Saturn Retrograde (again): Why Should I Care?

The Karmic Taskmaster, Saturn, has taken a turn backward in sidereal Sagittarius.

This is the final retrograde of Saturn in Sagittarius, on this spin around the wheel, and Saturn will not return to Sagittarius until December, 2046!

This particular retrograde phase of Saturn is very significant. The lessons Saturn has slowly shared with us over the past two years are now up for a review!

Currently what’s in question with this retrograde phase are the Saturn ruled signs, Capricorn and Aquarius, and the areas of life that these two zodiac signs represent in the birth chart. During this retrograde period (see below for dates) Saturn will provide our last opportunity to learn the Karmic lessons that are most valuable for our souls journey in this lifetime.

Saturn will remain retrograde until mid-September. We have some time to get things straightened out, if we have not already done so.

Saturn: What's the Big Deal?

It is super important to really understand the planet Saturn before considering just how his influence and this retrograde phase might be appearing in our life.

A brief brush-up on the key indications of Saturn:

▪ Saturn is depicted as a very tall, senior person who walks with a limp (Saturn does rule the legs!) and may carry a cane.

▪ Saturn is associated with tradition, time, old patterns (and the need to break down areas where we are stuck!) and structure.

▪ Faith during crisis can be called upon during the more challenging Saturn transits.

▪ Saturn is the planet that represents our Karma in this lifetime. He is the servant of the planets, and therefore represents hard work.

▪ Saturn can also signify restrictions - one way to think of Saturn is protection through limitation.

▪ Saturn carries the wind element, wherever he goes he brings Vata (wind) energy. Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo rising may feel this wind influence more strongly than the other rising signs right now. Think; Dry skin, scattered thoughts, anxiety, achy joints and disrupted digestion and elimination may be occurring if the wind element in the body is disrupted during Saturn in Sagittarius the past few years.

Ultimately Saturn wants us to do our duty. Be responsible. Accept our physical and material limitations with humility. Understand and accept that death, decay and dissolution is inevitable.

Consider a consultation with me if you want to deeply understand the key elements of Saturn in your birth chart and this retrograde Saturn movement. How it has the potential to influence your life experience, and the critical life lessons that Saturn is asking you to be responsible for in the five months that Saturn is retrograde.

Remedies for Saturn and Key Dates for Your Calendar

As I write this article, on Saturday, which is Saturn’s day, I want to share with you some simple remedies you can do if you are experiencing difficulties in any of the areas life I described above.

▪ Be sure to wear the colors of Saturn, black or dark blue, on Saturday.

▪ Volunteer at a food bank or food kitchen that feeds the under-served.

▪ Volunteer at a local Senior Center.

▪ Offer black sesame seeds to crows

▪ Rise early, put on your black or dark blue work clothes and do your least favorite chores before anything else. Saturn is the servant, remember!

Mark Your Calendar

Saturn Retrograde: May 23, 2021 to October 10, 2021

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