Pisces Horoscope for November 12, 2019 Full Moon

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Your Full Moon Horoscope by Pamela McDonough


November's full Moon is sending its bright light into the nooks and crannies of your personal finances, your family of origin, your speech and the food you crave!

If you are looking to transform or eliminate things from your diet, this is THE full Moon to get it done! The fierce energy of the full Moon in Bharani nakshatra can support your efforts to make the changes to your diet you have been considering.

Considering a shift in your long term savings plan? This is a powerful new Moon to transform your spending and savings for the next year, Jupiter is in full support of expanding your net worth and pushy Pluto is insisting on it!

After the full Moon, there are more major planetary alignments ahead! There is a considerable planetary pile-up in the strongest house of your horoscope, connected with your reputation and your career!

You may have started feeling this intense energy when Jupiter moved into sidereal Sagittarius on November 4.


From November 20 through mid-January 2020, there a significant emphasis in the your career and your status in your chosen field of work. This intense energy will continue through the end of December and the two eclipses (December 25, 2019 and January 10, 2020). You may be experiencing some changes in your work or if you work for an organization they may be undergoing a restructure at some point between November 20 and mid-January.


You will experience these influences more if you happen to be running the planetary period (Vimshottari Dasha) of Venus or Sun. More on the eclipses coming as we get closer to December 25!

If you haven't seen your Jupiter transit forecast be sure to check it out -  you do not want to miss this once in 12-year opportunity with Jupiter which is your ruling plane and the planet responsible for name and fame and your careeert!! https://www.moondanceastrology.com/post/jupiter-changing-signs.

Did you read part one of this full Moon forecast? No? Ritual dates and times, nakshatra information, and the energy forecast for this full Moon is here: https://www.moondanceastrology.com/post/full-moon-november-12-2019

Oh and did I mention that Mercury is still in retrograde until November 20? If you have not read your forecast, you can find it here: https://www.moondanceastrology.com/post/halloween-mercury-retrograde-2019

Please note: This is a sidereal forecast based upon the system of Vedic astrology. If you do not know your rising sign, you can order a birth chart and your planetary cycle information here.

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