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May 11 New Moon Energy Forecast: New Moon in the Star of Fire!

The new Moon in Krittika nakshatra is an opportunity to access the energy of fire! Fire transforms, fire ignites and fire is purifying!

New Moon Phase begins: May 10, 9:26am Pacific Time New Moon Phase ends: May 11, 11:58am Pacific Time

Let's talk about the new Moon in fiery zodiac sign of Aries first! (Just a reminder for my western astrology friends, I use sidereal zodiac calculations with the Vedic astrological system.)

Just prior to the new Moon, as it heads toward it's deepest wane, Moon conjoins somewhat erratic and excitable Uranus, while at the same time is applying to a square from sombre and steady Saturn. These two opposing planetary influences begin Monday afternoon (Pacific Time) as Moon inches closer to the Sun and finally fades to black.

Consider closely matters related to the house where the new Moon occurs in your birth chart and the meanings associated with that house.

When Moon shifts into Taurus late night on May 11, this will lend a more grounded and stable feeling to emotions.And as the Moon approaches Venus in earthly Taurus, beauty and love will abound!

New Moon in Krittika Nakshatra: The Star of Fire

From my book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners, available in stores and

Krittika, “The One Who Cuts” Deity: Agni (or Surya) Symbol: Axe or Sharp Weapon Shakti: The Power to Burn Quality: Mixed

Agni, the deity of Krittika represents the element of fire, and this nakshatra emanates blazing fire and its purification ability.

Fire also connects to cooking and the digestive fire which is required to transmute our food into energy. Dahana shakti that is within this nakshatra is the power to burn.

The symbol of the axe or a sharp object can be interpreted literally or metaphorically as the ability transform. The sharp tool can challenge or cut through things, either to cut away disease and provide healing circumstances or to destroy another. Fire can be used for transformation although the process of destruction must come before creation.

You can read more about Krittika and the other nakshatras and more in my new book Vedic Astrology for Beginners.

Kritiika nakshatra supports: - Purification - Transformation - Courageous activities - Beginning new ventures or events (this is specific to this nakshatra AND the new Moon - double good indications for new projects!)

Depending upon the house where the new Moon occurs in your birth chart, this new Moon will provide an opportunity for energizing, purifying and starting new events or ventures related to a specific area of your life.

Best Timing for New Moon Ritual

New Moon Phase begins: May 10, 9:26am Pacific Time New Moon Phase peaks: May 11, 11:58am Pacific Time

Use of candles or fire during a Krittika nakshatra ritual is extremely important.

Best Ritual Timing for New Beginnings:

Pratipad Tithi (first phase of the waxing Moon) begins May 11, 11:59am Pacific Time - in Krittika Nakshatra in Aries through May 11, 5:47pm Pacific Time.

Pratipad Tithi May 11, in the sign of Taurus starting at 5:48pm Pacific Time through May 12, 2:34pm PT.

Then Moon moves into Rohini nakshatra in Taurus - stable earth nakshatra also good for beginning new ventures - this is more fixed vs. fiery transformative energy of Krittika.

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