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Total Lunar Eclipse May 15: Full Blood Moon in Vishakha Nakshatra

May 15 Total Lunar Eclipse this Sunday: Top 5 Things You Need to Know!

1. If you have planets in any of the water signs, particularly around the 0-7 degree range of Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer -- OR if your rising sign is in 0-7 degrees of Aries, Leo or Aquarius, this will be a super charged full Moon eclipse for you!

2. Saturn is closely square the eclipse. This is definitely not the time to begin something new. Saturn is saying, "wait, hold on there!". And eclipse periods are also not supportive for new beginnings. If you are in the main or sub-period of Saturn this energy will be prominent.

3. This total Lunar Blood Moon eclipse will be visible in many countries in total phase from portions of the Americas, Antarctica,

Europe, Africa and the east Pacific. The eclipse begins as far east as the eastern border of Ukraine and will move all the way west to the western US and Canada.

4. The Moon is at its fullest at 9:14pm PT, but the visible eclipse period in the Pacific Time zone is from 8:29-11:50 p.m. PDT on Sunday May 15, 2022 (peak totality at 9:11 p.m.).

5. Eclipse energies are intense and are supportive for spiritual practice, and not much else! You can read my article here which has everything you need to know about eclipses.

Total Lunar Eclipse Forecast by Rising Sign If you know your rising sign you can learn where this Lunar Eclipse Moon energy will be most active.

If you do not know your rising sign you can get it for free on my site here.

Aries: Transformation, partners assets, inheritance, longevity Taurus: Committed partnerships (personal and business) Gemini: Work, service, daily routine, habits Cancer: Children, creativity, fun and games, speculation Leo: Home, happiness, mother, land and vehicles Virgo: Short distance travels, courage, communication, siblings Libra: Family, savings, speech Scorpio: Self, perspective, health Sagittarius: Subconscious, dreams, foreign lands, meditation, sleep, feet Capricorn: Earnings from work, social and career networking, older siblings Aquarius: Career, public reputation Pisces: Spirituality, philosophy, dharma, foreign travels

Total Lunar Eclipse in Vishakha Nakshatra


Deity: Indragni

Star(s): Alpha Librae, Beta Librae, Gamma Librae, and Iota Librae

Symbol: Triumphal Archway

Shakti: The Power of Achievement and Manifestation

Quality: Mixed

VD Planetary Period Lord: Jupiter

From my book, "Vedic Astrology for Beginners: An Introduction to the Core Concepts of Jyotish

Indra and Agni are a dimorphic pair—a single body with two heads. Vishakha means “the forked shape,” and this is symbolized by the two gods who are joined to one body. These two powerful gods support the shakti of this nakshatra to achieve and manifest, although results may not be experienced right away.

Indra, the warrior and king of the gods, can be very indulgent, and he has a love of luxury, pleasure, and egoistic activities. Indra must control the indriyas, or senses, and spiritual facul-ties first. Agni is the god of fire, represents a strong spiritual nature, and has a connection to fire sacrifices, mantras, purification, and rituals. Agni wanted to restore his strength by burning the entire Khandava forest, and it was Indra who tried to prevent Agni’s hunger from consuming the forest by bringing thunder and rain, to no avail.

When fire is out of control, it can burn indiscriminately, thus fire is also representative of passion. Agni also had great lust for the wives of the Saptarishis, and this nakshatra can show the possibility for strong sexual desire and promis-cuity. Both of the gods like to get intoxicated on the soma, the elixir of life for virility and strength; sometimes those who brew or like to indulge in spirits have key planets placed in Vishakha. The triumphal gateway is a moving target, because once the gods conquer an objective, they are moving on to the next.


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