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Unleashing the Magic 🔮: April 6 Full Pink Moon in Hasta Nakshatra

This month, I am excited to share with you the powerful energies and potential for growth and transformation surrounding the stunning Full Pink Moon on April 5th at 9:34 pm PT.

But the Full Pink Moon is more than just a beautiful celestial event! With the Jupiter-Sun conjunction and Mars in the mix, this full Moon offers a surge of positive energy, creativity, and motivation to achieve.

In this blog post I share the specific ways that Hasta nakshatra can support your artistic expression, healing, and mystical practices. So, let's get started and embrace the power of the Full Pink Moon!

Thank you for your support, and may this Full Moon bring you abundance and blessings.


Essential Details About the April 5 Full Pink Moon

April Full Moon Chart

Get ready for a stunning sight: The Full Pink Moon lights up the night sky on April 5th at 9:34 pm PT!

In Seattle, look for the almost full Moon to rise in the east-northeast around 6:25 pm (PT).

The moon will be at its brightest after it has risen, which usually happens near sunset at the full Moon time. Check the time and date website for Moonrise for your specific location.

Unlocking Potential: The Meaning Behind Jupiter Conjunct the Sun During the Full Pink Moon

Exploring the Astrological Significance and Potential for Growth and Transformation

This full Moon time can signal a time of heightened optimism, opportunity, and growth. With Jupiter representing expansion and abundance, and the Sun symbolizing leadership abilities and confidence, these two planets opposite the full Moon may bring a surge of positive energy into our lives.

The energy of Jupiter and the Sun opposite the full Moon is also full of creativity and a sense of purpose, supporting our ability to achieve our goals and reach new heights. Fiery Mars is also in the full Moon mix, influencing the Moon to get going and finish any long-standing projects or to begin something new!

Additionally, since the Sun/Jupiter conjunction is in Pisces, it may also bring about a sense of spiritual awakening and understanding. It could be a time to connect with our inner selves, reflect on our beliefs, and explore new philosophies.

Unlocking the Power of the Full Pink Moon How Your Birth Chart Holds the Key to Personal Transformation on April 5

If your rising sign, Sun, or Moon is in Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces or Taurus, at or near 22 degrees, at or near 22 degrees, you may feel a surge of energy and motivation to make changes in your life. You may experience a shift in your self-image or how others perceive you.

Overall, the Full Pink Moon combining with the energies of Jupiter conjunct the Sun, along with courageous and action-oriented Mars, creates a powerful alignment that could bring about positive change and growth in various aspects of our lives, especially related to the house that Virgo represents in our birth chart. See the next section for details for your rising sign!

Explore the section below to identify the specific house and areas in your birth chart that are illuminated and energized by the Full Pink Moon.


Full Moon Forecast for Your Rising Sign

Knowing your rising sign can provide insight into the areas of life most affected by the full Moon's energy and the areas that benefit most from full Moon endings.

A Guide to Full Moon Energies for Your Rising Sign:

Aries (6th house) - Daily routines, habits, health, work, and service to others

Taurus (5th house) - Creativity, intelligence, children, and past life credit

Gemini (4th house) - Home, property, vehicles, and mother

Cancer (3rd house) - Siblings, close friends, neighbors, short journeys, and courage

Leo (2nd house) - Assets, savings, speech, and family

Virgo (1st house) - Identity, self-expression, physical body, and appearance

Libra (12th house) - Spirituality, isolation, expenses, and hidden enemies

Scorpio (11th house) - Income from career, gains, friends, business, and social networks

Sagittarius (10th house) - Career, profession, social status, and public reputation

Capricorn (9th house) - Father, teacher, higher education, philosophy, and religious studies

Aquarius (8th house) - Mysteries, research, hidden wealth, longevity, and inheritance

Pisces (7th house) - Spouse or committed partnerships, business partnerships, and relationships


Hasta Nakshatra's Full Moon: The Ideal Time to Explore Art, Healing, and Mystical Practices


Deity: Savitri (सवितृ)

Symbol: The Hand

Shakti: To Put the Object of One’s Desire in One’s Own Hand

Quality: Light and Swift VD

Planet: Moon

Hasta means "hand," and the shakti of this nakshatra literally means "to place what one desires within one’s reach or into their hand." Any activity associated with the hands could be symbolized within Hasta, and often, someone with planets in this nakshatra can be a great reiki master, surgeon, or artist. Read more about Hasta nakshatra and the other nakshatras in my book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners.

Hasta nakshatra supports:

  • Artistic Crafts: pottery, jewelry making, sewing and embroidery.

  • Holistic Healing: acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, chiropractic care, energy healing, homeopathy, massage therapy, naturopathy, reflexology, reiki, and sound therapy.

  • Mystical Practices: palmistry, magic, astrology, and crystal healing.

  • Trading Goods: buying and selling stocks, trading cryptocurrencies, importing and exporting goods, auctions, bartering, participating in flea markets or craft fairs, selling items on online marketplaces, and collecting rare or valuable items.

  • Fun and Relaxing Hobbies: playing games, yoga, meditation, travel, organizing, gardening, and activities in the sun

  • Mindful relaxation: yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, mindful walking or hiking, tai chi or qigong, guided visualization, body scans, mindful eating, or cooking, taking a mindful bath or shower, and writing or journaling for self-reflection.

  • Productive leisure: Playing games, traveling, organizing, and clearing spaces.

If you are currently experiencing the planetary period or sub-period of the Moon in your birth chart, you may feel an intense connection to the energy of the April full Moon.


Full Moon Ritual Schedule: Timing Your Practices for Maximum Impact

Timing is everything when it comes to harnessing the energies of the Full Moon. The energies of the Moon and the nakshatra influence the outcome of your intentions and actions.

To maximize the impact of your ritual, it's important to know the best times for specific practices. For new beginnings, it's best to start while the moon is still waxing. For endings, the ideal time is once the moon starts to wane.


Starting something new while the Moon is still waxing in the full phase (Poornima) between April 4,10:55pm PT and 9:30pm on April 5.


Endings are best initiated once the Moon begins to wane on April 5 after 9:35pm PT until April 6, 5:45am PT.

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