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May Astrology Forecast

May is action packed with three planets turning retrograde!

Fortunately Mercury is not going retrograde until June.

However Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde in May. Pluto was the first to go retrograde late April in Capricorn (Uttara Ashadha nakshatra), then:

• Saturn retrograde May 10 @ 7:49 Capricorn (Uttara Ashadha nakshatra) • Venus retrograde May 12 @ 27:42 Taurus (Mrigasira nakshatra) • Jupiter is last to turn retrograde on May 14 @ 3:06 Capricorn (Uttara Ashadha nakshatra).


Your May horoscopes are up for you now on my website, and your new and full Moon forecasts are also clearly labeled within the forecast in bold. Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, rule (in traditional Vedic astrology) six of the twelve zodiac signs!

Simply put half of the houses in every birth chart have the potential to feel the impact of these retrograde planets, especially around the time that they are stationing to go retrograde which is about a day or two prior to the actual dates I noted above.

That said, the earth and planets in your birth chart in the earth trines (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) have the potential to feel this influence more than the others. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all go retrograde within earthly Capricorn and Venus is retrograde in earthly Taurus.

Earth signs represent stability and wealth, community and security. They also represent our crops (Taurus) and the harvest from our crops (Virgo), literally and figuratively and stability, goal oriented and working hard to achieve the top of the mountain in career (Capricorn).

I will have the new and full Moon forecasts posted on your horoscope page by May 6. If you would like crystal grids and tarot cloths for your new and full Moon rituals - you can find them here

This is your May roadmap to the stars and the most important astrological influences for the month. Mark your calendars for these important dates!

For my western astrology friends, please remember I use the sidereal zodiac and the calculations for planetary transits are different than the tropical zodiac calculations.

The influences I am sharing below are part of the monthly horoscopes by sign where relevant and my forecasts are written for non-astrologers and astrologers alike.

All of my astrologer friends, enjoy the bullet points with key influences.

Non-astrologers you may want to skip this and hop on over to your horoscope for April where I will break it down in plain language!

May is filled with some major planetary movements and combinations!Something major happening almost every day.

Key Transit highlights and dates to mark on your calendars:

• May 3-22 Venus square Neptune • May 4 Mars ingress Aquarius • May 5 Mercury combust (conjunct) Sun • May 7 Full Moon in Vishaka • May 8 Mercury ingress Taurus • May 8-9 Pluto trine Mercury • May 10 Jupiter trine Mercury • May 9 –11 Mars square Mercury • May 9 -12 Jupiter trine Mercury • May 11-13 Saturn trine Mercury • May 13-15 Rahu trine Mars • May 14 Sun ingress Taurus • May 13-15 Rahu aspects Mars • May 14-15 Pluto trine Sun • May 12 Venus retrograde • May 20-22 Neptune square Mercury • May 21-22 Venus/Mercury graha yuddha (planetary war, conjunction) • May 22 New Moon in Krittika • May 24 Mercury ingress Gemini ( own sign!)

Aspects: * Saturn is in Capricorn, and aspects to Pisces and Libra through the end of 2022. * Jupiter is in Capricorn and aspects to Taurus, Cancer and Virgo until June 29, 2020 when it retrogrades back into Sagittarius * Rahu is in Gemini and aspects to Libra and Aquarius through September 22, 2020.

• Don’t forget to read your Saturn in Capricorn forecast if you have not already! This is a huge shift and will impact everyone through 2022.

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