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⭐ Navigating November ⭐ : Your Vedic Astrology Blueprint

November brings transformative shifts!

As the Northern Hemisphere experiences shorter days and longer nights, and the Southern Hemisphere welcomes the opposite, Saturn, the Karmic taskmaster of the zodiac, turns direct, signaling a pivotal moment in our journey.

This month's Vedic astrology forecast also shares key insights into other essential astrological events and the moon phases and dates.

Let the stars light your way!



Saturn's Celestial Pivot: Dhanishta's Dance of Destiny!

Saturn, the Karmic taskmaster of the zodiac, is making a pivotal move November 4. Saturn will be stationing direct in the air sign of Aquarius, precisely at 6:19, in the realm of Dhanishta nakshatra.

But why is this shift so significant?

With Saturn anchoring its presence at this particular degree for an extended period, it's more significant than an inner planet such as Mercury or Venus turning direct. The amount of time Saturn spends near and on the stationary direct degree magnifies its influence. It beckons us to discover our unique rhythm, reflecting on past challenges to propel forward with the wisdom and maturity Saturn embodies. It's a time to be conscious of our responsibilities, embrace our innate power, and set the stage for long-term growth.

For those with a rising degree or planets in their natal chart near 6:19 Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Scorpio, this Saturnian shift may be more palpable.

Dhanishta nakshatra, symbolized by the celestial drummer, vibrates of rhythm, prosperity, and harmony. With Saturn emphasizing this nakshatra and degree for several weeks, we are being invited to find our own rhythm, to learn from our past challenges, and to move forward with wisdom and maturity.

So, as Saturn takes its direct turn, let's all align with its energy, harnessing its lessons and looking forward to the new horizons it unveils.


Stellar Pathways: Your Monthly Guide

Navigating the Celestial Currents.

Make note of the key moon phases and dates, and keep track of the journey of the planets through the signs and nakshatras. Let the planets guide your steps and illuminate your path as you journey through the month ahead.

Moon Phases: Riding the Lunar Waves

11/5 Last Quarter Moon:A phase of introspection and letting go. Release what no longer serves you.

11/13 New Moon: The celestial seed of new beginnings. Plant your intentions.

11/20 First Quarter: A period of action and commitment. Nurture your plans.

11/27 Full Beaver Moon: A time of completion. Let your intuition illuminate your path.


Sign and Nakshatra Ingress: Planetary Shifts & Their Influence

Explore the effects of planets transitioning through the signs and nakshatras in November and understand their influences.

Pay close attention to the movements of your chart ruler. If you do not know your rising sign (and chart ruler) you can calculate it for free on my website.

  • 11/2 – 11/29: Venus in Virgo In Virgo, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, may feel a bit out of place. Venus, being the planet of love and luxury can find it challenging to express its inherent qualities in the analytical and work oriented environment of Virgo. It's a time to refine and perfect, but be wary of being overly critical.

  • 11/29-12/24: Venus in Libra Venus thrives in its own sign of Libra, emphasizing diplomacy, beauty, and balance in relationships. This period is ideal for Venus related matters such as partnerships, artistic endeavors, and seeking equilibrium in all areas of life.

  • 11/15 – 12-27: Mars in Scorpio Mars in its own sign of Scorpio brings intensity, determination, and a deep drive. This is a potent period for transformative actions, diving deep into passions, and pursuing goals with relentless energy. There's a but...remember Saturn is fully aspecting Mars during his stay in Scorpio and encouraging Mars to keep a slow and steady pace!

  • 11/15 – 11/22: Mars combust Sun When Mars is combust the Sun, its energies are turned inward. During this phase, Mars' energies are redirected inward. This can potentially manifest as internal frustrations or lead to impulsive decisions. It's wise to tread carefully, particularly in confrontations with authority figures or leaders.

  • 11/16 – 12/16: Sun in Scorpio The Sun in Scorpio illuminates the deeper, hidden aspects of our psyche. A time for introspection, transformation, and uncovering truths. The focus may shift to power dynamics and intense emotional experiences. Saturn influences Sun the entire stay in Scorpio. t's essential to approach this period with humility and patience. Embrace the transformative energy of Scorpio, and allow Saturn's lessons to mold and mature you. It's a time for introspection rather than impulsiveness.

  • 11/6 – 11/26: Mercury in Scorpio Mercury in Scorpio sharpens the intellect and brings depth to conversations. It's a period where secrets can be unveiled, and communication becomes more probing and investigative.


Navigating the Stars: November's Nakshatra Shifts

Discover the changes in November's night sky and key transitions of planets into the nakshatras.

Pay close attention to nakshatra shifts of the planet that rules your chart!

11/1: Mars enters Vishakha

With Mars in Vishakha, there's a surge of energy towards achieving goals. It's a time to harness determination and ambition, but also to be wary of becoming overly aggressive.

11/6: Sun enters Vishakha The Sun in Vishakha illuminates our desire for success and recognition. It's an auspicious period for leadership and taking charge of one's path.

11/8: Mercury enters Anuradha Communication takes on a more collaborative tone with Mercury in Anuradha. It's a period for forging alliances and deepening friendships.

11/11: Venus enters Hasta Venus in Hasta emphasizes the beauty of craftsmanship and the arts. It's a time for appreciating the finer details and enjoying hands-on creative endeavors.

11/17: Mercury enters Jyestha With Mercury in Jyestha, conversations may center around seniority, wisdom, and leadership. It is a time to respect tradition and honor our elders.

11/19: Sun enters Anuradha The Sun's entrance into Anuradha shines a light on partnership and collaboration. It's an ideal period to work collaboratively and celebrate shared achievements.

11/23: Venus enters Chitra Venus gracing Chitra encourages an appreciation for the arts, design, and aesthetics. This transit is great time for artists, designers and all creatives!

11/23: Saturn enters Shatabhishak As Saturn steps into Shatabhishak, there's a call for deep introspection and healing. This period encourages discipline in our spiritual practices and offers opportunities for profound growth by addressing deep-seated issues and traumas

11/25 - 27 Mercury in Gandanta Zone: Jyestha and Mula

The Gandanta zones in Jyotish are considered spiritual and karmic "knots". When a planet transits through these sensitive degrees, it's crossing from the end of a water sign into the beginning of a fire sign, marking uncomfortable transitions.

Mercury's transit through the Gandanta zone between Jyestha and Mula indicates a time of deep introspection and transformative communication. This transit may bring some mental unrest or unease, but it's also an opportunity for spiritual growth and understanding. It's advisable to be mindful of communication during this time, embracing the depth and transformation this transit offers.

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