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May 2019 New Moon: Energy Forecast

New Moon in fiery, and action-packed Aries!

Aries rising friends, this is your one chance during 2019 to tap into this fiery and action-packed Aries new Moon energy.

Creating an even more unique circumstance, is the new Moon in Bharani!

May 2016 was the last time we had a new Moon in the lunar mansion of Bharani, and we won't have another new Moon in Bharani until 2022!!!

For all rising signs, new beginnings and endings are extremely well supported since the nakshatra involved is Bharani!

And if you have planets in any of the fire signs, particularly around the 20 degree range of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, OR if your Sun, Moon or rising sign is in a fire sign (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius), this will be a super important new Moon for you!

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) may feel more tension and the desire for change around this new Moon than others. However, this new Moon in Aries will represent a specific area of life for ALL rising signs!

For important details specific to each rising sign, check out the new Moon horoscope for your rising sign after you read this article!

Regardless of your rising sign, there will be an underlying energy to this new Moon associated both with endings and new beginnings.

Bharani : The Star of Restraint Symbol: The Womb Animal Symbol: Male Elephant Deity: Yama Energy: The shakti (power) to cleanse and move forward

This is the first new Moon in Bharani since 2018! There will not be another new Moon in Bharani until 2022! Be sure harness this powerful and cleansing Bharani new Moon energy!

This is an excellent new Moon for setting intentions to break any bad habit, and starting a new cleansing routine.

The lunar mansion of Bharani imparts a fierce energy to this new Moon phase. This is the technical description for the quality of energy of Bharani. Think of it as a good time for high energy tasks, breaking through problems or barriers, pushing your personal limits and utilizing tremendous focus. Finish those undesirable and unfinished tasks on this Bharani new Moon phase (times in last section below)!

Bharani supports any work related to children (like midwifery, having a child, fertility, etc..). Anything associated with cleansing, transformation, rebirth or death - such as funerals and estate planning. Actions associated with sexuality, creativity or entertainment are also supported for this new Moon in Bharani.

Bharani nakshatra energy is also supportive for:

▪ Endings ▪ Beginnings ▪ Creativity ▪ Bold Actions! ▪ Spiritual Practice ▪ Transformation ▪ Fire rituals

"I am mentally, physically and spiritually ready for this transformation! The universe fully supports me in my intentions and efforts for change." ~ Pamela

Connect to the fierce and determined new Moon energy in Aries and Bharani nakshatra!

Serious Saturn and spiritual Ketu are in supportive roles for realistic expectations, spiritually based objectives, commitment and attention to detail for this months new Moon! And Jupiter is in the mix, nudging us to stay expansive at the same time!

Be sure to set your intentions during these times:

▪ 5/3/19 @ 2:34pm PDT: Full Moon Phase begins.

▪ 5/4/19 @3:44pm PDT: Full Moon Phase ends.

▪ The full Moon at its peak occurs at 20:03 sidereal Aries.

Black Moonstone crystals are fabulous for energizing new Moon intentions!

Set your intentions during the new Moon and complete all unfinished business during the new Moon phase. Endings good from 5/3 2:34pm PDT until 5/4 3:44pm PDT.

Take action for new beginnings after the Moon begins to wax! This will insure the potential for long term success and growth.

Once the Moon has turned from new (Amavasya) to the first waxing phase (pratipada) then you can put your plans into motion.

Best times for new beginnings are: 5/4/19 3:45pm PDT through 3:50am PDT 5/5/19.

Happy new Moon day!

Don't forget to read your new Moon horoscope here.

PS - Be sure to check back in a few days on my blog or sign up to get notified for my article on when the most auspicious energy and astrological day of 2019 is in May!

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