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February 11 Powerful New Moon in the Star of Symphony

Don't miss this important new Moon energy forecast (below) first, then hop on over to my blog and read the new Moon forecast for your sign.

Regardless of your rising sign, the new Moon and planetary energy in the sign and house that Capricorn represents in every persons chart will be extremely strong, especially since there is currently six of the nine traditional planets in Capricorn at the time! This is a major planetary pile-up in the earth bound sign of Capricorn.

NOTE: My western astrology/tropical zodiac friends please keep in mind the calculations I use are sidereal vs tropical, so new Moon in Capricorn instead of Aquarius for sidereal charts.

This stellium will emphasize: * Achieving Recognition * Hard work * Ambition * Determination * Slow and steady progress

During this new Moon there are also four planets within Shravana nakshatra - Sun and the new Moon are in the following nakshatra, which is Dhanistha. The planets placed within the previous nakshatra of Shravana are very supportive of this new Moon energy since they are in Abhishek nakshatra relationship to the Sun and Moon.

New Moon February 11 @ 11:04am Pacific Time


Deity: Vasus Symbol: The Musical Drum Shakti: The Power to Bring People Together Quality: Moveable

Vasu means “that which surrounds.” As such, the Vasus represent the eight spheres of existence within nature and the cosmos: fire, earth, wind, atmosphere, Sun, sky, Moon, and stars. They are forms of Brahma the Creator and the places where all things can exist, including the entire universe. The ashta (eight) Vasus represent both the dwelling and the dweller.

The Vasus are the forces that have the shakti to bring every-thing in the universe together, and therefore the energy of this nakshatra has the same capacity. The Vasus are also personified as the laws of righteousness, or dharma. The musical drum is the symbolic representation of this nakshatra. Imagine the sound of Shiva’s drum as he dances through the forests and mountains, creating and destroying, being similar to the melodic highs and lows present within a symphony.

This nakshatra has mystical qualities associated with it, and the drumbeat could be the drum of shamanic ritual or the internal beat of the drum associated with reaching greater spiritual heights.

Those in the performance arts or entertainment industry may have planets in the Dhanistha nakshatra. Mars is exalted within this nakshatra at 28° Capricorn. read more in my book. (Copyright © 2020, by Rockridge Press, Emeryville, California)

This is a fabulous nakshatra for new beginnings especially connected to the following activities: Creating music and dancing Coming together in community Yoga and meditation Shamanic rituals Creative arts Research and astrology

Financial transactions and lending money

New Moon in Dhanistha Nakshatra Intention

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. ~Henry David Thoreau."

Set your intentions during the new Moon phase but conduct your rituals AFTER the phase shifts to waxing if you are intending to use this energy for powerful new beginning - see times below!

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New Moon Ritual Timing for New Beginnings

New Moon Phase (Poornima): Begins 2/10 @ 11:39am Pacific Time

Ends: 2/11 @ 11:04am Pacific Time

BEST TIMING FOR NEW BEGINNINGS: * 2/11 11:05am @ Pacific Time through 2/11 @ 13:30pm Pacific Time

NOTE! The ritual/intention window is short this month because the Moon changes signs very soon after it shifts to waxing. I really like the waxing energy with Moon in Capricorn while it has full support of Saturn and the other planets!

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