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Mercury Retrograde Horoscope by Rising Sign


Please read your rising sign forecast and/or Moon sign forecast. Keep in mind the individual chart, planetary cycles and other transiting planets will also factor significantly into your personal experience!

Aries Your daily drill along with how you communicate may be getting a total overhaul during this Mercury retrograde phase! This is also an excellent period for reviewing any articles or maybe a book that you are in the process of writing. Or if you having been on the fence about taking the plunge into a new project, be sure to go over the details during this retrograde phase. Transforming your daily to-do list and/or healthy habits that you have put into place may be up for re-tooling right now. What is working and what isn't working in these areas of your life? When Mercury goes direct in December, it is time to get your new plans in action!

Taurus Financial assets associated with business or romantic partnerships are under review at this time. If you are not currently in a partnership this can be a time to re-assess your goals now and in the future for this area of your life, with a new relationship or business partnership. It is also time to consider if a casual romance may be up for scrutiny and possibly transforming into something more serious? Contemplate these areas of your life, and once Mercury goes direct prepare to implement your new plans.

Gemini Dear Gemini - this is a very personal retrograde phase for you! Pay close attention to the dates and see how this affects you and how you look at life, in general. Review any health issues that may be of concern and consider options to be initiated once Mercury goes direct in December. The perfect time to start a new program, in the new year! If you are spending time with your mother over the holiday season, be mindful of this time since this period does have the potential to create some friction between you and your mother. Or, if your relationship with your mother is already strained, now is the time to re-evaluate the situation, and figure out what needs to be addressed in early December when Mercury goes direct.

Cancer Pay close attention to your dreams during this Mercury retrograde time! Important messages will be coming into the subconscious mind that need to be dealt with again (remember it is Mercury retrograde!); issues that you thought that you had dealt with completely in the past are coming back around for one more deep dive. An excellent period to re-assess any creative projects, especially related to writing and the esoteric arts! Take a close look and determine what might need to be revised or edited once Mercury is moving forward again in early December.

Leo Money that you are spending or earning on your home is now up for review! Planning an new addition to your home remodel or major remodeling project? Although, it is definitely not the ideal time to embark upon a new project at home, this Mercury retrograde phase is super supportive for exploring the possibilities. Save the remodel for the new year so that you don't have an unplanned re-do once Mercury goes direct. However, it is a good time to revisit a prior decorative project that may have been done previously in your home, that doesn't feel quite right for you now. Particularly in the area of your home office if you are self employed. And if you are considering putting a room or part of your house up for rent, this is a great time for creating ok, but if you can possibly wait to put your plans in place once Mercury goes direct that would be ideal.

Virgo Since Mercury is your chart ruler, this period will have a major influence on you! Your personal outlook on career and communication may be undergoing a significant transformation during this time. Re-examine your goals and objectives around career and what is working for you and what needs to be revised or transformed. This is the ideal time to go inward and gather your determination for the new year and how you plan to communicate your personal and career objectives to others. You may also experience a re-assessment of your relationship with your closest friends or siblings at this time.. Mercury goes direct in December, so hang on until then before making any significant changes!

Libra Thinking about going back to school, taking some continuing education courses, or maybe a tarot or astrology workshop? Possibly an extended holiday to a foreign land? Now is a great time to contemplate these options. Especially relative to how a longer term commitment such as returning to college, taking a more involved course, or an extended out of country stay might impact your long-term financial outlook. If you have any outstanding legal contracts, particularly around financial assets, be sure to read every word carefully and get wise council if needed. If it is realistic, wait to sign in January! Take extra notes around symbols and messages in your dreams or thoughts from your subconscious mind as you are dropping off to sleep...these seeds have the potential to blossom as we approach the new year!

Scorpio Re-thinking your goals around personal transformation and how this connects to your ability to earn $$$ from the work that you do or services you provide to others? Seize the transit, dear Scorpio and contemplate these important issues in your life. Get ready to map your course for the new year ahead! Scorpio, transformation is your specialty, so this transit should be a little slice of heaven for you. It is also an excellent time to consider your larger social circle, and what you want this to look like going forward. Follow your roadmap once Mercury goes direct early December!

Sagittarius Business and personal relationships as well as career are coming up for you during this transit! It is time re-evaluate past business or personal partnerships or possibly re-consider a shift you made recently in your career. What did you learn from your experience? What else do you need to uncover during this time so that you can move forward and not repeat the same lessons you had from previous experiences? You may receive important information from your dream state. Keep a paper and notepad or sticky notes by your bedside and try writing down your dreams upon waking. Save them, and when Mercury goes direct, be sure to have them on hand for reference!

Capricorn Time to reconsider higher education, your relationship with your father or teachers, and possibly any plans you may have for foreign travel in the first quarter of 2019 during this Mercury retrograde period. Also any earnings that you may generate your career or business; take advantage of this time to consider what would be fair compensation for your work. An excellent time to consider changing up your fee structure or raising your rates if you are self employed, since expansive Jupiter is also connecting with Mercury during this retrograde phase. It is also a great time reflect upon positive lifestyle changes and/or joining a group that can support your healthy goals for the year ahead. Or if you are already in a group, consider whether or not this group is the right fit for you now. December 6 marks the time to get your new strategies in place!

Aquarius There is significant trans-formative energy around this Mercury retrograde phase and your career if you are employed with an organization, or if you own your own business. A great time to contemplate changes to the work you are doing and objectives you want to accomplish both short and long term. If you are working in the esoteric arts field; tarot, astrology, etc.. or in the area of research, you may be considering a change during this time. Excellent timing to contemplate, but ideal to wait until Mercury get going forward after December 6 to make any lasting changes.

Pisces Thinking about adding a yoga or meditation room to your home? This Mercury retrograde phase is ideal for this consideration. Best to wait until Mercury goes direct to implement your plans. Your partner may also be undergoing a spiritual transformation at this time! And if you are currently not in a relationship it is the perfect opportunity to contemplate the qualities associated with spirituality, ethics and values, and the goals you want to set in a relationship going forward as it relates to your these important issues. Write them down and when Mercury goes direct in December have another look and plant the manifestation seeds then!

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