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April 22 Healing New Moon Energy Forecast

Happy Earth Day and a powerful healing New Moon!

April's healing new Moon occurs appropriately on Earth day this year.

Let us all say a prayer for the healing of Mother Earth on this Ashiwini new Moon day, and ask for forgiveness and healing for all of the damage we have each done to her.

The new Moon in sidereal Aries is an opportunity to access powerful healing energy. Ashwini nakshatra where the Moon occurs is one of the most powerful lunar mansions for healing. And we certainly need this right now on so many levels - physically, emotionally, spiritually and for the planet. More on Ashwini nakshatra below.

But let's talk about the new Moon in Aries, first!

There will be a serious undertone related to this new Moon since somber Saturn is involved. I like to suggest that you keep your intentions and new Moon goals realistic when Saturn is part of the new Moon mix! Especially with matters related to the house that the new Moon falls in for you and the meanings associated with that house. (see your new Moon horoscope on my website!)

Shortly after the Moon begins to wax, it runs directly into Uranus. Wednesday evening (for US residents) may bring an emotional time, so as we are all spending more time with loved ones, or some may be alone more, please be kind and patient with yourself and other.

Check out the RAIN meditation that psychologist Tara Brach teaches on her free podcast/website. Especially if you are very sensitive to the Moons movements and influences from other planets.

Mars is also in aspect to the new Moon, but this fiery influence won't be felt too much until the day after the new Moon. Which is a good thing because Mars can really get things energized, and the first day (or tithi) after the new Moon is also associated with fire so you will have a lot of energy to put your intentions into action with the help of fire from Aries, Mars and the waxing Moon.

New Moon in Ashwini Nakshatra


Deity: The Ashwini Kumaras

Symbol: Horse’s Head

Shakti: To Quickly Attain One’s Goals

Quality: Light and Swift

New Moon in Ashwini nakshatra supports intentions for the following activities: ▪ Healing

▪ Spiritual practice/meditation

▪ Beginning new health regimes

▪ Planting healing herbs

Depending upon the house that the new Moon occurs there will be an opportunity for healing in a specific area of your life. Be sure to check your new Moon forecast that is part of your monthly horoscope.

Best Timing for New Moon Ritual

"My body is strong and healing. My immune system is healing my body. My health is getting better each day. I am surrounded by healing energy."

Best Ritual Timing: April 22, 7:25pm Pacific Time through April 23 3:33am is particularly good for healing ritual timing specific to healing and laying foundation or planting seeds literally or metaphorically. See my crystal grids for rituals in my Etsy store here.

New Moon Phase begins: April 21 5:07pm Pacific Time New Moon Phase ends: April 22 7:24pm Pacific Time


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Namaste, Pamela


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