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New Moon November 14, 2020

Thankfully all planets are direct as of the day prior to the new Moon, November 13. There is also ton of planetary shifts from one sign into the next that will occur just after the new Moon!

Mars goes direct the day before the new Moon, on November 13. Mars indications will be VERY strong over the next few days as it is practically at a standstill.

Moon moves to watery and emotional Scorpio in under two hours after new Moon. ▪ Sun follows Moon into Scorpio the next day on November 15

Mercury oppose Uranus November 15-17 - expect surprising communications at this time.

Jupiter moves into Capricorn on November 20

▪ On November 16 Venus finally leaves Virgo and heads into Libra her own sign - YAY!! Make note my Venus ruled Taurus and Libra rising friends! Enjoy this transit of lovely Venus in Libra through December 10.

Do you know the pattern that Venus makes as it transits through the sky? Well - this is it! It is only fitting that the planet that represents beauty, art, and love would create such a distinctly beautiful pattern!

The new Venus altar cloth/crystal grid arrived just in time in my shop to celebrate Venus in Libra for the next month!

New Moon Energy Forecast

I have to be totally transparent here - this new Moon occurs in a nakshatra that is not the best for new beginnings. Also the Moon is in the final degree of the sign and heading into its debilitation sign, Scorpio almost immediately after the new Moon and the Sun is also Sandhi (in-between signs).

Now would be a great time to reinvest in a current project and clarify your goals for that project, rather than beginning something entirely new. And we are headed into eclipse season at the end of November through mid-December.

New Moon in Vishakha Nakshatra

This excerpt about Vishakha Nakshatra is from my new book Vedic Astrology for Beginners: An Introduction to the Origins and Core Concepts of Jyotish: Deity: Indragni Symbol: Triumphal Archway Shakti: The Power of Achievement and Manifestation Quality: Mixed VD Planetary Period Lord: Jupiter Indra and Agni are a dimorphic pair—a single body with two heads. Vishakha means “the forked shape,” and this is symbolized by the two gods who are joined to one body. These two powerful gods support the shakti of this nakshatra to achieve and manifest, although results may not be experienced right away. Indra, the warrior and king of the gods, can be very indulgent, and he has a love of luxury, pleasure, and egoistic activities. *More on Vishakha nakshatra and the other Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology for Beginners.* Full Moon endings in Vishakha Nakastra is excellent for completing projects, displaying leadership, focusing on goals to achieve one's objectives.

New Moon Intention Setting

You may want to contemplate these questions before intention setting/rituals for this new Moon. ▪ What is my attitude toward goals?

▪ What core beliefs do I hold about my ability to focus on my goals?

▪ How true are these beliefs?

"I now release any core beliefs blocking my ability to achieve my goals. "

Set your intentions during the new Moon phase - see times below!

New Moon Ritual Timing

New Moon Phase (Amavasya) begins November 14 at 00:48 Pacific Time and ends November 14 at 21:06 Pacific Time.

New Moon Horoscopes are posted now on the monthly horoscope page for your sign. Read My New Moon Horoscope Now

Sending out gratitude to everyone for your continued support during these difficult times.

Be well! Pamela

“Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts. Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us, we enter the warrior’s world.” ― Pema Chödrön

You can calculate your Vedic birth chart free on my website here. Check for Moon rising and setting times in your area.


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