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The Final Full Moon of the Year: What Do You Want to Leave Behind in 2020?

This is it! The final full Moon of 2020!

Happening at 7:28pm PST, the full Moon will be bright and visible just above the eastern horizon.

If you have clear skies be sure to get outside and look up to the heavens!

Since this full Moon is closing out 2020 this is a particularly powerful time to finish anything that needs to be completed before heading into 2021!

And because the full Moon occurs in Ardra nakshatra (more on this below) this is YOUR time to howl at the Moon and close out the year! We certainly have a lot to howl about from 2020 - and much to be grateful for, too.

If you are Gemini rising, this is your one and only full Moon in your sign and the final full Moon of 2020. Be sure to harness the energy of the full Moon to complete something personal!

Regardless of your rising sign, there will be an underlying energy for all associated with this new Moon in the air sign of Gemini connected to:

▪ Communication ▪ Writing ▪ Social Interactions

Full Moon in Ardra Nakshatra: The Howler

Ardra Nakshatra

Rudra, the god of thunder, is a powerful deity who howls like a wolf and presides over Ardra nakshatra. He is red in color like the star of this nakshatra, Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse is the ninth brightest star visible to the naked eye in the night sky and has a reddish hue. The howling of Ardra is a metaphor for the release of tension that builds up within this nakshatra, much like the release of life-giving rain that is hurtled from a thunder and lightning storm....{more on Ardra Nakshatra in my book!}.

This fierce nakshatra is fantastic for endings and is particularly good for destroying bad habits and unwanted things! Be sure to read your horoscope to see what the full Moon is most supportive of, based upon your rising sign.

Ardra nakshatra also supports: * Destruction * Handling difficult issues * Donating things no longer of use * Ending negative thought patterns and behaviors

Full Moon Intention Setting

You may want to contemplate these questions before intention setting/rituals for this full Moon.

▪ What do you want to leave behind in 2020, and not take into 2021? ▪ Make a short list of the things you want to complete. Look for the gratitude connected to the things, behaviors or experiences you want to end.

Set your intentions during the full Moon phase but conduct your rituals AFTER the phase shifts to waning - especially for endings!

Full Moon Phase (Poornima): Begins December 28 @6:24pm Pacific Time and ends December 29 @ 7:28pm Pacific Time.
Full Moon Ending Ritual times: December 29, 7:29pm through December 30, 5:23am Pacific Time.

This image is of Metatron with the waxing to waning Moon phases surrounding it - one of many altar cloths/crystal grids that I created for powerful new and full Moon rituals!

ARIES: December 29 Full Moon Forecast

This full Moon doubly emphasizes courage, communication and social interactions. As the final full Moon of the year and one of the BEST full Moons for endings because it occurs in Ardra nakshatra, you do not want to miss this opportunity!

Think about what might need to be closed out for the year - possibly some social connections or events that you no longer want to participate in for 2021? Take a close look at writing commitments, either for a blog or possibly a newsletter that you send regularly. Does something need to be changed or dropped altogether so that you can begin something new? Any essays or books coming to a close? Set your intentions and complete them now!

TAURUS December 29 Full Moon Forecast

This is it! The final full Moon of 2020 and it is time to take stock in your spending habits for the past year and how they have influenced your long term savings plans. Since the full Moon in Ardra nakshatra occurs in your second house, and you can literally set your intentions to destroy any bad habits connected to your spending and your diet, too! Woohoo! Ardra is great for destruction of things and why not use this full Moon endings energy to destroy any habits you do not want to bring with you into the year ahead.

This opportunity won't come around again for a very long time so be sure to take advantage of this special full Moon and close out 2020 on a positive note and head into 2021 with a great savings and healthy lifestyle plan.

GEMINI: December 29 Full Moon Forecast

This is it! Your personal full Moon of 2020 AND the final full Moon of the year. Now is your chance to remove anything from your life that you do not want to bring into 2021. Especially related to food or diet since Moon rules your second house of food and how diet and food affects your health, since this full Moon occurs in your first house.

The first house is associated with your physical body and health and your appearance. So this also a great time to eliminate anything related to your appearance. If you have goals regarding transformation around you personality, especially connected to social interactions now is the time to harness the energy of Ardra nakshatra and make some changes!

CANCER: December 29 Full Moon Forecast

This is the perfect Full Moon in Ardra to tap into and eradicate any subconscious patterns that you want to leave behind in 2020. And what perfect timing as this is the final full Moon of the year.

Also anything you want to transform related to sleep. Want to get rid of some old sheets or bedding, or may be something related to your bedtime routine that interferes with your sleep? This powerful full Moon in Ardra nakshatra can support the destruction of behaviors that could disrupt your sleep and your day to day thought process. Use this transformative energy to modify your behaviors and support your restorative sleep time. Seize the day, or in this case, the night!

LEO: December 29 Full Moon Forecast]

Time for a review to decide what might need to be weeded out or brought to a completion regarding your broader social and professional networks. Also anything related to your income that you earn from your career - what work should go with you into 2021 and what must be left behind in 2020.

The final full Moon of 2020 will signal endings in any and or all of these areas of your life. It is time to take stock in what nourishes you and supports you. Additionally, this full Moon in Ardra nakshatra is incredibly supportive of you removing any obstacles that you feel are standing in your way of your dreams. Do not miss this amazing opportunity to harness this brilliant Moon energy. Set your intentions!

VIRGO: December 29 Full Moon Forecast

The final full Moon of 2020 just so happens to occur in the most powerful zone of your horoscope! And it wont happen again until the end of 2021, so read on carefully.

The full Moon connects to your public reputation, your career and the work that you are known for in this lifetime and the money that you earn from your career.

Now is the time to take stock in these areas of your life. What did you accomplish in 2020? What would you like to accomplish in 2021 in your career? What might be standing in your way of achieving your goals that needs to remain in 2020 and not be carried into the new year? Do you believe that you received the recognition you deserved based upon your efforts and achievements?

This is the full Moon in Ardra is perfect energy to set your intentions and destroy (metaphorically!) any old behaviors or beliefs that need to be eliminated so that you can succeed in 2021.

LIBRA: December 29 Full Moon Forecast

The final full Moon of 2020. The ending of all full Moon endings of 2020 is here! And with the powerful energy of Ardra nakshatra, you can harness this luminous Moon energy to remove any obstacles related to your spiritual path, higher learning and good fortune.

The full Ardra Moon in your ninth house gives you the opportunity to remove obstacles, real or imagined, that might be blocking your way to connecting to the divine.

Or maybe you want to return to school or take a workshop that will enrich your spiritual practice? It is time to leave these obstacles behind in 2020 and begin the new year with a new outlook in these areas of life. Set your intentions!

SCORPIO: December 29 Full Moon Forecast

Since transformation is Scorpio's absolute favorite past-time, you are going to love this full Moon in Ardra nakshatra in your eighth house!

That;s right - the final full Moon of 2020 lands squarely in the area of your chart associated with personal transformation, inheritances and your partner or spouses income.

Full Moon's are perfect for endings and this is the end of the year and a fabulous full Moon energy to leave anything behind in 2020 that you do not feel serves your highest good or that of others. What do you want to leave behind in 2020?

SAGITTARIUS: December 29 Full Moon Forecast

This powerful full Moon in Ardra nakshatra is ready to deliver any endings that you might want to set in motion regarding your romantic or business partnerships.

You can harness the destructive energy of Ardra nakshatra to remove any obstacles in your path to a healthy relationship or behaviors that might be standing in the way of happiness in your current relationship or business partnership. Now is an excellent time to really take a close look at your contributions to your relationship and what might be having a negative impact on it. Make a list!

The final full Moon of 2020 is a powerful full Moon for endings - the end of the Lunar cycle and the end of the year. Set your intentions and be sure to leave in 2020 anything that does not support your happiness and well being in relationship.

CAPRICORN: December 29 Full Moon Forecast

This full Moon energy in Ardra nakshatra is fantastic for leaving behind any habits connected to your daily routine or your health and well being that you do not want to bring into 2021 with you!

You can harness the destructive power of Ardra nakshatra and how at the luminous full Moon! Set your intentions to remove or complete anything that might be an obstacle to a more balanced daily routine and wellness program.

AQUARIUS: December 29 Full Moon Forecast

Full Moon endings and the final full Moon of the year also signals completion or endings for you related to the 5th house this month.The 5th house is the area of life associated with creativity, romance and children.

With the additional influence of this luminous full Moon in Ardra nakshatra, this puts an exclamation point on the intentions you set for completion or endings related to romance, children and creativity. Maybe there is an obstacle or creative block that you want to get through - Ardra nakshatra can use its destructive force to help remove obstacles. Or if something is holding you back from dating, this is the full Moon to put aside fears or doubts for 2021. Maybe it is time to make a decision about whether or not to have a baby, if you have been on the fence about it?

Set your intentions and get ready to move forward into 2021!

PISCES: December 29 Full Moon Forecast

The luminous and final full Moon of 2020 is going to light up the area of your life associated with your home, your deepest personal happiness and mother.

The fierce energy of Ardra nakshatra is fabulous for destroying anything that might be getting in the way of your personal happiness! Maybe this means committing to a home renovation or removal of some objects in your space that drags your energy down when you see the item. This is THE best time for Pisces rising for the next YEAR to do a house clearing, both energetic and/or physical space clearing.

Happy New Year!


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