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Fiery Mars Runs Full Force Into Aries

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Mars has hit its happy place!

Mars runs full force into its own sign, Aries, only about once every two years.

Planets, like people, love being in their own houses! Mars can express itself fully in its most comfortable sign of Aries. Mars in Aries is action packed! There is no shortage of fiery energy, courage, logic, and directness during this transit.

Depending on your individual horoscope (see forecast below), this fiery energy will manifest in different areas of life. And depending upon the planetary cycle you are running, this transit could have a larger influence. If you do not know your Vedic (sidereal) rising sign or moon sign you can order the report here.

Please read your (Vedic) rising sign first, then your Moon sign.


Now through March 21, 2019, you can enjoy this once in a year visit from your all-important chart ruler, Mars! This almost six week stop over should really turn up the heat for you in your mind and body, so be sure to not overindulge in spicy food, or over exert yourself since excess heat can contribute to inflammation.

This is a wonderful time for you and can support you with an abundance of physical energy. Get out your to-do list and see how fast you will be checking off the complete tasks! The watch-out from fiery Mars in Aries is not to overdo. Be sure to take some time to stop and smell the roses.


This Mars transit could really ramp up the romance department for you Taurus! Take advantage of this time to re-kindle your love life if you are in a committed relationship. For those who are not yet in a relationship or are dating you may want to consider looking for partner from a foreign country. If its time to redecorate the bedroom you may be extra attracted to fiery colors during this transit, so think twice before you leap into a color scheme that you may not be so fond of down the road!

If you are in business for yourself or have any international business responsibilities in your career, this will be an excellent time to develop global partnerships.


Earnings and large organizations, and groups are in your sights now! Mars rules your 11th house of income from your career and this almost six week long visit from Mars will light a fire in these areas of your life.

Mars also connects to your daily to-do's and routines, so you may be super busy in your day-to-day activities and working hard for those extra earnings! This would also be a great time to ramp up your exercise regimen; the perfect time to re-commit to your New Year's resolution regarding daily work-out goals, dietary objectives and discipline around meeting your goals during your time away from work.


Mars is your absolute best planet and now through late March you will have a tremendous opportunity to make tremendous progress in your career. Which is a bit if a double-edged sword (pun intended!) for Cancer rising since most Cancers L-O-V-E being at home! Be mindful of this and take some down time and recharge your batteries while at home. It is also a stellar time to put yourself into a position of authority whether you have your own business or are working in a corporate role - just be aware that Mars is super strong and the watch out here is being too heavy handed.

This could be a particularly creative time for you to explore your creative impulses. If you have young children you could be spending more time with them during this transit and if they are off to college or another state, you may be hearing from them more through the third week of March.


The stage is set for you to make some serious progress on your spiritual path. Since Mars also connects to home, being in the comfort of your own space will support your spiritual progress over the next six weeks.

Higher education can also come into focus for this transit. If you are already in college or working on your masters or PHD, fiery Mars in Aries can give you an extra boost of energy to complete outstanding projects. If you are not currently in school. you might be considering going back to school, or taking a class or workshop to add to your CEU's . Foreign travel may come up for you at this time, too.


Transformation is key for you during this transit of Mars through Aries. You will have a lot of support from Mars and he will give a a blast of courage to achieve your goals for transformation; do not let this once in two year opportunity slip away from you!

If you are working on a writing or communication related project, pay close attention to this transit! Mars can invigorate your resolve and you could make a lot of progress or even finish a project that has been stalled out. This transit will also be super supportive if you are studying or working in the field of astrology, tarot or other esoteric sciences. Writing projects related to the occult can flourish!

Libra Ooh-la-la! Love is in the air dear Libra! Mars is your relationship planet and while he is visiting your relationship sector you will have many opportunities for meeting a new partner. If you are not quite ready for a relationship then this could be an excellent time to contemplate what you want in committed partnership. If you are in a committed partnership this could be a particularly passionate time for you and your partner!

Business partnerships can also come into play with this transit since both business and romantic relationships are highlighted. If you are considering entering a business partnership at this time just be sure to outline your wants and needs in the relationship, since this super strong Mars does have the ability to take charge and possibly overpower balanced and diplomatic Librans!


Your all important chart ruler Mars is super strong over the next six weeks! Be sure to take advantage of this once every two years (or so) transit of Mars and consider changing up your daily routine. Particularly as it is related to improving your health. If you are in the healing arts field, this will be an wonderful time for your healing work.

Your spiritual path may take a back seat to your work during this time so don't be too hard on yourself if this comes to pass. Once the transit is over in March, you will be able to get back on track!


With fiery Mars in its own house and influencing the area of life that connects to athletic ability, the next six weeks are prime time for you to take up your favorite sport or participate in a competition.

The fifth house also is associated with creativity and children. Any issues that come up around these topics can be super influential during this transit. Spend more time with your young or grown-up children, enroll in that art or drama workshop you always wanted to take. Enjoy this once in two year transit of Mars and be sure to pursue the things in life that truly make you joyful, since happiness is also connected to the 5th house!


Real estate and land might be coming up for you during this Mars transit through Aries. Mars going through its own sign and your fourth house of home and real estate may create a significant urge to move or to hid the road on an exploratory journey!

Depending upon where your Moon is you may also have some fiery emotions during this transit. So be mindful of your interactions with others for the next six weeks or so. Also a great time to be aware of behaviors that are more impulsive in nature. The influence of Mars from Aries to your house of relationships has the ability to create some conflict in relationship.


The next six weeks of Mars in fiery Aries can spark a lot of opportunity for social events. Even if you are not a social butterfly, take advantage of the courageous element of passionate Mars in the house of the horoscope related to all things social.

Any other undertaking you want to accomplish will also be supported by Mars for this transit. The third house, where Mars will be until March 21, is also about courage! Mars is the courageous warrior, particularly in the fire sign of Aries. Since Mars also rules your career sector and will be influencing this part of your birth chart for the entire transit, you may see significant progress related to your career goals, whether you are self-employed or working for someone else. If you are unemployed and looking, now is a fantastic time to ramp up your job-seeking efforts!


Mars transiting through the area of the zodiac for you that isassociated with s peech can be very powerful! The second house also represents food - eating and cooking could be at the forefront for you with this transit. This Mars transit will bring a lot of heat to the house of food and you may be very drawn to spicy foods for the next six weeks. Be careful not to overdo it as the element of fire can collect in the body and create inflammation.

Focus on building your savings during this transit. The next six weeks will bring the perfect opportunity to create and begin a savings plan if you don't already have one in place. Seize the transit!


Schedule a reading with Pamela to find out how this transit can influence your day to day life experience!

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