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December New Moon Forecast

If things go as planned, I should have the site up and running before the year end. I will be sure to let you know as soon as it goes live and is ready for visitors!

And for those of you who have subscribed to my YouTube channel, I will be hosting future podcasts on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. The new format for upcoming podcast will be more like my email forecasts; for those of you who want to know what is going on with the planets, but without all of the technical astro-babble that goes along with it!

I will also be hosting some really wonderful special guests that will be sharing their expertise and practical advice for healing; we will cover everything from diet, to attracting your Mr. or Ms. Right, Shamanic drumming and so many more amazing and healing practices.

So please stay tuned for details on this new podcast as well!


New Moon Forecast for December 6 @ 11:19pm PST

New Moon in Scorpio Forecast

For each new Moon that occurs, there will be a Full Moon in the opposite zodiac sign about six months after, that marks the completion of the new to full Moon phase in a particular sign. This months new Moon cycle will culminate during the Full Moon in Scorpio on, May 18, 2019 (pst). Be sure to wait until the Moon begins to wax after 11:19pm PST on December 6, to put your plans into action!

Mercury also goes direct on this same day! YAYY!

Please read your rising sign forecast and/or Moon sign forecast. If you do not know this information, see below for ordering info. Keep in mind the individual chart, planetary cycles and other transiting planets will also factor significantly into your personal experience!


Transformation is key during this new Moon! It can be a personal transformation and/or transformation related to your partners earnings or even your interest in the esoteric arts like astrology, tarot or crystals. With expansive and always learning Jupiter in the house and near this new Moon, whatever you put into place will come to fruition between now and May 2019, when the next full Moon in Scorpio occurs. Be extremely mindful of your plans as this is an important seed to a totally new beginning for you.


Thinking about transforming your business or personal relationship(s)? This new Moon will give you the ticket for shifting the energy in one or both of these relationships. Set the stage now for what you want to change. If you are currently not in a partnership, then now is the time to get the foundation set into place! Jupiter in Scorpio with this new Moon will also be expansive and supportive of your objectives for the next 11 months.

Gemini :

This new Moon is an excellent time to transform your life for improving your health, setting new goals for your daily routines, and/or paying down some debts over the next six months. Set your plans in to place as soon as the new Moon is complete! And take full advantage of joyful Jupiter as it is influencing this new Moon very strongly. This is also an excellent time for this in the esoteric arts; astrology, tarot or any other form of non-traditional healing. Objectives related to working in this field for Gemini will be super important during this new Moon and the year ahead!


Your creativity, thoughts about having children or if you already have children, is coming into focus with this new Moon. Now is the time to determine how you might move forward in relationship with young or adult children. Possibly a romantic relationship is ready to bloom into something more over the next six months? Regardless of what it is, Jupiter is also there to expand and support your new intentions! Take the inside track to achieve your short and long term goals with this new Moon.


Any intention you have regarding your home environment, or what really and truly makes you happy can be put into place as soon as the Moon shifts from new to the first waxing phase on 12/6 at 11:19pm PST. If you are thinking about moving in the next six months, then set your goals for this now. The Universe does listen! Expansive Jupiter may also be nudging you to move into a larger home or a home that has space to support your spiritual objectives; whether that means being closer to nature or the water, or having a dedicated space for meditation or prayer. Utilize this powerful new Moon to support your objectives!


If you have been contemplating a new marketing plan or taking some journeys to nearby locations to share your knowledge, now is the time to gather your courage and put your plans into place for the new year and beyond! Not only is it the perfect new Moon for this, it is also so close to the New Year and an excellent time to get things into place for at least the next six months. Additionally, Jupiter will be involved in this new Moon and super supportive of your efforts for expansion and can turn up the volume on your communications and connecting with others through marketing and communication over the next year.


Your objectives as it relates to long term savings and investments is up for a renewal at this time! This particular new Moon is good for setting a plan regarding other areas of your life that you value and want to enhance, besides just the monetary investments. Lay out your objectives now! Expansive and spiritual Jupiter also wants to have a say in the matter as he will be close to this new Moon phase. This transit of Jupiter combined with the new Moon will support building your net worth through all forms of communication; writing, speaking and/or counseling. Set your intentions!


This is a VERY personal new Moon for you dear Scorpio! This new Moon falls in your first house which is the house that represents you ! If you do no already have your life goal or purpose in place, then this new Moon is the opportune time to solidify your plans and get them started! Learned, wise and expansive Jupiter may also be egging you on to study something new...take that workshop on crystals taro or astrology. Put your plans into place so that you can get going on these studies soon, as it is an outstanding time do to do so!


Your spiritual goals are up for review now. If you have been off your path or have new plans, then this new Moon will be super supportive of your new objectives. If you want more time to meditate or for your spiritual practice, then set your sights now at this new Moon. It is also an excellent time to begin a philanthropic project; either donate your time or money to the many in need at this time. Any practice associated with the subconscious mind or even developing your psychic abilities will be free flowing at this time as well due to the influence of Jupiter near this new Moon and the transit through Scorpio for the next 11 months.


What do you desire in the next six months to come? Your deepest wishes as well as what you earn from your career or business is up for evaluation and new goals setting. Also any objectives that you might have regarding interactions within groups or organizations. Maybe you would like to throw your name into the mix for city council, the chamber of commerce, or even the board of your astrological or ayurvedic group in your area? Get clear on your goals and put your plans into place after this new Moon. The next six months will be key for you to achieve your goals, especially with expansive and supportive Jupiter in the mix!


Set your plans in motion for your career for the next six months at this new Moon. There is no better time to do this within the next year! Not only do you have the new Moon, but you also have a supportive and expansive influence from Jupiter in the mix. Whatever you want to expand or re-create, now is the time. And if you are hoping for a promotion or looking to change jobs so that you can have more responsibility and leadership, use this new Moon in Jyestha to support your objectives to come into fruition over the next six months.


If you have been dreaming of travel to a foreign land or taking a new course or workshop, or maybe you want to go back to school and get your masters or PHD? Get moving and book that trip, or sign up for that workshop or course of study after this new Moon phase (see below for timing). Your chart ruler Jupiter is also factoring into this equation through its once-in-11 year transit of Scorpio and will be rooting for you from the sidelines of this new Moon in Scorpio!

*Schedule a reading with Pamela if you want a detailed and comprehensive explanation of this new Moon phase as it relates to your birth chart/life!

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