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Welcoming Prosperity: A Guided Ritual for Jupiter's May 1, 2024 Transit into Sidereal Taurus

Are you ready to cultivate abundance and build a richer life?

On May 1, 2024, shortly after midnight (Pacific Time), Jupiter, the planet of growth, dharma, spirituality and opportunity, enters the stable and fertile sign of sidereal Taurus.

This once in twelve year transit of Jupiter in Taurus gives us a chance to expand our material wealth. Deepen our connection to nature. And importantly, redefine what prosperity truly means to each of us.

A simple ritual can help you welcome this important Jupiter transit into Taurus. Setting intentions and welcoming Jupiter's blessings into these areas of your life can have a lasting impact for the year ahead.

"Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah" (ॐ ब्रं बृहस्पतये नमः) is a powerful and important Vedic mantra dedicated to Jupiter.

Here's a breakdown of the meaning and significance this powerful mantra for Jupiter:

  • Om:  The primordial sacred sound representing the Universe.

  • Brim:  A powerful seed syllable (Bija mantra) associated with Jupiter.

  • Brihaspataye:  One of the names of Jupiter, meaning "Lord of Prayer and Devotion." It refers to Jupiter's role as the divine teacher and wisdom guide.

  • Namah: "Salutations" or "I bow to."

Mantra Meaning: "Salutations to Brihaspati, the embodiment of expansion and wisdom."


  • Invokes Jupiter's Blessings: Chanting this mantra invokes the positive energies of Jupiter, supporting abundance, wisdom, spiritual growth, good fortune, and the removal of obstacles.

  • Amplifies Intention: It's used to magnify specific intentions or prayers related to thje things that Jupiter rules, such as higher education, finances, and spiritual advancement.

  • Beej Mantra Power: The beej mantra "Brim" carries potent vibrational energy considered to unlock Jupiter's blessings directly.

How and When to Chant:

  • Intention: Before chanting, set your intention that aligns with Jupiter's positive qualities (read my in-depth article to learn more about Jupiter in Taurus) .

  • Repetition: 108 times, especially on Thursdays, Jupiter's day. You can use a mala (prayer beads) to help count. So on Wednesday, May 1, during the ingress into Taurus and then again on Thursday that same week, ideally.

  • Focus and Devotion: Chant with focus and sincerity, visualizing Jupiter's golden light and expansive energy surrounding and supporting you.

For a more in-depth look at what this Jupiter in Taurus transit means, check out my in depth Jupiter in Taurus forecast article here.


Unlocking Abundance: A Ritual Guide for Jupiter Transiting Taurus

Gathering the Elements of Abundance and Your Ritual Journey

  • Green or earth colored candles to connect with the energy of Taurus

  • An offering representing abundance (coins, indulgent food, a citrine crystal)

  • Something grounded in nature (soil, a plant, a natural object)

  • A vase of water with a deep yellow blooming golden plant to nourish growth and connect with Jupiter

  • Your journal and a pen

  • A sharp object like a knife or a tool to represent the incisive energy of Jupiter entering Taurus and Krittika nakshatra, and its ability to cut through obstacles

  • A red stone like a garnet or any other stone red in color to symbolizes Krittika's fiery energy and passion, such as Carnelian

Setting the Space:

  • Cleanse your sacred space with incense, sound, or your preferred method

  • Create a simple altar or comfortable spot where you can focus

Grounding In:

  • Breathe deeply and feel your roots connecting to the earth below

  • Allow the primal, fertile Taurus energy to permeate your being

Lighting the Candle:

  • Focusing on the flame, state: "I welcome the energy of Jupiter in Taurus, in Krittika nakshatra." Or any other statement that resonates with you and this Jupiter transit.


  • Hold your offering and the object that represents earth

  • Reflect on what abundance means to you. This could be anything; material wealth, security, and/or a deeper connection with nature and its gifts

Affirmation (more on this below):

  • Repeat your chosen affirmation out loud several times

  • Feel the power of the words as they resonate

Visioning and Planning:

  • In your journal, explore the areas of life you'd like to see expand and grow

  • Consider practical steps you can take to meet your goals

Gratitude and Closure:

  • Express heartfelt thanks for blessings, both present and future

  • Complete the ritual in a way that feels authentic to you

Affirmation/Mantra Options:

  • "I am open to abundance in all its forms"

  • "I build a solid foundation for growth"

  • "I am connected to the richness of the earth"

  • "My material and spiritual wealth expand"

Additional Notes:

  • Leave the candle(s) to burn down safely and keep your offering on your altar for a few days or longer as a reminder of your intentions


Are you aspiring to cultivate abundance and build a richer life?

This Jupiter in Taurus transit offers a powerful opportunity for growth, but its effects can manifest uniquely for each individual depending upon your birth chart, planetary periods and sub periods over the next year. To find out how this potent astrological energy aligns with your unique birth chart and personal circumstances, schedule a reading with me.

I'd be honored to provide you with personalized guidance on optimizing this abundance-boosting transit.


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