Pisces Monthly Vedic Astrology Horoscope: April 2020

Your Month Ahead: April Forecast

Jupiter just changed signs on March 29 - did you feel the shift? Your ruler Jupiter just slipped into hard working Capricorn with Pluto, Saturn and Mars. This tour de Capricorn will only last through early July since Jupiter will be going retrograde and back into Sagittarius to finish out his once in 12 year stay in your first house.

Jupiter is least comfortable in Capricorn, but will be supported by Saturn, which will help support Jupiter in this zodiac sign. Jupiter as the advisor, teacher, spiritual guru is least comfortable in the sign connected with financial gains from your career. With Saturn in Capricorn though,  you will make slow and steady progress in building your income over the next two years.

Your chart ruler Jupiter encounters Pluto head on, April 4. This day could be intense so mark your calendar. This event takes place only once about every 13 years. Be mindful of the potential about being extra forceful when it comes to money matters related to career April 3-5. This meeting could also trigger some desire for transformation in your career, too.

Venus finally arrives home to Taurus and will support your communication abilities for the month of April. Venus can be very persuasive and charming, especially when strong in its own sign. For those who are writers or creative, this transit of Venus through Taurus will be a huge boost of energy and creative capacity.


April 7 Full Moon in Chitra Nakshatra

With the full Moon comes another dramatic influence. Fiery Mars is squaring off with unpredictable Uranus. Since Mars is your planet connected to your savings and assets and the full Moon is in the house of partnerships, you may want to give your partner plenty of leeway on this day. Especially since so many who are in committed partnerships will be working at home and together a lot more than usual. Expect the unexpected.

The full Moon in your partnership zone offers you a perfect opportunity to bring something to completion in your relationship. Whatever it is you choose, be sure to set your intentions and harness this strong full Moon energy!

April 22 New Moon in Ashwini Nakshatra

Beautiful healing new Moon energy illuminating your family, your savings and the area of your chart connected to food. This is a fantastic time to begin a new lifestyle around food and diet if you are interested in changing your health via your diet. Keep your expectations realistic though since serious Saturn is casting his gaze toward the new Moon.

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Saturn shifted signs recently and will be in his own sign Capricorn for almost three years. You can read your Saturn in Capricorn through January 2023 forecast here.

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