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Full Moon Astrology Forecast for September 20 Harvest Moon

I want to share a few important astrological events that occur this month before I get into your full Moon forecast.

Autumn equinox happens just two days after the full Moon at 12:20 PM Pacific Time on Wednesday, September 22.

Mercury turns retrograde September 27 - October 18. I am hoping to get a special Mercury retrograde edition out to subscribers in the next week! Be sure to check your inboxes for this important Mercury retrograde forecast!

The Moon will be beneath the horizon during its brightest point on Monday, September 20 at 4:53pm Pacific Time. The full Moon phase or tithi begins Sunday, September 19 at 4:58pm Pacific Time.

The best time to catch the luminous Moon will be Sunday, September 19 from the time it rises in the east at 7:17pm (here in the Pacific NW - check for times in your area!) until it sets the following Monday morning at 6:18am Pacific Time. Full Moon is in watery and sensitive sidereal Pisces this month. If you have planets in 3-6 degree range of sidereal Pisces, they will be illuminated by this beautiful new Moon energy!

Here are some key energies for the sign Pisces * Sensitive * Watery * Gentle * Mystical * Intuitive

The house where the full Moon occurs and what that house represents in your birth chart does connect to a very specific area of your life and you can merge the house meaning with the key meanings of Pisces to get the full picture of how this full Moon can energize your life.

If you know your rising sign you can have an idea of where the new Moon energy is most supportive in your life. See below for information for each rising sign. These are the areas of life that function best with the full Moon energies and endings. If you do not know your rising sign you can get it for free on my site here. Please note my chart calculator is best viewed on a laptop or desktop. Pisces: Self, perspective, health (this is a biggie for you Pisces!) Aries: Subconscious, dreams, foreign lands, meditation, sleep, feet Taurus: Earnings from work, social and career networking, older siblings Gemini: Career, public reputation Cancer: Spirituality, philosophy, dharma, foreign travels Leo: Transformation, partners assets, inheritance, longevity Virgo: Committed partnerships (personal and business) Libra: Work, service, daily routine, habits Scorpio: Children, creativity, fun and games, speculation Sagittarius: Home, happiness, mother, land and vehicles Capricorn: Short distance travels, courage, communication, siblings Aquarius: Family, savings, speech

UTTARA BHADAPRADA, “THE LATTER HAPPY FEET” Deity: Ahirbudhyana Star(s): Algenib (Gamma Pegasi) and Alpheratz (Alpha Andromedae) Symbol: Back Legs of a Funeral Cot Shakti: To Bring Rain Quality: Fixed VD Planetary Period Lord: Saturn

Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra energy supports: Meditation Development of Intuition Artistic Projects Commitments in Relationships Gardening Gaining support from friends or colleagues

Full Moon Phase begins: Sunday, September 19 at 4:58pm Pacific Time Full Moon Phase ends: Monday, September 20, at 4:53pm Pacific Time

BEST TIMING ENDINGS RITUAL: Wait for the Moon to starts to wane first for endings! This is after 4:53pm on Sunday.

BEST TIMING NEW BEGINNINGS RITUAL Always before the Moon goes beyond the full phase! Be sure to do this while the Moon is still waxing and gaining brightness! Some nakshatras are better than other for new beginnings. Uttara Bhadrapda is a fixed nakshatra and is great for foundational starts to new projects. See the list above for ideas. The best times for new beginnings would are Monday September 20 from 3:32pm to 4:45pm PT.

Finally! Some new pages are up on my website in the learning section with some very easy basics that can help you understand the forecasts and your own birth chart even better. * Key words for the Planets of the Horoscope * About the Houses of the Horoscope * About the Signs of the Zodiac


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