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How To Stay Sane While Staying at Home: A Guide for Each Zodiac Sign

So I have been thinking a lot about the different signs and things that each sign can do to stay happy and busy during the stay at home orders.

Please take this with a tiny grain of salt, as it was written somewhat tongue in cheek.

Aries: Organize the entire house and yard, whether it needs it or not. When you are done checking everything off your list, consider giving online classes to motivate others to do the same.

Taurus: Shop online for plants and seeds to grow your own food. Get your hands in the dirt and pull some weeds. Get the shovel out and sharpen up your edging!

Gemini: Face time with your friends. Become a social media influencer. Write a book! Start a new FB group helping people feel more connected through online methods.

Cancer: Just cook. Bake anything! Leave special treats on your neighbors’ doorstep. Learn how to make your own bread and cheese.

Leo: Run a remote acting class. Dance. Sing. Create! Write a play and broadcast it live with all of your actors in remote parts of the world.

Virgo: Clean everything, then start a new healthy daily exercise routine. Maybe a remote yoga or Zumba class. Alphabetize all of your books.

Libra: Spend plenty of quality time with your partner. Refresh your online dating profile if you are single. Create a new product and sell it online.

Scorpio: Brood. You’re good at it! Just kidding :)! Get out your crystals and tarot cards for a daily practice. Dust off your astrology books.

Sagittarius: Create and teach an online course. Take an online course. Explore the world online. Re-watch the Planet Earth series.

Capricorn: Just work from home. You got this. If your job doesn’t allow you to work from home, brainstorm your future career or new business.

Aquarius: Stage an uprising. But be sure to do it online! Adopt a dog or cat from the shelter. Write some new songs or create some art. Or just get a coloring book and enjoy the ease!

Pisces: Create a new up-cycling product. Meditate. Volunteer at the food bank.

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