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🌑 New Moon, New Beginning: Unstoppable 🐘 Purva Ashadha Nakshatra ✨

Embrace the Promise of a New Year and a New Beginning!

As we step into the new calendar year of 2024, we also welcome the New Moon energies early in the morning on January 11.

January's New Moon graces the vibrant and fiery sign of Sagittarius, heralding a surge of revitalization and new opportunities. It's a time when the quiet, contemplative new Moon beckons us to sow the seeds of our highest aspirations.

Let's embark on this new Moon journey together, exploring the profound influences and transformative potentials this New Moon offers, setting the tone for a year of growth and discovery!

Keep looking up!



Sagittarius New Moon: Igniting Passion and Wisdom

Sagittarius, the fiery archer, calls us to embrace our thirst for knowledge and venture into the realms of the unknown.

The January 11, 2024 New Moon in sidereal Sagittarius, invites us to explore spiritual wisdom and embark on journeys of personal expansion. With the additional influences of Mars and Mercury to the new Moon, we are encouraged to balance our enthusiastic aspirations with thoughtful strategy, turning our dreams into reality.

The flowing influence from revolutionary and freedom-loving Uranus opens up opportunities for positive changes that are both exciting and growth-oriented. It's an auspicious time for embracing new ideas, taking risks, and stepping out of comfort zones in a quest for greater understanding and personal development.


New Moon in Purva Ashadha: The Unstoppable Force

In the backdrop of the New Moon, Purva Ashadha Nakshatra radiates its powerful energy.

Actions Purva Ashadha nakshatra is supportive of:

- Confronting life's pivotal issues

- Defending your beliefs through persuasion

- Reconciliation and healing in relationships

- Paying off old debts

- Embarking on new athletic or health endeavors

- Delving into spiritual and philosophical studies

- Channeling inner strength to overcome obstacles

- Engaging in water rituals or activities, honoring the water deity Apah

- Taking action on long-pending projects or goals (reflecting the invincible and unstoppable energy of Purva Ashadha)

From my book, Vedic Astrology for Beginners: An Introduction to the Origins and Concepts of Jyotish

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

- Deity: Apah/Apas

- Symbol: Elephants Tusk/Winnowing Basket

- Shakti: The Power of Invigoration

Apah (or Apas) is the god of the cosmic waters. Water has the ability to purify, restore, and invigorate, and that is the shakti of Purva Ashadha. The winnowing basket is also associated with purification and is used to separate hay or bugs from the wheat or to remove the outer shell from the grain. Purification associated with Purva Ashadha can be physical, mental, or spiritual.

Read more about Purva Ashadha and other valuable Jyotish basics in my book


New Moon Rising Sign Forecast: Embracing Change and Wisdom

Each Vedic rising sign experiences the planets' ebbs and flows uniquely. Not sure of your Vedic rising sign? Free Vedic chart calculator here.

  • Aries Rising: This New Moon shines in your 9th house of higher learning, father, luck, and fortune. Jupiter's influence brings opportunities for educational growth and philosophical exploration, while your chart ruler, Mars, lights a fire under you to get going on your new Moon goals - NOW! Expect a blend of wisdom and action as you embark on new journeys or educational paths.

  • Taurus Rising: Your 8th house of transformation is energized by the new Moon, signaling a time for deep personal changes. Jupiter encourages growth through intimate connections and shared resources with romantic partners, and Mars fuels your drive for emotional and financial security in personal or business relationships. It's a period for fueling powerful internal shifts.

  • Gemini Rising: Relationships take center stage with the New Moon and your lagna lord Mercury, in your 7th house. Jupiter's aspect promises expansion and learning through business and romantic partnerships, and Mars ignites passion and assertiveness while communicating (Mercury) with others. This is a time to forge meaningful connections and resolve relationship dynamics that need work.

  • Cancer Rising: The focus shifts to your 6th house of health, daily routines and responsibilities. Jupiter brings opportunities for improvement in mundane work and wellness, while Mars energizes your daily routines. It's an ideal time for starting new and improved health regimes or enhancing your productivity at work through clear communication practices.

  • Leo Rising: Creativity and romance are in the spotlight as the New Moon illuminates your 5th house. Jupiter's influence enhances freedom, joy, and self-expression, and Mars adds vitality and passion to your creative endeavors. Embrace this period for artistic projects and romantic rendezvous.

  • Virgo Rising: Home and personal happiness gain importance with the New Moon in your 4th house. Jupiter encourages growth in relationship with your mother or your own motherhood, while Mars brings a dynamic energy to home-related projects like redecorating or remodels. It's a period for nurturing your home environment and family relationships.

  • Libra Rising: Communication and learning are key themes with the New Moon in your 3rd house. Jupiter enhances your ability to connect and learn, and Mars drives you to actively pursue knowledge and networking  and engaging with your community. Mercury direct finally signals a great time for writing and important communication.

  • Scorpio Rising: The New Moon in your 2nd house focuses on your assets, savings, and values. Jupiter's influence brings opportunities for financial growth, while your chart ruler Mars is focused upon and energizes your pursuit of material security. Consider new ways to enhance your income and manage your resources. Are your core values aligned with your spiritual principles?

  • Sagittarius Rising: This New Moon occurs in your 1st house - and it is the only new Moon in your rising sign for the year! This is especially important as it marks a period of personal reinvention for you. Jupiter amplifies your sense of self and expansion, and Mars fuels your personal ambitions. Uranus wants to break free from any societal restrictions and requires that you be more individualistic and authentic. Embrace this time for self-discovery and setting new personal goals,,especially regarding relationships and career development.

  • Capricorn Rising: The New Moon in your 12th house invites introspection and spiritual growth. It is an excellent time to begin a meditation or spiritual program. Jupiter offers expansion in your inner world, and Mars energizes your subconscious explorations. A time for meditation, reflection, and understanding your deeper self.

  • Aquarius Rising: Your 11th house of friendships and income from your chosen field is activated. Jupiter encourages growth, especially through broader social networks like social media and business connections. Mars adds energy and passion to your community involvement. Focus on building connections and pursuing your goals.

  • Pisces Rising: Career and public life are highlighted with the New Moon in your 10th house.Jupiter's aspect brings growth opportunities in your profession, and Mars injects ambition into your career pursuits. This is prime time for setting goals regarding professional advancement and recognition in your chosen field of work.

Embrace the energies of this New Moon to harness opportunities for growth and transformation across all areas of life.


Aligning with the Lunar Cycle: Rituals and Reflections

New Moon Purva Ashadha Nakshatra Ritual

Best Times for New Beginnings:

1/11/23 After 3:57 am PT, when the Moon begins to wax.

As we embrace this New Moon, it's an opportune time for setting intentions, starting new projects, or releasing what no longer serves us. Consider a personal ritual or meditation during this potent period to align with the lunar energies.

Remember: The journey through Sagittarius and Purva Ashadha is a call to ignite your inner fire, harness your wisdom, and step into a realm of endless possibilities.

Happy New Moon - may your path be illuminated with clarity and purpose!

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