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All About the New Moon!

it is common knowledge that new Moon energy is good for new beginnings.

But why?

Before I answer this important question, let's back up to the day before the new Moon to understand what takes place just before the Moon begins to wax.

The significance of the the Sun and Moon joined together is key!

Sun represents our soul. Moon in the birth chart is our mind - our subconscious mind, intuition and feelings.

When the soul and the mind are in step together during the darkest part of the lunar phase, or amavasya tithi, is a powerful time to go inward and determine what we desire from a very deep soul level.

Each phase of the lunar cycle is connected to a deity.

The final day of the waning phase is Amavasya, which means "One" and Kali Mata (translates as the dark mother) is present. Kali is most often depicted in a very fierce pose and with a black complexion. The color black is a symbol of her transcendental nature.

The Mahanirvana Tantra says: "Just as all colors disappear in black, so all names and forms disappear in her".

The new Moon phase occurs within the approximate 24 hours before and up to the time that the Moon joins the exact degree of Sun.

Once there is a return of the light to the new Moon, after Moon moves past the Sun during the first waxing tithi (phase), it is called pratipada or prathima in Sanskrit meaning "first".

This first phase of the waxing Moon cycle represents a burst of energy connected to the fire element and transformative energy that fire creates.

The first lunar tithi after the new moon is connected to burning and desire. The transformation of the dark moon energy into the first glimpse of light during this phase of the waxing moon, prathipad illuminates awareness.

If you consider that the the final day of the waning Moon (Amavasya) is like the death of the Moon, the first light of the waxing Moon in Shukla Prathipad can be compared birth and the burning desire a baby must feel as they draw their first breath and experience light once out of the womb of their mother.

The return of the light from at the new Moon, during the first waxing tithi (phase), is called pratipada in Sanskrit and it represents a burst of energy connected to the fire element.

Any planet associated with the new Moon and pratipada tithi will show unquenchable thirst and the ever present quest for fulfillment. Agni carries with it light to illuminate the mind.

Which is why you want to contemplate and set intentions during the darkest phase and then put your plans into place once the Moon has moved into the first waxing phase of the Moon.

Custom Birth Chart Crystal Grid/Altar Cloths Now Available!


Gorgeous soft suede like fabric printed with vibrant colors for your birth chart to use as a crystal grid, altar cloth or as the perfect 🎁 gift. This is the same fabric I use for my other cloths - read my reviews and see other listings for actual images of the fabric.

Your custom birth chart order will arrive 4-5 weeks after ordering, depending upon where you place your order within the monthly ordering cycle.


🗓 Orders placed from the 1-14th of any month will be printed and delivered by the end of the first week of the following month. Example: Orders placed June 3 will be printed and delivered by July 7.

🗓 Orders placed from 15th to the final day of any month will be delivered by the end of the third week of the following month. Example: Order placed June 15 will be printed and delivered by July 21.

Perfect gift for: Birthdays, New Baby Gift, Shower Gift, Wedding Gift (relationship chart for the wedding date and time), Anniversary Gift.

  • Sidereal Vedic charts are available in North and South Indian chart styles with an image of Ganesh.

  • Approximately 13 1/2" x 11 1/2”

  • 9 planets are used in the traditional Vedic chart: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu (north and south nodes).

📌If you want to add Neptune, Uranus and Pluto please put this in the notes below with your birth data when checking out.

🌟Custom Tropical Western Round style charts coming March 13!🌟 DM if you want me to notify you when they are listed.

🌈 The design and colors are gender neutral and works with all genders!


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