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October 13 Full Moon: Everything You Need to Know!

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Energy Forecast: October 13 Full Hunters Moon

October's full Moon is the called the Hunters Moon.

The beautiful warm glow of this full Moon will be visible in the sky just around the timing of sunset on the full Moon day and will set around sunrise the next morning. It’s the only night of the month when the Moon is in the sky all night long.

Be sure to look up!

If you are Pisces rising, this is the one and only full Moon in your sign during 2019. Take time to contemplate a personal ending, so that important new beginnings can take shape.

Regardless of your rising sign, there will be an underlying energy for all associated with this new Moon in the water sign of Pisces connected to:

▪ Recycling

▪ Spirituality

▪ The subconscious mind

▪ Philanthropy

▪ Foreign Lands

If your rising sign is between 17-25 degrees of Pisces this full Moon will have special meaning for you!

Schedule a reading with Pamela to find out how this new Moon and other planetary movements will influence you through the end of the year!

For all other rising signs, the house that Pisces represents in your birth chart does connect to a very specific area of your life. Don't miss your horoscope with all the details.

Expansive Jupiter is almost exactly trine (same element) the Moon! Jupiter is saying - YES! I support whatever endings you have in mind. Saturn, on the other hand is asking you to carefully consider your responsibilities and what you might plan on ending at this time. Pluto definitely wants transformation and Mars impatiently awaits his orders!

Full Moon in Revati Nakshatra

Revati : Star of Wealth Symbol: A Pair of Fish Deity: Pushan New Moon Energy: The Power to Protect, Nourish and Foster

The lunar mansion of Revati has a soft energy. This is in part due to the nature of the presiding deity, Pushan.

Pushan (one of the 12 Adityas) is know as the Animal Keeper of the Gods, and is the guide, shepherd and protector of the herds as they move from one place to another.

Pushan is the deity most called upon to assist with safe travel. He is also considered to be the all-important the protector of the soul in its journey to the next world, a super important journey!

Revati nakshatra energy is:

▪ Nourishing

▪ Supportive

▪ Protective

▪ Prosperous

▪ Focused on endings (it is the final nakshatra of the zodiac), particularly the last quarter.

This is a fantastic day for endings and the full Moon in Pisces is supported by the sign lord Jupiter setting his full gaze upon the Moon.

Full Moon Intention

“Today is a day of endings. I am fully supported in my efforts of completion. I celebrate these endings so that I am free to create something new. "

Full Moon Ritual Timing

Full Moon Phase (Poornima) begins: October 12 @ 12:07 p.m. PDT.

Full Moon Phase (Poornima) ends: 10/13/19 @ 2:07 p.m. PST

BEST TIMING FOR ENDINGS: 10/13/19 @ 2:08 p.m. PDT through 10/13 @ 9:49 p.m. PDT.

Sidereal Forecasts!

This is just a reminder for those who are new to my new and full Moon forecasts and other articles -- my forecasts are created using the sidereal zodiac calculations. Your rising sign, and other planets in your birth chart will usually (but not 100% of the time) shift signs from your tropically calculated horoscope.

Full Moon Horoscopes by Rising Sign

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This full Moon is perfect for ending any project, habit, or whatever you can imagine! Since you have the full support of joyful Jupiter during this full Moon, be sure to make a plan to finish up a big project or some other transformation that may be related to fourth house matters, which is your home and personal happiness.The Moon is the all important ruler of your fourth house of home and happiness, so be sure to connect in with this full Moon energy and place some intentions around ending anything that no longer serves your personal happiness or home life. Somber Saturn does offer some checks and balances thought and whatever your personal responsibilities are regarding your work still must be attended to. ​Set your intentions.


Your ruler Venus is happily moving through its own sign of Libra for the next two weeks, so enjoy this once a year transit through the social and relationship oriented sign of Libra. Venus is finally out of the rays of the sun and can be seen at dusk just before the Sun sets. ​The full Moon is lighting up the area of your birth chart that connects to your friendships, your earnings from your work or career, and older brothers or sisters. If you have something you want to bring to completion in these areas of your life, this is the perfect full Moon to do so! Expansive Jupiter is in full support of this new Moon since it is in almost exact degree relationship from another water sign, which forms a trine to Pisces, where the full Moon occurs.​That said, practical Saturn is in the background making sure you don't overreach with regard to trying to complete too many things during this full Moon in Pisces.​


Your ruler is happily moving closely with its good friend Venus through the very diplomatic and socially oriented sign of Libra for the next week or so. ​The full Moon lights up your career house brilliantly. Your reputation, career or you could say what you are known for! You may have some significant endings occurring around this full Moon related to your career, or want to make plans to possibly end a career path and chart a new course in life. ​Expansive Jupiter in an exact trine to its own sign Pisces and the full Moon may be asking for big changes, but Saturn is squaring this Moon and wants to be sure we keep our feet on the ground and set some limitations around the changes to come.​This is your only full Moon in the most important and strongest house of the horoscope for the next year - set your intentions!


Sensitive Cancer you are really going to feel this full Moon! So many other planetary energies are co-mingled with this beautiful Hunters Moon! ​You may feel pressure from fiery Mars to make quick decisions around something you are either learning or teaching, either you have a great desire to go on a spiritual retreat or start a new course or you feel it is time to end one path and begin another. Expansive Jupiter is in exact trines to this full Moon phase so you won't get any argument from him! Although serious Saturn is in a tough square (incompatible element/fire) to Moon in watery Pisces, so be sure your plans are practical! Additionally transformation focused Pluto will have its own agenda! ​Best advice is to not make any rash decisions around this full Moon time, especially between October 12-13.


When the Moon is full, your ruler Sun is weak, and this full Moon in October is no exception! Saturn is in full aspect to Sun which requires humility and patience for anything you are planning to accomplish around this full Moon time period!​The full Moon is connected to your personal transformation and if you are studying astrology or any esoteric arts and sciences you may be ready to complete a course of study and move on to the next! There may also be something associated with your partners assets or if you are waiting for insurance money or an inheritance you may see something come through close to this full Moon. The aspect from expansive and abundant Jupiter in Scorpio is in a harmonious relationship to the full Moon in Jupiter's sign of Pisces. ​Whatever endings you are planning for this month's full Moon be sure to check the best times for ending rituals in part one of this forecast!


This is the only full Moon of the year that will highlight your relationships, both business and personal. If you want to end a relationship or if you want it to evolve into something new, then set your intentions during this full Moon phase and do your rituals just after. I have listed all of the times and dates for ritual timing in part one of this forecast. If you are currently in a partnership, your partner may have some good news around this time, too. Saturn will be in an incompatible element/sign to the full Moon and will be encouraging you to manage your expectations around your romantic and business relationships and not expect too much, even though Jupiter will be encouraging you to expect more!


Your ruler Venus is finally out of the brilliant rays of the Sun, and will be visible in the night sky at dusk. And Venus is skipping happily through its own sign, Libra for the next two weeks. Take advantage of this time and be sure to attend some social events, or plan some special date nights! The full Moon has a push pull effect to it this month. Expansive Jupiter is in full support of your work efforts and you may want to increase your offerings if you are self employed or expand in some way. Keep in mind Saturn is in the mix too, and is asking that you remain practical and hard working approach toward your objectives! Pluto is also sending a hard glance to the full Moon and is encouraging total transformation. Try to find the middle ground between expansion, transformation and hard work. You may also be very busy with day to day life the day prior to the full Moon on October 13 and the day of the full Moon. Set your intentions.


Your ruler fiery Mars will be in opposition to this full Moon and you may find yourself in a more emotional state than usual, particularly the day before and the day of the full Moon. Work, and your earnings from your work may be heavily on your mind during this time too. It may feel as though Saturn may be putting up some roadblocks in this area, but do not worry since abundant Jupiter is in full support of your efforts!​The full Moon will send a brilliant pop of light and energy to your fifth house, which is associated with children, romance, speculation and creativity. If you are planning on having a baby or if you are looking to begin a new relationship, then now is the time to set your intentions for these areas of your life.


Your expansive ruler Jupiter is completely supportive of this full Moon! Jupiter is encouraging your transformation that can lead to a deep and calm sense of personal happiness. This transformation may be connected to your home or real estate and your partners income or assets. ​Mars is opposite the full Moon and this can create some strong emotions, especially the day before and the day of the full Moon. That said, serious Saturn is going to challenge the status quo, so be sure that you continue to manage your responsibilities in the midst of personal your transformation.​Jupiter will be changing signs next month for the first time in a year, and will be entering your ruling sign. Sagittarius for the first time since 2012! Stay tuned for more on this as I will be posting a special forecast for Jupiter in Sagittarius in the next few weeks.


Your ruler Saturn is finally direct and things should be moving forward for you as we approach the new year! You have significant changes coming in 2020, and I will write more about that in a few months. ​Serous Saturn is in contrast with expansive Jupiter at the time of this full Moon in Pisces and will be asking you to be true to your responsibilities within relationships, both business and personal. Jupiter on the other hand would like for you to expand your relationships and get out there and socialize around the time of this full Moon. Especially the day before (October 12) and the day of the full Moon. Mars will also be fully energizing this full Moon energy so gather your courage and go have some fun!​This new Moon will be an excellent time to set your goals around what you would like to change in your life related to communication and younger siblings.Set your intentions and be sure to read part one of this forecast for the best times for endings! ​


The beautiful warm glow of the Hunters Moon will illuminate the area of your birth chart associated with your financial assets. If you have anything that you feel needs to be ended at this time so that you can clear the way toward meeting your financial objectives, now is the time to set your intentions! Expansive and joyful Jupiter will be in full support of your efforts since he is sending a strong influence to Pisces and the full Moon. Do plan to keep your goals realistic though, since Saturn is in a disharmonious relationship to this full Moon. He is sending checks and balances to the expansive influence from Jupiter. Meanwhile courageous Mars is in the mix and egging you on toward getting goals set now so that you can reach your objectives in the next six months. Be sure to read the best time for the full Moon ritual in part one of my forecast!​Set your intentions!


Your ruler Jupiter sails into Sagittarius on November 4, which will be fantastic for you and for your career and reputation, dear Pisces! More on this in a few weeks. ​This Pisces full Moon is the one full Moon in your sign for the next year! Be sure to set some very personal goals around this time. This full Moon is excellent for endings so clear the decks to prepare for the coming Jupiter in Sagittarius transit. What no longer serves you? Now is the time to make the break. Be sure to check part one of my article for ritual times and best times for endings!​Both Saturn and Jupiter will be in aspect to this full Moon so find the balane between what really needs to go and which responsibilities must stay for just a while longer. Meanwhile courageous Mars will be wanting you to just get it done already! Especially the day prior to the full Moon on October 12 and the day of the full Moon. Remain patient and focused!​Set your intentions and be sure to read part one of this forecast for the best times for endings! ​

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