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Unleashing Saraswati's 🌙 New Moon Magic✨: Nurturing Creative 🔥Fire🔥 and 🐍 Serpentine Wisdom

The New Moon occurs early in the morning (PT) on June 6, 2024, cradled within the stellar embrace of Rohini Nakshatra.

Under the fertile Taurus new Moon, Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom and creativity, graces us with her radiant presence. As she ignites our creative passion, a fiery dance unfolds along with this new Moon.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, combusts in the heart of the Sun, signaling a time for introspection rather than manifesting our outward desires.

June's new Moon can send us on a journey of profound transformation. We are invited to dive deep within, to explore the alchemical processes that influence both our hearts and our minds. We are called to embrace Saraswati and the serpentine wisdom of Rohini nakshatra found slithering beneath the surface, urging us to shed old skins and emerge renewed.


Lunar Lowdown: Navigating Creativity and Combustion at the New Moon

New Moon in Sidereal Taurus: A Deeper Look

This earthy New Moon in Rohini Nakshatra, containing the "red star" of Aldebaran, is located in the sidereal sign of Taurus, and it brings a potent mix of planetary energies!

Date & Time: June 6, 2024 (5:37 AM PT)

Degree: 22°05' Sidereal Taurus

Major Aspects: (Sun, Moon) Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus (combust) in Taurus

Saraswati Yoga during the new Moon and Beyond: The alignment of Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus together in Taurus creates a Saraswati Yoga from May 30 - June 12, 2024. When Saraswati Yoga occurs, a unique blend of planetary energies emerges which can amplify creativity, intellectual pursuits, and communication skills. This is a time for artistic expression, learning new things, and connecting with others.

Fiery Confluence: Venus Combust the Sun within One Degree

Venus's close proximity to the Sun is very combust (consider it almost burned by the Sun, it is so close!) can lead to challenges in Venus-related matters such as beauty, art, and relationships. It's a call for introspection, reassessment of values, and a focus on inner growth.

  • Planetary Ruler of Taurus: Since Venus rules Taurus, its combustion can lead to potential challenges or require more careful consideration for new beginnings. Especially in the house that Taurus represents in your birth chart.

  • Under normal conditions, Venus in Taurus expresses itself through physical comfort, material stability, and a committed approach to relationships. However, during combustion, these qualities are internalized, requiring introspection and a reevaluation of personal values, self-worth, and inner resources.

As we navigate this powerful New Moon energy, let's take a closer look at the significance of Rohini Nakshatra and its influence on our new Moon journey of transformation.


Nakshatra Narratives: Rohini Nakshatra's Dance of Transformation

The New Moon blossoms in Rohini Nakshatra, the lunar mansion ruled by Brahma, the God of Creation.

Rohini is a fixed earth nakshatra. It is represented by a chariot (or ox cart) and a also the serpent, embodying a dynamic duality between these two symbols.

The Chariot: A vehicle that can represent the means which carries us toward abundance, prosperity, and the fulfillment of our desires. It encourages us to embrace our creative power and manifest our dreams with joy and confidence.

The Serpent: A creature of transformation, symbolizing our ability to shed old patterns, adapt to new circumstances, and tap into the depths of our creative potential. Rohini's serpentine energy invites us to embrace sensuality and connect with the earth's fertile abundance.

Ways to Connect with the Fresh Energy of the New Moon in Rohini Nakshatra

  • Cultivate Creativity: Explore artistic pursuits that ignite your passion. Whether it's painting, music, dance, or writing, allow your creative energies to flow freely.

  • Nurture Relationships: Deepen your connections with loved ones, fostering open communication, empathy, and understanding.

  • Practice Devotion: Connect with the divine feminine through spiritual practices that resonate with you. Honor Goddess Saraswati with the mantra: ॐ ऐं सरस्वत्यै नमः (Om Aim Saraswatyai Namah).

  • Embrace Sensuality and Luxury: Surround yourself with beauty, indulge in pleasurable experiences, and connect with the sensual aspects of life. Honor your body as a temple and appreciate the simple luxuries that bring you joy.

  • Reflect & Reassess: Use this introspective time to examine your values, relationships, and material attachments. What needs to be shed? What new seeds can you plant for the future?


Ascendant Advisory: Navigating the Lunar Impact

Make note of the house that Moon rules in your birth chart and the house in which the new Moon occurs. This will provide clues as to which areas of life the new Moon may most significantly influence.


Remember, these forecasts are based on your Vedic rising sign, not your Sun sign! Make sure to calculate your Vedic Birth Chart for the most accurate insights


Here's where the new Moon will occur for each rising sign along with some common house significations for Vedic astrology:


Taurus - 1st house (Lagna): self, physical body, appearance

Gemini - 12th house: expenses, losses, foreign lands

Cancer - 11th house: income, gains, social networks and casual friendships

Leo - 10th house: career, status, reputation

Virgo - 9th house: father, spirituality, luck

Libra - 8th house: joint finances, longevity, occult, transformation

Scorpio - 7th house: spouse, partnerships, business and personal

Sagittarius - 6th house: health, enemies, debts

Capricorn - 5th house: children, creativity, intellect

Aquarius - 4th house: mother, home, education

Pisces - 3rd house: younger siblings, courage, communication

Aries - 2nd house: family, wealth, speech


This curated selection of rising sign forecasts offers focused guidance based on the current moon phase. Understand how the celestial energies affect you, even if your sign isn't covered every time. (Remember, individual charts can always shift the influence!)


  • Taurus: As the new Moon in Rohini sparks the Saraswati Yoga, your creativity is primed! This is an ideal time to focus on personal growth and explore artistic pursuits. However, with Venus, your ruling planet, combust, it's crucial to reassess your values and relationships, prioritizing inner development over external gains.

  • Gemini: The new Moon in Rohini, coupled with the enigmatic influence of the Saraswati Yoga, is calling you to begin a journey of introspection and self-discovery. Embrace this opportunity to explore your subconscious mind. Release old patterns that no longer serve you. The combustion of Venus intensifies your desire for solitude, prompting you to reevaluate emotional attachments and cultivate inner peace. Especially if in the planetary period or sub-period of Moon or Venus.

  • Virgo: Prepare for your thirst for knowledge and wisdom to be ignited by the powerful combination of the New Moon in Rohini combined with the Saraswati Yoga! Now is the perfect time to dive into new ideas and pursue philosophical and spiritual interests. Make plans to expand your horizons through travel or higher learning. With Venus combust, be mindful of overindulgence and strive for balance in your quest for personal growth.

  • Sagittarius: The New Moon in Rohini, in harmony with the Saraswati Yoga, sets the stage for you to cultivate balance in your everyday life. Prioritize self-care, organize your surroundings, and find opportunities to be of service to others. The combustion of Venus may present challenges in your work-life balance and professional relationships, urging you to reassess your priorities and set healthy boundaries.

  • Pisces: Your creative expression and communication abilities are amplified by the magical fusion of the New Moon in Rohini and the Saraswati Yoga. Seize this rare planetary combination with the New Moon to connect with others, explore new hobbies or skills, and engage in meaningful conversations with others. However, with Venus combust, be aware of the potential for misunderstandings. Clarity and compassion in your communications is key.

Set your intentions with the lunar cycle: 

During the Full Moon, release what no longer serves you once the Moon reaches full and then starts to wane. For the New Moon, plant the seeds of your desires and goals once the Moon begins to wax.


Embrace the ebb and flow of the Moon's energy, trusting in the process of letting go and welcoming new beginnings. Allow the transformative power of the lunar cycle to guide your journey of personal growth and self-discovery.      


Vedic Wisdom Spotlight: Mark Your Calendars

Shani Jayanti: Honoring the Lord of Karma on His Sacred Day

During this new Moon, a Hindu festival called Shani Jayanti can be celebrated to honor the deity associated with the planet Saturn. This is a day to honor Lord Shani, ask for his blessings, and reflect on the karmic lessons he represents.

In 2024, Shani Jayanti will be observed on the Amavasya Tithi, which begins at 7:24 AM PT on June 5th and ends at 5:37 AM PT on June 6th.

The placement of Saturn in the birth chart can help you identify where the karmic lessons are in this lifetime.

Shani Jayanti holds deep significance for devotees of Lord Shani and is an important occasion for spiritual practice and reflection. It is believed that Lord Shani rewards those who are hardworking and fair but also disciplines those who act unjustly.

The festival is especially important for those who are experiencing challenges in their lives, as it is believed that by appeasing Lord Shani through prayers and rituals, one can overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Seeking guidance on navigating the challenges of Saturn's influence in your birth chart or by transit? Explore powerful rituals and prayers for Shani Jayanti here...

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