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Full Flower Super Moon May 7 + Top 6 Things You Need to Know!

#1. The Flower Super Moon is the fifth full Moon of the year and comes at a time when flowers begin to bloom in earnest.

The Flower Full Moon is also sometimes called the Corn Planting Moon or the Milk Moon.

#2. Flower Super Moon Peaks May 7, 3:44am PDT

Tip for Viewing Full Moons: The ideal time to view any full Moon, and this months Flower Super Moon is when it’s close to the horizon at or around the times when it is rising or setting. The closer it is to the horizon the more color it will have as the Sun does at Sunrise and Sunset.

Don't miss seeing this amazing and final Super Moon of 2020!

Best viewing times:

Moon rise on May 6 - 7:46 pm Pacific Time ESE Moon set on May 7 - 6:10am Pacific Time WSW Moon rise on May 7 - 9:09pm Pacific Time ESE

#3. The Action is Just AFTER the Full Moon!

After the Moon reaches its peak on May 7, it shifts into sultry and deeply emotional Scorpio only to square off with fiery Mars shortly after 6pm Pacific time when Moon is reaching its deepest debilitation point.

Bottom line - stay cool, emotionally speaking, on this full Moon day!

#4. Full Flower Moon in Vishakha Nakshatra

Deity: Indragni Star(s): Alpha Librae, Beta Librae, Gamma Librae, and Iota Librae Symbol: Triumphal Archway Shakti: The Power of Achievement and Manifestation Quality: Mixed VD Planetary Period Lord: Jupiter

Indra and Agni are a dimorphic pair—a single body with two heads. Vishakha means “the forked shape,” and this is symbolized by the two gods who are joined to one body. These two powerful gods support the shakti of this nakshatra to achieve and manifest, although results may not be experienced right away. Indra, the warrior and king of the gods, can be very indulgent, and he has a love of luxury, pleasure, and egoistic activities.

*More on Vishakha and the other Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology for Beginners.* Full Moon endings in Vishakha Nakastra is excellent for completing projects, displaying leadership, focusing on goals to achieve one's objectives.

#5. Full Moon Intention

You may want to contemplate these questions before intention setting/rituals for this full Moon.

▪What is my attitude toward goals?

▪What core beliefs do I hold about my ability to focus on my goals?

▪How true are these beliefs?

"I now release any core beliefs blocking my ability to achieve my goals. "

Set your intentions during the full Moon phase, but conduct your rituals AFTER the phase shifts - see times below!

The Tree of Life crystal grid is my latest design featured in my Etsy shop. I love creating these new crystal grids and tarot cloths for powerful new and full Moon rituals.

#6. Full Moon Ritual Timing for Endings

Full Moon Phase (Poornima) begins May 6, 7:15am Pacific Time and ends May 7 at 3:44am Pacific Time.

BEST TIMING FOR ENDINGS: May 7 3:45am - 8:07pm Pacific Time.


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