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Extraordinary New Moon Monday!

A very special new Moon in sidereal Capricorn is just around the corner! The new Moon phase began today at 10:23am PST and comes to its complete and darkest phase tomorrow, February 4, 2019, at 1:04pm PST.

The new Moon phase is the darkest Moon phase of the lunar cycle and is wonderful for contemplating new beginnings. But it is super important to note that whatever you want to begin anew (hints are in the forecast by rising sign below!), you do not want to initiate it until the Moon shifts into the first waxing phase after 1:04pm PST tomorrow.

Shravana nakshatra is extremely good for new beginnings!

The first waxing phase of the Moon AND while the Moon is still in Shravana only occurs from 1:05pm through 4:30pm PST. If you want to begin something really special tomorrow, do it during these times! You can begin later, but keep in mind the energy will shift after 4:30pm PST when the Moon moves into Mars ruled Dhanishta!

But, before you read the forecast for your rising sign you might be wondering, Why is this new Moon SO special?

This new Moon happens to fall on a Monday, the weekday assigned the Moon! It is also occurring within the nakshatra of Shravana, which is ruled by the Moon (in the Vimshottari dasha system specifically)!It is also in the pada (portion) of Shravana that falls in the sign of Cancer in the D9, or navamasa divisional chart as well!

These additional lunar influences to this new Moon day, are quite unique.

Keep in mind as your read the forecast for your rising sign, that Shravana nakshatra is extremely good for new beginnings! It is also very good for anything related to learning, listening, education and spiritual practices, to name a few!



Career, or what you are known for in this lifetime is front and center for this lunar cycle! Thinking about changing jobs or starting your own business? Now may be the time to begin looking or stat putting plans in place to take the leap. Or dust off your resume and get it ready to go out this new Moon day (be sure to check the times I mentioned in the beginning of this email!).

If you are self-employed you may also be considering adding or changing some of the services you offer at this time. It would be a great time to expand your range of services since joyful and ever-expanding Jupiter is in the mix for this new Moon! And if you are not working by choice, you can still begin something new that connects with your legacy in this lifetime. Be sure take advantage of this one in a year new Moon in your most powerful tenth house!


Thinking about taking a trip to a distant land? Or possibly beginning a new spiritual practice? Maybe you have been longing to go back to school or begin teaching something yourself? Take advantage of this special new Moon energy and dive in! The highest house of dharma, luck and fortune is getting lit up for this lunar phase. It usually only happens once a year, so please be sure to capitalize on this rare new Moon in Shravana.

The expansive and spiritual energy that is coming from Jupiter will also support your dharmic path and any goals related to spiritual progress. An excellent time to begin a daily meditation practice as well. Be sure to check the times I have shared with you in the beginning of this newsletter for the perfect time to initiate a new beginning in these areas of your life.


Capricorn new Moons happen to fall into the area of other peoples money (particularly for your partner) inheritances, death, taxes, and the occult for you, Gemini rising, if any of these areas of life have been coming up for you lately, pay close attention to this new Moon!

If you have outstanding tax issues, now would be an excellent time to resolve any remaining debt. On a lighter note if you were thinking of taking a course on astrology, tarot, crystals or any of the esoteric arts, now would be an excellent time to make a commitment. Shravana nakshatra is particularly supportive for the study and practice of astrology. This new Moon also signals a time to consider your financial goals with your partner for the next six months (until the full Moon occurs in sidereal Cancer, six months from now).


Self and how you are in relationships (business or personal!) are at the core of this new Moon phase! Since you are ruled by the Moon, dear Cancer, you are definitely going to be feeling this new Moon energy so strongly! Especially so for reasons I stated in the intro of this newsletter, be sure to go back and read it if you missed it the first time. Both business and romantic relationships are being activated at this time.

Whether you are in a short or long-term committed love relationship or not, now is the perfect time to determine how you see the next six months (until the full Moon in Cancer) unfolding. If you have any issues you need to get out into the open and discuss with your partner, contemplate bringing them up after the new Moon is complete. Shravana nakshatra is super supportive of conversation and sets up a sensitive and receptive emotional state that can support you in your objectives for your partnership. If you are not currently in a committed relationship, be sure to think about what qualities you would like to have in a partnership. You can apply these same principles to a business partnership as well.


This new Moon phase will light up the area of your life connected to your daily routines which includes health and wellness, outstanding debts and your beloved furry family members!

If you have not quite put that new health plan into place from your new year resolution, then get going after the Moon shifts into the waxing phase (be sure to read the first part of this newsletter for specific times to begin!). Or if you have a habit that you have had for a while that you want to get rid of, then now is time to make plans to remove it from your daily routine. This new routine may include giving more time to your beloved pet(s) or taking extra long walks with your dog - a win/win for you both! And if you have outstanding debts, it will be the perfect chance to put some closure on at least one bill that is nagging you.


Romance, creativity, children and your investments are coming into focus now. One or all of these areas of life may be up for review at this time. Regardless of which one it will be a super supportive time to begin something new related to these areas of your life.

You may be contemplating having children, or if your adult children have moved out, then this could signal a new way of interacting with your adult children. A time to initiate a new beginning. This new six month phase is also supportive for starting an exciting new creative project or for committing to putting some romance back into your relationship if you are in a long-term committed partnership. And especially improved communication since Shravana nakshatra is involved. If you are currently not in a partnership, this is an excellent time to begin to put yourself out there on the dating scene. And if you have had creative aspirations of any kind, be sure to begin whatever your dream is now. Don't forget to check the best times to start that I shared at the beginning of this newsletter!


Your relationship with your mother, your intuition, your home and your deepest personal happiness is in focus for this new Moon. Whichever area you want to explore, deepen or improve related to these areas of life, be sure to take advantage of this special new Moon opportunity!

Intuition is particularly highlighted at this time, due to the activation of Shravana nakshatra. If you really want to connect to your intuition on a regular basis, set your intentions after this new Moon phase! Or if you want to make some changes to your living space, or possibly plan a move, now is the time to set your sights on these changes.

If you want to forge a new path or communicate with your mother on a new level, then be sure to give her a call or send her a text or email on this day. Please refer to the times I have suggested at the beginning of this newsletter.


Thinking about writing a book, starting a new blog or essay? This is the purrfect new Moon to begin any of these projects related to communication! And if you need to summon courage to initiate this activity or any other goal you have for your life for the next six months, this new Moon could not come at a better time!

If you have any outstanding issues with younger siblings or super close friends (think BFF!), take advantage of this new Moon energy and take the chance to repair the bridge to these relationships. This is about as supportive energy as you can get with the Moon in receptive Shravana so that others will really listen and hear to what you have to say.


Whatever you want to accomplish regarding your long term financial well-being, be sure to set your intentions at this new Moon phase! And if you have objectives related to family (your birth family or the family that you grew up with vs. the family you have created as an adult) then you can use this new Moon phase to get started on your plans.

Expansive and abundant Jupiter is in a harmonious sign/element for this very unique new Moon, so take full advantage of the next sixth months (until the full Moon in sidereal Cancer) to achieve your objectives! As a side note this is also a great time to begin a new dental hygiene practice or begin a new beauty program for your face since the new Moon is falling in the area of your chart associated with the face and the teeth.


This new Moon is extremely personal for you dear Capricorn! You life purpose could be up for review and if it is, now is an excellent and supportive time for you to get it going!

Since the new Moon occurs in the first house, it also connects to your overall health and wellness. If your new Year resolution is off to a slow start, now is the perfect time to re-ignite your commitment to your health and re-commit to your new routine. It is also super supportive for really listening to your intuition and for listening to your partner, since Moon rules the house connected to partnerships for you (both business and personal). Pay close attention to anything your partner has to say at this time, and what they are saying between the lines as well.


Your spiritual path, especially as it relates to foreign lands could be at the center of your attention during this particular new Moon. Start your journey now and take the next six months (until the full Moon in Cancer) to realize your goals around your spiritual practice or if you have travel plans or want to make travel plans to a foreign country between now and July.

If you want to change anything that could improve your sleep hygiene, such as going to sleep before 10pm, not using your smart phone or tablet in bed, practicing meditation before heading off to bed, not eating late at night as a few examples, then this new Moon is for you!


This new Moon is going to activate the area of life associated with friendships (more casual acquaintances vs. a BFF). I twill be a great time to join a new group for fun, like a hiking or climbing group possibly a trad organization, if you are self employed.

If you have an older brother or sister, and want to start the relationship off on new footing now would be an excellent time to reach out to them.

Additionally if you are self employed now might be a good time to look at what you are charging for your services since this new Moon also connects to income from your career or your business. The influence from Jupiter to the new Moon will be very supportive as you expand your horizons!


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