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August New Moon: Everything You Need to Know!


The new Moon is at it's darkest Sunday August 8, at 6:49am Pacific Time. Sunrise on this day is 5:56am Pacific Time, so shortly after the Sun rises in the east and the new day begins, so does the new Moon energy begin to flow soon after! July's new Moon has an intense square aspect from revolutionary and innovative Uranus and is also opposite traditional and stern Saturn. The Uranus influence can really shake things up and get you off to an energized start to your new Moon beginnings! Although pay close attention to Saturn too. since hard work must accompany breakthroughs. Although there is a BUT in the picture...the new Moon occurs in Ashlesha nakshatra (see below for all the details) which is not great for very important new beginnings. Try not to let the more impulsive energy of Uranus completely take the reins!*Find a balance between the opposing planetary energies of Saturn and Uranus. The new Moon supports: * Activities that require courage * Starting medicine to combat disease - especially things like chemo * Activities that are harsh, such as exterminating pests * Passion * Breaking through barriers (although slowly since Saturn is involved!)

Which part of my life will be illuminated by this new Moon energy? If you know your rising sign you can have an idea of where the new Moon energy is most supportive in your life. See below for information for each rising sign. These are the areas of life that function best with the new Moon energies and new beginnings.

If you do not know your rising sign you can get it for free on my site here.

Aries: Home, happiness, mother, land and vehicles (not a great nakshatra for buying a new car or home though!) Taurus: Short distance travels, courage, communication, siblings Gemini: Family, savings, speech Leo: Self, perspective, health (this is a biggie for you Gemini!) Virgo: Subconscious, dreams, foreign lands, meditation, sleep, feet Libra: Earnings from work, social and career networking, older siblings Virgo: Career, public reputation Scorpio: Spirituality, philosophy, dharma, foreign travels Sagittarius: Transformation, partners assets, inheritance, longevity Capricorn: Committed partnerships (personal and business) - not a great new Moon for starting a business or getting married, Aquarius: Work, service, daily routine, habits Pisces: Children, creativity, fun and games, speculation

New Moon in Ashlesha Nakshatra: What is it good for?

ASHLESHA - THE EMBRACER Deity: Sarpas or Nagas Symbol: Coiled Serpent Shakti: The Power to Inflict with Poison Quality: Sharp, Dreadful

The serpents (sarpas) are the symbol of Ashlesha and have great inteligence and dhi (wisdom). They represent the kundalini, which could be translated as “coiled up.” Shiva has a coiled serpent around his neck that represents the halahala, or poison, that he drank during the churning of the ocean to save all of creation. The coiled serpent specifically symbolizes sexuality, medicine, and poison. The Rod of Asclepius is a staff with a single serpent entwined around it that is associated with the Greek god of healing and medicine. The power to inflict poison is definitely associated with both the serpent and medicine, since poison in the right dose can be medicine, and medicine in the wrong dose becomes poison. Copyright © 2020 by Rockridge Press, Emeryville, California.

Read more in my book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners: An Introduction to the Origins and Core Concepts of Jyotish. Ashlesha nakshatra energy is sharp. It is not a supportive nakshatra for new beginnings. If you want to start something new that is very important to you, the timing is not this new Moon.

New Moon Ritual Timing

BEST TIMING FOR NEW BEGINNINGS: This nakshatra really is not supportive for super important new beginnings - think marriage, starting a new business, moving into a new home, etc.., New Moon phase begins August 7, 6:42am PT. New Moon phase ends August 8 at 6:49am Pacific Time. Get your Lunar Phase Moon altar cloth here to follow the phases of the Moon as it waxes and wanes!

Sidereal Forecasts!

This is just a reminder for those who are new to my new and full Moon forecasts and other articles -- my forecasts are created using the sidereal zodiac calculations. Your rising sign, and other planets in your birth chart will usually (but not 100% of the time) shift signs from your tropically calculated horoscope. Sidereal calculations are about 24 degrees (less than) different than tropical calculations.

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